Democrats Refuse to Mention: 7 States Are In a Recession
Seven states have registered negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters - fortunately, NOT SC.. yet

"Screech" Speaks!

Fascist globalist speech scares independents (photo courtesy: Reuters)
Only Fox Business Channel Covered ALL of the DNC Convention Inside & Outside..



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A Proposed New Constitutional Amendment:

No Federal Agency, nor any other unelected Body so constituted, even if representing any Federal Branch or appointed by that branch, shall have any power to make law, or the power to make rules which have the force of law, neither shall it have the power to command or decree the States to any action denied to such body by this amendment to the Constitution of the United States or by any other part or section of the Constitution of the United States.

"It's amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it." - Dr. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.

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Alexis deTocqueville on
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Lord Acton's Axiom:
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, great men are most often bad, and there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder."

Other Quotes:
"Bureaucrats are the most despicable of persons, though they are needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble...   holders of little authority in which they delight...   Who can trust such creatures" - Cicero
"Who can endure a doctrine which would allow only dentists to say whether our teeth were aching, only cobblers to say whether our shoes hurt us, and only governments to tell us whether we were being well governed" - C.S.   Lewis, from his preface to Milton's Paradise Lost

Health Care: Can't Fix Complex Systems

On Obama's Tax Increases - Bar Stool Economics

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We're so sure that Hillary Clinton (Screech) cannot help lying. Her psychosis is so severe that she MUST tell a whopper every time she opens her cavernous, irritating mouth. Sooooo, we are going to log the biggest lie she tells, every day.

  • Thursday, July 28, 2016
    "We are COMPLETELY united."

  • Friday, July 29, 2016
    "We are the ones who can create jobs for ALL Americans."



Unlike so much of the country, there are areas of South Carolina which are making money. Granted, they're doing it in spite of the Federal government's over-taxation and over-regulation. How do I know this? I have an "in."

One of the more successful companies in the state is Newmark Grubb Wilson Kibler. Here are their Industrial and Office reports. Read them, and then ask yourself whether or not there is a growing thirst for prosperity in this state, and people are expressing that with their hopes and their dollars.





A Poem by Me

Slap my hand, when you agree with me, or even if you don't.
Little bodies in my skin do not make laws for my brain, or my brawn.
Little words behind my back,
Little words from little minds,
Little words.
Did you think me brown?
I'm pink. No pig, just pink,
Although I tan well.
I got a badge.
But I don't hide behind it.
I am not bigger than my badge;
Because my badge is you
And ten little rules.



You don't take away the right to carry arms when the bad guys are actively using arms! All Cleveland has to do is restrict firearms IN THE AREA of the Republican Convention to people with CWPs. South Carolina is right about this one. Heavy EVENT Police Coverage. No crazy people, no gangs, no convicted felons with guns, no guns in an arena, see-through bags vigorously checked, nobody carries without a permit which shows VIGOROUS TRAINING.

No one is more special than any other. No one. We all have our talents. And, no one is more special than anyone else, in the eyes of the Living God. The Rev. John Donne had it right, too, when he wrote in partial iambic trochee:

"No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend's
Or of thine own were:
Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee."

And this..

On a less elegant note, these assholes - Black Lives Matter & the Black Panther Party - are not going to get the GOOD people of this country to rebel, or take up arms against an imagined "black menace." We are, ALL, BROTHERS. Even so, We will get rid of the scourges in the Democrat party, who lend their cowardly names to these hate groups, by VOTING these politically correct vermin out of office, not with the bullet, but with the ballot!

We are America; United in fact, equal in law and justice, and voluntarily our brother's keeper. We are NOT subjects of the Democrat Plantation. We are NOT ABOVE THE LAW as Democrats are. And, We will not be held to account for their sins against the Constitution.




She broke the law many, many times, and she got off. The so-called populist socialist sold out for more power and left his supporters in the dust. For her. The only person who can beat her is a target of those who would rather be slave overseers than win with him. The only people who can stop this insanity are everyday, middle class patriots who may or may not vote. Many of them read this blog.



Several years ago, I wrote about the end of the United States as a Constitutional Republic. I said, "Mark the date... today will be marked as the end..." The occasion was the unbelievably treacherous ruling on Obamacare by the SCOTUS, when we learned that the Chief Justice had been bought off by the sin of pride. All that happened today was the finalization of the beginning of the transition

The FBI did find wrongdoing. But FBI Director Comey said that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute Hillary Clinton, even though she profoundly screwed up. But he was right. Any prosecutor who would dare go against the King or Queen would be unreasonable - even to the point of losing his or her life. So, the "reasonable" prosecutor would sell out, so that his children, now in the favor of the King or Queen, would prosper.

Do I despair? Perhaps, a little. Jim DeMint asked me for some money in an email, and for the first time in a long time, I said, "No." This is what I wrote him:

Dear Jim,

Freedom is gone. We have a monarchy, now, and people like Paul Ryan are abasing themselves to retain what little power they have. I have 3,000 daily readers who would like to believe there is a solution, but as long as we have traitors running our government, and people in the opposition who are too frightened to say or do anything, there is no hope. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. We've each of us got to find our way through the years of slavery that now will be forced on us.

Good luck & best regards, etc..

I should have added that the Democrats WILL cheat at the polls the way they did in 2008 and 2012, and that the fix is in, in Ohio and Florida - whatever it takes to keep the Democrat Monarchy running. But the facts are now clear that it doesn't matter what a Clinton or an Obama does. And frankly, it doesn't matter what freedom lovers do.

To get along and not be killed or fined or thrown in jail for trying to live your civil rights, learn political correctness, learn to bow and scrape, learn to lie and dodge, and you will do well, as anyone may do in a monarchy.

Above all, forget the truth, and after November, do not try to remember it. Cicero was murdered by Octavian, and Lepidus, and Marc Antony for being honest, but the Republic was long since gone.




  • Did we forget that AARP is one of the PRIMARY SPONSORS BEHIND OBAMACARE? Did we forget that our medical insurance rates are going up a lot, this November, right after the Presidential election. Did we forget that AARP is a health insurance company, profiting in the hundreds of millions of dollars? Did we remember that there is a much better alternative group which gives the same services and isn't stained with the sin of treason?

  • Did we forget that it was President Clinton who gave China enough computer information to leapfrog over us in the ability to hack and crack OUR information and redirect our missiles?

  • How's our memory on Mrs. Clinton's enabling of her rapist husband?

  • If we think hard enough, we can remember that Secretary Hillary Clinton looked into the faces of the relatives of the dead Benghazi Heroes and told them a bald-faced lie, excusing her inability to make a firm decision. Can we remember that?

  • How's our ability to remember that the ruinous Lybian bombing policy belonged to Secretary Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama?

  • Can we generate some remembrance of Clinton and Obama calling Islamic Terrorism "workplace violence?"

  • Has "Shelter-in-Place," thanks to Democrats, become the substitute for the Second Amendment?

There are several dietary supplements which we could use to increase our ability to remember events of the past as well as ongoing sellouts of our civil rights.

As the radio commercials say, "Visit your local drugstore, today!"


or Why Europe Isn't Great Britain (or America)

If your family lived in any European country (the "Tin Isles" are NOT Europe) and you are still there, you have never experienced the kind of independence that has existed in America, and to a lesser extent in Great Britain. Granted, The Golfer In Chief is doing everything he can to surrender the United States' economy to the one-world horror that Keynes missed when he was formulating his inaccurate guesses, but we have a tool that NO OTHER COUNTRY has; The U.S. Constitution.

But, there is another device which ALL countries can use to ameliorate the current financial crisis. It's the contraption which was ditched in 1914 at Jekyll Island. Silver and Gold coinage can overcome any financial problem caused by paper money – which is almost all financial problems in the modern era.

Any schoolchild can tell you that a bag of marbles is worth more than a bag of sand. If, however, the child is taught, with an argument against nature, that a bag of sand is not only worth more than a bag of marbles, but is also a better representative than the marbles themselves, the child, now poorly taught, will base his future decisions on a fantasy further based on a lie. Notice that the sentence in red is much shorter and simpler than the sentence in blue. Such is the nature of truth versus fantasy.

As far as the current crisis and the media is concerned, they will not, with the possible exception of Trish Regan on Fox Business Channel, tell you that they are protecting the biggest boondoggle in world history - that debt is what is backing world currencies. Simply put, a large enough portion of the bag of sand, which represents the marbles, has been loaned out to the point that when debt is not paid back, the bag of sand is no longer representative of the bag of marbles. Worse, there is no way to tell this falsehood is false, until it's too late.

One more thing. The European Keynesian fantasy, which is now falling apart, generated a fatal side effect – governmental hubris. The EU got power hungry and began regulating people's lives, to the point that they were telling people what the proper curve of a banana should be, what the makeup of zippers should be, and the illegality of the English Electric Teapot! For what it's worth, Obama and Kerry were cheering on the European "hubrisites", and now they're looking really stupid.

That's where we are now - like the Holy Roman Empire after the rise and fall of Napoleon. It's time to go back to a precious metals coin standard. Because currently, the World has Lost its Marbles.



People Who Have Pretended For Years to be Conservatives - are now proving that the rest of us were right, they really were controlling, fascist, big government dorks.

George Will1 was never Conservative. I can remember as far back as the 70's, George Will deferring to caution in the face of truly conservative ideas. It was as if he just wanted to be seen as clever.

You already know that Hank Paulson2, the pathetic father of the 20-trillion dollar debt we owe, is also a fascist - or "buddy capitalist" as some popularists call it. He is one of those financial "experts" who thinks that the value of money is imaginary, and that it can be manipulated in order to save a fiat economy. Nothing that he has suggested, including big banks being too big to fail, has succeeded. The American economy is being reduced to ashes as its currency evolves into a joke of paper and ink.

Again, we are being bombarded by worthless political polls3, just as the Brits recently were, in hopes of demoralizing those who would see honesty and righteousness prevail in government. When the body politic has a cancer the size of Presidents, plus Congresses, and business elites, it is not a time for anxious modesty. It is a time for peaceful revolution, in which patriots must gather their ballots and comments as if they were bullets and fire them, without mercy, without letting up, into the ranks of the arrogant elite.

The South Carolina Elite4, like the Neo-Pols in the rest of America, want our state and republic of states to be an oligarchical oligopoly. You and you, alone, can keep that from happening. DEMAND TERM LIMITS. We know what bad government looks like. It's time to demand good government.

1. ; dnld: 20160626|21:18.
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Remember when I warned you about skewing? About how "game theory" IS "chaos theory," and how ∑=√n? Remember when I warned you about political polling and what a big phony scam it has become? Remember you were warned about scheisters (the original Yiddish spelling) in the political polling bidnez?

The plebiscite held in Great Britain to leave the European Union has proven, once again, that there is no science in the current practice of political science. It's ALL rubbish. Let the excuses begin. And let America become wise from learning.



Several things occurred today (June 20, 2016) which confirm that if we stay with our current administration, we will give up our right to real facts from a righteous government. Currently, our Federal Government does not tell the truth, and it is unrighteous. This is not a political statement. We have not been told the truth, nor granted the right to know the truth since Bill Clinton took over. Sorry, CNBC & MSNBC, here's the truth:

    US Market Jump Upward Is A False Move - Brexit is still very much a real thing, but the people in the US who NEED the fiat Euro to SEEM valuable because the fiat US Dollar is also worthless, think their treasure is protected. Also the pitifully small volume in the Market shows that the upward Market motion is purely computer driven; and who owns the computers? Big Banks. Two MAJOR Brit Politicians say Brexit is still on!

    Hillary Clinton Will NOT Be Indicted - The FBI is Obama-driven. They are NOT the "hard-working, honest" investigators Fox News Channel would have you believe. To protect the President's idiotic gun grab, they have redacted important public information about the shootings in Orlando. As America was joining together in bi-partisan horror over what we were told was a massacre of gays, Obama decides it's time to ban guns. The FBI is playing along. So is the Justice Department. Do you REALLY think they'll be calling for an indictment of Obama's pet lapdog? This is PROOF they WON'T. UPDATE: Alternate media outs FBI, they release a less redacted version.. "God".. but Islamicist Terrorist said, "Allah."

    NO SHOTS - We know now, that NO SHOTS were heard UNTIL the SWAT Team charged into the club. NO SHOTS. There was a fancy hunting rifle. There was a pistol. The person who was first "available" for interviews following the shootings, was the ONLY person interviewed for hours (the guy in the straw hat). Afterward, the media was asked NOT TO CONTACT anyone else, "to respect their privacy."

    This Is The First Time a 911 Call Has Been Redacted BY THE RELEASER - Usually, the Media itself bleeps curse words, but that's all.

    Feds & Brits in Power Are Running False Push-Polls - They are intended to dishearten the pro-gun and pro-Brexit voters. Also, expect HEAVY VOTE-COUNT CHEATING by the Brit government. Close margins are ripe for false margins.

    The Federal Government Continues to Supress the Price of Silver & Gold - They are intended to dishearten the pro-gun and pro-Brexit voters. Also, expect HEAVY VOTE-COUNT CHEATING by the Brit government. Close margins are ripe for false margins.

The moral of this editorial is - Don't count on the FBI, and Don't count on Brit polling.



Dear Britain,

I am not a Brit, though, many, many years ago, our family was forced to flee Scotland. For those of you who have not made up their minds yet, all I can say is that EVERYTHING that makes Britain Britain will be surrendered, if you stay, chained to a German-centered oligopoly.

"...Britain never, never, never shall be slaves." - now, only a song?

Now, by itself, there is nothing wrong with Germany. But England, Scotland, and Wales were never German - Danish (Viking), perhaps, for 250 yrs or so, but not German.

'You, Great Britain, are a wonderful combination of deep history, energy and irony, stubbornness and reform, religious compromise and devout adherence, monarchy and representation, erudition and sauciness. Even though your parliament allowed half your silver to go to foreign hands, you still have a lot of it, and your money will be worth far more than the entire EU combined.

Great Britain, you should RUN from those who would make you what you cannot be. Run to that which you can be. But, above all, be the strong and faithful friend of the country with which you share a common history faithfully and language poorly.

Be Britannia! And never, never, never be slaves!



A "Quant" is a quantitative analyst. They are the ones who are supposed to know when quantitative easing (creating fiat currency) has become more of a hindrance than a help. One of the biggest "Quants" works at JPMorgan, according to Zero Hedge's Tyler Durdan. His name is Marko Kolanovic. According to Durdan, Kolanovic says:

"Over the past month, the market rose despite mixed fundamental data, weak seasonal patterns, and nearing risk from catalysts such as Brexit. In our view, recent gains did not have much justification in fundamentals or investors’ psychology (‘climbing a wall of worry’) but were significantly driven by inflows from systematic strategies. Our analysis suggests that most of the technical buying is now exhausted and leverage in the system is high. Convexity of option market makers have also turned negative, supporting higher realized volatility in the near future. As we analyze below, other important market participants – pension funds, hedge funds, corporates (buybacks), retail investors and foreign investors – are less likely to provide significant support for the market near term. The weak technical, seasonal, and flow trends pose elevated downside risk for equities, in our view.
"Kolanovic then breaks down technical exposure, and fund flows in a way only he can:
"S&P 500 realized volatility (e.g., 3 months) is now at its lowest point since the summer of 2014. In addition to comfort provided by central banks, option-related flows over the past 2 months were suppressing market realized volatility and contributed to the buildup of leverage in systematic strategies. As a result, Volatility Targeting portfolios and Risk Parity strategies likely run near record historical levels of equity exposure. With equity momentum turning positive a week ago (across short-, medium- and long-term lookback windows) for S&P 500, trend following strategies (CTAs) are also net long equities. However, the CTA equity exposure is not high as the signal is not robust and momentum signals in Japan and European equities are negative. Figure 1 shows our estimate of total equity exposure across various systematic strategies over the past year. High levels of equity exposure, currently in the ~90th historical percentile, indicate high market risk posed by a potential increase of market volatility. Equity exposure of Hedge Funds is also above average – the equity beta of a broad HF benchmark (HFRXGL) is in the ~65th percentile, and equity exposure of Long-Short Hedge Funds is in the ~60th historical percentile. While Hedge Funds do have room to increase equity exposure, they are by no means underinvested."

Here's a simpler way to look at the problem in every-day terms.



The Mainstream Media has made it a cause célèbre to use the Democrat playbook, decrying Donald Trump as "racist" for calling Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the unrecused judge in the phony Trump University case, "Mexican." If the Judge wasn't "Mexican," why did he cling to Hispanic his roots? But, the MSM wants to act like the Snowflake Generation they have become, melting down at any harsh reality.

    Here are some harsh facts:

  • The Judge is Hispanic - of Mexican origin, and IDENTIFIES AS A MEXICAN HISPANIC, even though he was born in the U.S.!

  • He is a member of Laraza Lawyers, which is not THE La Raza, but they HAVE DEFENDED some terrorists who DO BELONG to THE LA RAZA.

  • Curiel has served in a selection committee awarding scholarships to illegal immigrants.

  • Gonzalo Curiel is listed as a donor and a "Friend" to the California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc... an organization that :

    • Sued the State of California to stop implementation of Proposition 187 which denied public benefits to illegal aliens.

    • Sued the I.N.S. to stop the denial of temporary residency to immigrant agricultural workers with criminal records as mandated by the 1986 Immigration Control Act.

    • Sued the O.M.V. on behalf of several illegal aliens whose applications had been rejected for failure to prove,as required by law, legal residency to obtain licenses.

    • Sued U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello for investigating allegations that unqualified aliens had been registered to vote.

Is this made up? Hardly. And you could have read all about it here, on their own CRLA website, but they scrubbed it, Tuesday. Very Democratic of them.

In Case You Missed It - Did you know that Hillary Clinton IS one of those "Millionaires" and "Billionaires?" Did you know that almost ALL of the Clintons' income comes from you, in one way or another. Here's an interesting film that brings it all "home."



Ron Paul wants us all to buy precious metals as a hedge against absolute economic disaster. But I don't think he is right about the future of our economy, at least, as long as Hillary or Bernie are not elected.

I truly believe that if Trump becomes President, he'll expose the fact that we have been in a recession since 2008, and that all that has kept us afloat is the borrowing from taxpayers - pushing our national debt to 20 TRILLION Dollars. He'll also reinstate the unemployment figures that Reagan used, which shows 28% of the eligible workers are NOT employed. That will cause the market to lose 15%-20%, but not 50% - the market moves too fast for that.

I also believe that one of the reasons the market will retrace ±20%, is that Trump will begin the revaluation (not re-evaluation) of the US Dollar as well as the rebuilding of the US Military, which will enforce our fiat currency until something backs it up, and such protection is no longer needed. Big banks could fail and small home-town banks may thrive, if they get Congress to dump Dodd-Frank.

On the other side of the ledger, gold, in a realistic economy, should double in value and silver should triple, because those are what their actual prices should be, given the increase in borrowing rates to reasonable levels. And that's reason enough to hold precious metals, so, in that respect, Ron Paul will still be right.



There is only ONE person qualified to talk about the death of Muhammad Ali, and he’s dead, too. Lacking, then, the perspective of Howard Cosell, there seems to me to be an eerie connection between the self-proclaimed Ultimate Heavyweight Champion and Donald Trump. Both men were and are outrageous in action and speech. Both were and are privately very kind, generous, pleasant individuals. Both did and do float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. And, in the end, both were and are people who change the world they occupy by incessant self-promotion.

Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell - the perfect symbiosis.

Muhammad Ali said things that patriotic Americans of the time spurned him for. Donald has said things much tamer and has been spurned for them. Eventually, Americans, full of disappointment with the war in Vietnam, embraced Ali. Americans, full of disappointment with the war on employment, foreign policy, immigration, and truth-telling, have embraced Donald. Ali was considered the Teflon athlete. Trump is the Teflon Don. Ali’s own people deserted him when he most needed them, even while publicly supporting him. The büllesgeschichte Republican Leaders are doing the same.

Understand, I am not saying that Donald Trump is the greatest athlete of all time. In my mind, that’s Bobby Jones. Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest boxer - Ali said so. But Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali was, in his prime, THE Greatest. If Trump can pull it off, he will be thought of as the same - in his time.

A quick word, now about the Grand Old Party. If Trump has said anything that is untrue about the openly Progressive, Hispanic, La Raza Lawyers Federal Judge, I’d surely like to hear it. Racist? Hardly. The ACTUAL statement was, "...he's a Mexican, which is fine." The Judge IS HISPANIC - of Mexican origin! DO you think for one minute that he would NOT identify as a person of Mexican heritage? Can we no longer call a shovel a shovel?

They called Trump "Stupid" to say the judge belonged to "La Raza." The Judge is a member of a group which is not THE La Raza, but they DO DEFEND the terrorists who DO BELONG to THE LA RAZA, as well as some poor! So, what’s the damn difference?

Today, I am truly embarrassed by the National Republican Party. Are they feckless puppets? They are no longer the party of Reagan. Their only virtue is that they are not National Democrats.

Speaking of Satan's legions, they're having primaries, too, today. (June 7th) It is extraordinary that anyone would vote for "Granny Scandals" - a known liar and possible criminal, but Democrats do. Of course, their other choice is a 74 year old Socialist virgin.



Picture courtesy of &

You can too, for just $49 bucks! Just follow this URL soon!.....



Paul Ryan is not a figure to make self-proclaimed conservatives at ease. A lot of his ideas are nuanced to the point of frustration for many, mainly because some of the portions of his ideas go off in a direction best not visited. One can note the old saw about a broken clock being right every 12 hours, but that’s really not fair. Many of his ideas, but certainly not all, are pretty good. His plan to drag Puerto Rico back into solvency is one of the good ones.

Let’s not kid ourselves; the wicked stupidity with which modern Liberals have destroyed PR’s economy, is a pale mirror of the horror which is Venezuela. They have literally run out of other peoples’ money. To continue would evolve PR into Venezuela, beautiful Spanish language and all.

This is not Westside Story. Municipal Bond Risk Is Real. Puerto Rico is learning that fast.

The simple version of Ryan’s plan, which has approval of many in both parties – a rarity - is this: The US would spend NO tax money. A Board of Attender would be set up to run all of the state’s finances like a Bankruptcy Judge in a private Chapter 13. Puerto Rico would have to pay, eventually, ALL its debt. So, all PR’s government debt would be re-arranged. Unnecessary expenses would be winnowed. “State” bonds’ payback would be reduced.

There is an interesting ad, which blasts this plan as “unfair.” It shows a lovely older lady sitting in a pleasant room with nice afternoon north lighting. An ominous voice says that she is afraid that her savings in PR municipal bonds with vanish. The advertisement is troublesome, because it assumes that the woman was so dumb that she didn’t realize that ALL debt instruments come with risk. ALL.

The truth is that the nice PR lady will, probably, lose SOME value in her PR municipal bonds, but not the majority and certainly not all. The people who will be hurt the most are the people behind the ad – those big bank money funds who bought the bonds at discount and want the profit which would have to be paid by US Taxpayers. It would be interesting to see if our SC Retirement whiz kids own any PR munis.

I await with baited field and shotgun.



Every time we Constitutionalists are polite to Liberals and Progressives, we get, in return, silliness. Until 2009, the silliness was loosely defined with no permanent damage. Now, the joke’s on us. Barack Obama, with the help of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the 36% of Americans who are greedy, lazy know-nothings, has petrified a silliness into our national economic and foreign policy. He has bankrupted these United States, made us a punchline among 1st World countries, defended our enemies, and betrayed our long-time allies. In short, the current resident of the White House has, metaphorically speaking, done to America what Bill Clinton did to his many female companions.

It’s time to look at this national failure in Old Testament terms.

Constitutionalist know that science must include the scientific method. Man-made global warming theory (AGWT) is a goop of opinions, self-hatred, and certifiable looniness. The only “science” in AGWT is political science. People who espouse the religion (for so it is) of AGWT need to be SHAMED for their ignorance and cowardice.

Peace through strength, a policy first espoused by both Washington AND Adams, is the only foreign policy which has been proven to work, not only in ancient times, but also by its absence, in current times. Enemies and allies despise weakness. America is the only country to succor the weak and oppressed.

[Quick story - When I was young, I used to get beat up occasionally - something in me, perhaps a budding Asperger’s, perhaps a growing understanding that I had no athletic ability at all, just did not allow me to fight back. My dad, being the street-smartest man I have ever known, introduced me to guns. Mind you, I NEVER carried until I reached the legal age, but knowing I could do something well, besides Theatre, gave me a tremendous ego boost, and gave me both a sport at which I excelled and a survival skill. I KNEW what to do if threatened. I also learned that you cannot expect other people to act as you do.]

Most people are relatively honest, but mostly, they are not honorable. Currently, our allies are living by the very edge of the letter of our mutual treaties - we have treated them poorly. Their behavior is no more honorable than is ours, which is to say, not honorable. Our enemies are beyond dishonorable and are dishonest. We, figuratively, need to learn how to shoot. Progressives must be SHAMED into understanding that America is unique, special, and strong, and must be kept that way.

Progressives believe that telling a lie is justifiable. I submit that telling a lie is only acceptable when it is made to the dying - and then, only marginally. Understand, when your spouse asks you if her butt looks big in that outfit, your reply is NOT a lie. It’s self-defense. A lie is telling your country that you can keep your doctor with socialized medicine, that your failure was not the cause of the deaths of brave men - rather a stupid film, that you’re creating jobs when you’re creating part-timers, that your predecessor caused the economic mess that you have created. Progressives must be SHAMED that the ends do not justify the means.

Progressives live in a world in which goodness, forbearance, and charity are emulated by those to whom such goodness is endowed. They believe that money has only that worth which the government says it has, and more rules create more advancement of the goals of society. In short, Progressives live in a wonderland of imagination, and it is shameful. The world is not what they think it is. Less is more, and strength creates respect and peace.

Progressives react to shame. They MUST learn to understand that they cannot expect other people to act as they do. Now, it's time to shame them in order to teach them that. Our country depends on it.



So, which person do we eulogize - Morley Safer, who died today, or Yuri Kochiyama whose birthday would be today, had she lived to 95?

I never interviewed Safer – met him, yes, even chatted with him, but never interviewed him. I remember his being affable, but that might have been because he was on CBS’s “Personalities” tour. Kochiyama was a different orange, and I did one interview when I worked for the student radio station at Carnegie Tech. After the interview, the program director decided not to run the piece. I never could find the tape, after that.

Pete Townshend

Morley Safer was a good reporter. He didn’t graduate from a liberal college, which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing. He could write – boy, could he write. He was honest, even to disagreeing with Dan Rather about whether or not the US was finally winning the Vietnam War. He also told the world that the US was screwing up under the Johnson administration – which made him persona non grata at the White House, until 1976 – Nixon didn’t like him either. Understand, Johnson was right, when he defined Safe – he wasn’t a communist, just a Canadian (Canadians, back then, were a strange mixture of Libertarian and Socialist – I know, I know.)

I wasn’t crazy about Safer’s reporting style – Charles Kuralt and Mike Wallace were my favorites at CBS. But you could rely on his facts. If he ever got it wrong, you knew about in prime time, if that’s where he made the error. You also knew it was an error, too, and not a lie, found out.

Yuri Kochiyama was a Communist. She had been one of those unfortunate Japanese descendants who, as a young adult, wound up in one of those concentration camps out west during WWII. She fell in love with Marx and Castro and all the silly thinkers who are back in vogue today among the non-logical College inhabitants. I remember her being the most confused person I have ever interviewed. Maybe her problem was that she had too many causes, or the causes she took up were obviously riddled with illogic. Maybe Kochiyama was disoriented because she jumped from cause to cause, which kept her from ever addressing her ideas to their illogical conclusions. Either way, her ideas were confused and so was her interview.

Actually, a far more important person who was born today is Pete Townshend (The Who). Buit since I'm at the end of this editorial, you’ll just have to look him up, yourself. Here.



It took a village of Doctors, but I think I may have actually beaten this chest and stomach virus thing I've had for weeks. It's amazing how something so harrowing can be beaten by such simple medications. All I have to say is, "God Bless Sir Alexander Fleming!"



All viruses tend to expand until, by expansion, cause their own deaths. That’s because viruses do not have the “D” (dioxi) part of Dioxiribose in DNA. They have only ribose nucleic acid. Nevertheless, viruses can be so effective that they can kill any host AND themselves.

It is an apt analogy for the myriad self-centered “awareness” groups which have sprung up all over the campuses of America. From the safe-space nonsense to the paperwork-before-sex floccinaucinihilipilification, academia which supports them are becoming objects of disgust.

This rejection of academia reaches down to the very base of the un-degreed - that is to be expected. But, for the first time, in any meaningful way, disgust can be seen on the high peaks of the highly educated and well-off. And since the upper levels of society are the foundation of Academia’s fungible assets, losing respect can be a toxic thing.

American Academia at the crossroads - will it be a virus or a home for freedom of ideas?

Unfortunately, the halls of academe are no longer the homes of humble yearning to understand the world. Most Halls of Ivy have become arrogant, selfish, extravagant homes of meaningless words, founded in fantasy. It’s as if the ivy, itself, has embraced Kurt Vonnegut’s ideal of possibilities as if it were actually true – never pausing to ask if a wrong turn has been made.

I’ve referred to this book before – out of print or renamed, anyway, you can’t find it, anymore – After the Fire. Academe fails society by withdrawing to the heights of their ivory towers. But THIS time, the people have had enough, and they burn it and tear it all down. I don’t think we would do that, but I do think that people vote with their feet and their money. And the fact is that most commerce, and ALL Marxism, can function with a rudimentary grasp of reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s true, and unfortunately, there is no college needed.

If academe cannot fulfill its libertarian function of free speech and the free flow of ideas, new and old, then it serves no purpose but that of a corral, where farm animals are kept. With encouragement of worthless ideas which themselves encourage fascist, book-burning behaviors, American Academia is asking to be dismantled, or at the very least, asking to be no more than arenas for college levels sports, which do serve the general public as entertainment.

Academia needs to ask itself if it wants to be a virus or a home for liberal arts and sciences.



MAYDAY! MAYDAY! And, for the record: It's going to be cool to chilly this next week in South Carolina.. Mid 70's for the Coast, Upper 70's in the Midlands, and Lower 70's in the Upstate. It's a cyclical thing and we WILL have Summer, but we aren't near ANYTHING LIKE GLOBAL WARMING - even though the Obama Administation has made some airport weather stations move their thermometers to warmer places and recording phony highs for the last seven months. (After two months hiatus, the sea Ice is growing, again, thank you).. I really do wish a certain someone would shove a cork in it.



Download and watch the following clip. I could lecture all day about pampered, uneducated, uncouth, unwashed (literally), miserable children who are supposed to be questioning college students, when all you have to do is watch. I cut it down, but you will get the picture. I cannot believe that her parents are as vile as she, but I know in my heart that they are poorer because of her. You make up your own mind. CLICK HERE!



So, I had a student, this semester (the semester is over except for exams), who is otherwise bright, entertaining, and totally what one would expect for and call a "GOOD STUDENT" - he will make an A, regardless of his politics. He is a dyed-in-the-wool Libertarian - not a hybrid such as I. That means that though he is a government minimalist, he also believes in a no-borders National policy.

We were sharing a table at coffee-time, when a story came on about illegals, protesting the fact that sane people don't think they should just get to come in, illegally. Of course it was in DC, so no-one was arrested, or even chased away. The GOOD STUDENT (hereafter calle "GS") mentioned that we wouldn't be having this sort of thing if we didn't have the ignorant immigration laws we have.

He based his logic on a science fiction story by my favorite living Sci-Fi author, L. Neil Smith, The Probability Broach (1979). He knew in what high esteem I held Smith's vision of an "Alternate" America in which government is more of a naughty, tiny joke with no real power. The problem is that in a Confederated America, the Whiskey Rebellion succeeded LED BY Albert Gallatin, Washington was lynched, and Hamilton was chased back to Europe. After a few rounds of "What-ifs vs Reality," I was able to get him to agree that the present is what it is.

Call it "England's Peculiar Problem." England needed borders in order to press forward with their rights in France. Eventually, the cooperation among areas, enforced by the Holy See, ended as the Roman Church needed more money, which they could get more of, if the areas competed with each other - hence separate states divided by borders.

After our conversation (we agreed to disagree), I started thinking about the number of reasons which make borders worth having in THIS reality. Call 'em America One (A1-the real world) and America Two (A2-Smith's world). A-1 helps people who are not doing well - there is a lot of cheating and vote-buying - when people come here illegally and don't support themselves, they still get help. In A-2, there is NO Government supported poor - far more people are well off and privately help people who really need it.

In A-1, our money is what the government says it is - it has no real value except what our armed forces can enforce - one needs borders to reinforce paper money. A-2 has gold and silver as the sole medium of exchange. A-1 has severe punishments for sins of judgment - pot, drugs, marriage, religion, choice not to report crimes of property - punishments decided by government courts - need borders to enforce government punishments. A-2, ALL crimes have monetary punishments decided by private courts - renegers are shunned, including food and shelter - reneging is highly immoral.

This could go on forever. But I won't.

The point is that every country in THIS world has borders.

Now, I've mentioned all this because, a day later, I was actually approached by a pro-illegal protester, after class. "DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE KILLING UNDOCUMENTED PERSONS???" she shouts at me.

"In what way?" I rejoin.

After about a minute of completely unintelligible mumbling and use of the word, "um," she says, "Then you're just a racist." I break out into unhelped laughter. She is, of course, offended.

"Consider this," I said, after collecting myself, "when a person enters the country illegally, who do you think hires him or her?"

"People with jobs," she was sure of this one.

"What if they don't?"

"Welfare!" she says wittily.

I wanted to say, "What happens when the money runs out?" but I didn't. Instead I said, "Look, you just accused me of killing people who are in the country illegally. But did you know that YOU are killing people who are already here?" This really angered the budding Social Justice Warrior.

"If you don't mind, tell me exactly WHY THAT IS!" or she WOULD have said that. What she actually said was more like, "ARRRRGHMMMMSGBBLEBBLEGBBBLE!"

"Sure," says I. Every person you let in the country illegally is a person for whom the country is not prepared. We're desperately trying to find, or allow to be created, jobs for the people who are already here. People who are here illegally are stealing jobs from people who are here legally. The suicide rate among jobless blacks is HUGE. So, people who are here, illegally, are disheartening people and causing them to kill themselves."

At this point, the young lady said that her head hurt. I answered that people who are for living BY THE LAW, are actually being hurt more than those who think it's neat to break those laws. They're not killing illegals. Rather, the illegals are killing them and their families, merely by being here.

I won't say that I won the argument, but, at least she went away and never darkened my classroom, again, although I do see her around the campus, blaming people for various reasons.



Ever since Dr. Carson suspended his effort, I have kept meticulously to making sure not to support any one particular Republican candidate. Admittedly, I have defended both Trump and Cruz after a media attack. I haven't had to defend Governor Kasich, because he hasn't said anything I'm completely against.

Now, I want to say something in his favor.

He's not perfect, but we've learned - thanks to Jeb Bush's negative research, a lot of which comes from the Clinton gang - that neither are Trump and Cruz. The one thing he's got that none of the other candidates, including Democrats, have - actual financial and foreign policy successes. Just because a person has done a lot of stuff, doesn't mean the stuff was done successfully or even worked -that's Hillary's real problem.

Kasich has taken the opportunity of nature to help get his state out of severe debt. If he hadn't had the fracking wealth, it's arguable that he wouldn't have a surplus, but it's almost as sure that Ohio would, at least, be even on the debt scene. He also knows that there are no one-size-fits-all answers - something Ted and the Donald need to learn.

He's cool. Not just in his style, but in his temperament. He has the look of a steely eyed fighter pilot. He wasn't one, but you get the feeling, watching him, that he could, very pleasantly, stare down any communist dictator, and be polite at the same time.

His only problem is that his opposition have so much "show" appeal, that his campaign has been ignored or placed in an unfair category (the REAL Powers That Be don't trust him, with good reason). He's not one of them. And poll after poll shows him to be the only one who consistently could beat the Hill.

The only thing standing between him and success is a miracle. But one thing we know is that age of miracles has not passed, regardless the opinion of Mr. Choate to the contrary.


This must be a generational thing. Many people who grew up in the 80's and 90's seem to be effected. If one were to take a hard, honest look at the, now, "Late" Prince Nelson, one would have to admit that he had little effect on the actual genre of R&R (Rock 'n' Roll), although he did put on a heck of show. He was also a very generous man, a technically accomplished musician, who put many of his contemporaries to shame.

But...... what changes he did make to R&R cannot be compared to (in no particular order) Bill Haley, The Diamonds, The Jersey Boys, 4 Tops, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Beach Boys (Jan & Dean), Joni Mitchell, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Carolina Beach Music, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Michael Jackson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, CSN (&Y), Ray Charles, the ever-changing Rap Movement, and Carol King, to mention a few.

You may want to add some of your own favorites who had a lasting effect on contemporary Music, like Harry Chapin, or James Taylor, or Carley Simon. And who can forget The Kingston Trio? As a Radio DJ & Newsman in the late 50's through the very early 70's, I saw remarkable changes in popular music. But to be honest, since the 80's the only thing new has been STOMP and Rap (unless you count Ancient Greek Theatre or Ancient Japanese Nō). To be frank, what most kids like today are the new Broadway show tunes made from Disney and Monty Python Movies. That's not innovative - the style is from the 1930's!!



Watching Chris Wallace causes some people to develop inoperable gastritis. I think he is the funniest unintended TV anchor across all current media. This weekend's Sunday talking head show on Fox News was a prime example. You know when he says he's going to leave a particular subject alone, that he follows it up with a series of questions on THAT SPECIFIC SUBJECT. It's a good, hardy laugh. Unintended, of course, but funny, nonetheless.

But not one talking head has mentioned that the reason we are where we are is because each party's leaders have promised a future which has not come even close to those promises. For years, conservatives on the GOP side, and Communists on the Dem side have been coaxed into supporting people who are convinced such people should be ignored. The Dem leaders are as desperate for their reasons as are the Establishment GOP for theirs. They reason that those who take up the causes of the large majority and reflect the gut-felt disappointment, must be branded as "rude," or "all noise," or "vulgar," etc..

In South Carolina, genuine Conservatives have been frustrated by the lunacy of our Senior Senator who, against all reason and fact, continued to say that what we needed was more moderates! No-one, except his compatriot in Arizona and a few elites believed this rubbish, but recently they must have been compelled to maintain this fiction in order to maintain their grasp on the GOP.

And the Truth has become the enemy of each party's leaders. Listen carefully to the words of the talking heads - it's all about appearances and the truth has become irrelevant. And those who talk about solutions are ignored or coaxed into an intramural pillow fight, and called "mean" and "vulgar."

One of the major reasons that we are where we are is that we have a ten year history of Democrats ignoring economic laws and then ignoring criminal laws in order to protect the ignorant changes they have made. The Republicans are guilty of being ignorant and naive.

Unfortunately, there may also be evidence that the Republicans are refusing to impeach the President because he will release the 27 pages of evidence showing that "W" kept certain evidence that Saudi Arabia's Princes helped with the 9/11 treachery from the public eye - information which would correlate a fatal friendship between Saudi and Bush families.

Now, please - I am not saying that the Bushes caused or plotted to cause 9/11. However, I do believe there is evidence of Saudi-US cooperation in other events, and guilt by association demanded a cover-up. And we all know about cover-ups, don't we, now.

Someone once said that truth is almost always the first casualty in war. It may also be a casualty in peace. How many politicians on both sides have knowledge of similar misdoings in BOTH parties? Is that enough to make you vulgar and rude? Would you follow someone who said he was going to change that? Would THAT be vulgar and rude?

There are millions of Americans - yes, on both sides - who have had a bellyful of bad politick. Vomiting their opposition may be vulgar or rude, but the soothing of the people's heartburn is seriously long overdue.



Wait! This is not a dry historical discussion of a system which almost worked.. well, maybe it IS, but it needs saying, nonetheless.

Many of you, who read my articles regularly, already know that I think the Roman Republic did not fall into dictatorship because of it's form of government, but rather the "modernization" of its government and a slow collapse into economic fascism.

One portion of the original government of their republic was the executive institution of the Co-Consuls. Generally, there were two, and occasionally three (a triumvirate) Consuls - one would take care of domestic affairs, while the other would be in charge of foreign affairs. One Consul did the soldiering while the other took care of finance.

A rendering of Roman Co-Consuls from a tile portrait.

As long as jealousy was tempered and greed was secondary, the system worked pretty well. But when their laws were ignored or abrogated, there were feuds. There was no written constitution, and to their undoing, they didn't think they needed one. There were no Christian ethics to judge fairness until after the European Renaissance, followed by the Reformation (although Church historians rightly interject that the Reformation started with the English Devines, like Wycliffe, in the middle 14th Century).

This year's Presidential Election and the the abject failure of the Obama years draw attention to a very fine point on the need for a President to be Superman, or Batman, at least. More credible, it seems, would be a co-consulship which would operate like the ideal of the Roman Republic.

Constitutional historians point to the institution of the Vice President. It was originally proposed that such an office should be a co-consulship, with the President having the final say, the way the Roman Consul who had Flaminian Potestas (head priest power) would have final say. But the memory of the decay of the Co-Consulship due to ever-changing basic law, and the rise of the Imperator (head General) as Dictator, poisoned the idea for America's Constitution drafters.

Added to the over-complication by changing law, was the rise of the Equites (horse soldiers or knights) the Plebes (the original "common" folk) and the mob (perpetually kept at bay with "favors" from rich citizens). Technically, there were 3 groups of Romans, each with its on legislature - Senatores, Equites, Plebes, and 2 groups who did not - Libertii (freed men, but not citizens - had the right to petition a bureaucrat who worked for a Co-Consul), and the Servii (Slaves who had the right to petition their masters). Things got so confusing, that it was a strange year that did not witness at least one good riot.

Not even con-consuls could solve the confusion brought on by protesters of every stripe.

So what did they miss? They had Co-Consuls. They were sensitive to every dufus with a gripe. What they lacked was a Constitution which, though not immutable, was very hard to change. It's what WE have.

Maybe, just maybe, that's why people want to change the Constitution. It would allow someone to become a dictator of the U.S.A. And make no mistake obout it. Our current President WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN IMPEACHED AND CONVICTED, except for the cowardice of the Senate.

So, maybe we don't need Co-Consuls. MAYBE. What we do need, is to keep AND ENFORCE the Constitution we have. Something that may not happen if we elect a Republican, but, WILL NOT happen if we elect a Democrat.



Those who think that Presidential elections should be more civilized are deceiving themselves. They have always been savage affairs with the equivalent of Trillions of Dollars [in today's inflated money] in government contracts at stake. In most of the elections of the 20th Century, the blood was let behind the scenes, but blood did flow.

I will point out one oddity, however. When Democrats win, Republicans are left out, verbally abused, excoriated, and eviscerated. When Democrats lose, they always say, 'we must work together.' They are doing it more, now that they have had ten years to screw over the country and the results are stunningly bad.

One other thing. The Democrats - all of them - have become socialists - some, Fascists. And Americans were waking up to that fact. Consequently, the Republicans were pining for a candidate to put forward Republican issues (some were more Libertarian, but they definitely were Republican, too). He or she would be someone who would say these truths in a simple way - easy to understand - easy to follow, joyfully.

Jesus recruits smelly fishermen and reformed whores - and the Leaders hated him for it. No politician is comparable to the Savior, but the pattern of the powerful IS Biblical.

Well, they got it. And now, they hate it. Popular candidates, such as the three who are still standing, have done just that, but, horror of horrors, the people REALLY ARE THE PEOPLE - Americans with a conservative gleam in their eye of all races, most creeds, all educational spectra, and all personal preferences. Jesus recruited smelly fishermen and reformed whores to spread his word, and "the powers that were," were disgusted. Well, we're back and still smelly and still reformed. The GOP needs to understand - especially the South Carolina GOP.



I canceled my PayPal® today. If you are an NRA or other shooting club member, you already know why. It's not that their service is bad - if you're a computer geek, it can be quite good. No, I canceled my account because they have changed their policy regarding the Second Amendment. They apparently don't believe it should exist. Law abiding citizens can't use their service to purchase firearms. called them earlier today, and were told they cannot comment on the policy. (Note: they said "CANNOT" not WOULD NOT!)

As a strong believer in capitalism and the right of free association, I believe it is their right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, although MLK might have had a problem with that, were he alive, today. But it is also my right to withdraw my patronage from their service. So I did. I already change my CC number three times a year for a $25 fee each time, so I feel comfortable using my card with known, reputable gun dealers.

Frankly, there are some things that I am too old to just let go of. My right to shoot anybody who trespasses my person with bodily or proprietary harm is one of them. Besides there are several such services, now, and many allow gun purchases. The older I get, the more I order online. I bought 0 (zero) items at brick and mortar stores last year, and I will probably do the same this year. PayPal® is no longer my pal, nor the Constitution's.



Is Megyn Kelly waleing on Trump for no reason, again? Maybe. I'm a pretty good videographer and editor, and I have run the raw video through several tests and filters. All I see is that Trump's guy grabbed hold of the Breitbart reporter by the arm, after she was asked politely and then told not to grab Trump, and she jerked her arm away. This is also another reason NOT to live in Florida. Their simple assault law sounds like it was written by Elvis's security officer.

What the hell is "microaggression?" Anybody? According to a lady student at Emory University, which is embarrassing by itself for letting this kind of stupidity substitute for normal, it's anything which causes the other person angst. I don't think she really knew just how traumatic real angst is. My interpretation settled on the woman being a squeeky little coward who should be in deep, deep therapy.

Did you know that most non- Keynesian economists are giving up on the Federal Reserve? This is not new, but it's causing real angst (see above) in the investment world. Huge money guys are pointing out something we've been saying since 2009 - that the money is becoming worthless due to lack of debt value (positive interest).. To be fair, it has taken longer than most thought it would. There are three types - Bulls, Bears, And Pigs. Right now, we got pigs. Not a good sign

Finally, practically nekkid girls, fighting last week on the shore of the Broad River made compelling video. I had to watch it a lot. That poor girl.. (let's check that out, again..) We'll talk about "cultural appropriation" when there's more ben gay to pass around



My 69 years have taught me to be wary of people who, upon greeting you and without being asked, declare that they are Christians. What I've learned is that, if a person is having a daily conversation with the Big Guy, it will show in his or her life, sans advertisement. Every single person - especially people with whom I have had some sort of business relationship - who outwardly profess their allegiance to the Almighty, first thing out of the box, have, to a man (or woman), robbed me or cheated me in some way.

Christ our passover is sacrificed for us;
therefore, let us keep the feast,
not with the old leaven,
neither with the leaven
of malice and wickedness;
but with the unleavened bread
of sincerity and truth.

This is not to say that there are NO people who announce their religion that are Christian, it's just that I have never met them - and I have met a large number of people in my life.

On this Easter weekend, when Christians celebrate the scientifically unexplainable, and other religions sensibly eschew comparisons, it would be productive to consider what we tell people and what we show them, regardless of what we believe.



I don't know if this is real, nor the one about Trump. But this is the Richard Buckman of Indiana. I can't find a copy of his Obit and the funeral home may have removed it back in October of 2015, shortly after he passed on. Nevertheless, it's the first I've seen of it, and it certainly does reflect my sentiments on the subject.



BLM, Bernie Babies, Rent-a-Mob, Illegals got really physical, tonight, even AFTER Trump held his rally and moved on. Trump's people were peaceful. This is what the crowd looked like, metaphorically speaking.

Nuff said.



    People go to Donald Trump's rallies for one of three reasons:
  1. They want to hear what he has to say.

  2. They want to be there to agree with what he has to say.

  3. They want to be there to keep other people from hearing what he has to say.

The Propaganda Puffies (no. 3) are already becoming boring with their 1960's style silliness. But ALL the media (each with their own favorite) are acting as if this is all brand new and honest protest (not to mention the phony umbrage over the naughty language.). But, the dirty words are the same, the "activism" is the same bullying, and the organization has the same idiotic transparency that plagued their efforts in the past.

We know that Bernie Sanders wants us to believe that he is a lot like the piano player in the whorehouse. He's playing his tunes in the parlor, but he doesn't have a clue what's going on upstairs. Of course he's a National Democrat and a Marxist, so he's been lying to himself for decades. Why not lie to his voters, as well.

Dear, sweet, old Bernie Sanders - a liar? Well, yes. From his promises that cannot possibly be kept, to the false witness that he has encouraged which has turned that encouragement to violent protest. I reference what happened to John Reed - the only American reporter to be honored by the Kremlin for his advocacy journalism*. Reed, like Bernie, was a true believer - to the point that he became a puppet for the Soviets, eventually believing his own propaganda *.

And, contrary to what Hollywood would like for you to believe, there WAS a "red under every bed," at that time. One such plan was discovered using the "Vanona Project*," even though Progressives, today, still don't believe the evidence before their eyes - which might explain why Bernie says his people aren't the ones swinging first.

What is so hard to take is that everyone, from MSNBC to CBS to Fox News, is trying to use the Chicago rent-a-protester demonstration Friday to criticise Trump. On the other hand, reporting on these events has become a matter of advocacy journalism. So for now, we'll have to put up with really juvenile reporting



Frankly, I don't know which is the greater tragedy - that college students understand the 1st Amendment so little, or that more than a few people think Bernie Sanders has any good ideas.

You are not seeing things. The white Bernie supporter is cussing out the black Trump supporter after the Trump campaign canceled their Chicago rally, fearing violence. Regardless of whatever else you hear, real violence did not occur - couple of punches on both sides. This election is looking more and more like 1828 - or even 1824(!)

What we all witnessed was popular speech suppressing freedom of speech. College crowds are infamous for bad thinking, and so it was tonight. But there were lots of paid protesters, too! It's not free speech to shut down someone else's free speech.

Trump, who was endorsed by Dr. Ben Carson today in an attempt to bring the country together, was right to cancel the Chicago rally. In any case, tonight's cancellation probably kept us from having to witness some really bad MSM reporting.



Just so you know, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) helped write the Saturday Night Live skit and fake commercial calling Republicans and The Donald Nazis and Hitler. That was his job before the Democrat party helped him win a most questionable election - twice.

A ham sandwich - preferable to any national Democrat.

You already know that the Democrats are panicked and desperate. Only stone cold liars are left in their national party. This latest piece of propaganda is breathtaking, but frankly, not unexpected. Democrats have a history of "transference psychosis" - they claim other people do things of which they are guilty. This IS, among many other reasons, why I will vote for a ham sandwich, rather than vote for a Democrat, this November.

A ham sandwich has, at least, some virtue.



From time to time, I like to feature other editorialists on subjects which are important to our sanity. One of those subjects is the dishonesty of Climate Change/Global Warming reporting. As you know, I have presented evidence after evidence showing how the numbers have been changed, weather recording stations have been moved to areas near buildings and asphalt runways. I've also encouraged my readers to follow the Joes at in order to get some weather truth. The following is from the Heritage Foundation, run by my friend, former Sen. Jim DeMint. The article is by Rep Lamar Smith (R-Texas) which you can read in full, here.

Those who reject the liberal viewpoint that climate change is the greatest threat to our country are ridiculed and ignored. For example, the Associated Press recently amended its stylebook to recommend that those who question the science behind global warming be called climate change “doubters” instead of “skeptics.” But this is inaccurate, since many “skeptics” don’t doubt that climate change has occurred.

Jack Nicholson discovers the truth about Androgenic Global Warming, metaphorically speaking..

Liberal groups continue to attempt to silence debate. The repeated claims that “the debate is over” and that “97 percent of scientists agree that human-caused global warming is real” are false and mislead the public. In testimony before the Science Committee, a lead author of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that the 97 percent estimate “just crumbles when you touch it.”

The source of this “97 percent” myth is a discredited study that attempted to categorize scholarly articles on climate change by the position the papers took on the issue. But most of the papers never took a position on climate change at all. This has not stopped the liberal national media from touting this illegitimate statistic.

Read the rest of this interesting article, here



Our Founding Fathers knew about electricity, the camera obscura, modern and ancient naval warfare, principles of fixed-winged flight, proper road-bed construction, the Mysore Rocket, archery, the principles of the internal combustion engine, the steam engine, and atomic theory - along with many other scientific and esoteric subjects..

Why is this important? Because there is a canard squawking about from liberal ducks that the world has changed and that the Constitution should too.

But when you look at the true history of science, it's more the difference of political systems than the creation of some idea or rationale from a tabula rasa. When the Scripture says "...and there is nothing new under the sun.." the author of Ecclesiastes (perhaps King Solomon) wasn't kidding. This is more than a simple shibboleth. Almost everything we understand and know has either been the subject of a scientific treatise or a symbolic poetic truth already expressed by the 1780's, when the Constitution was written.

When science can create items whole, by changing the substance of matter, THEN, and only then, should we contemplate a change in the American Way of Life. But even then, the basic principles of the Constitution would not change. Even if we can have machines that duplicate food, clothing, houses, cars, people will still own things - more especially in the areas of ideas than material things, granted, but life, liberty, and property would still be the operating ideal of America.

This, more than anything, is why an ORIGINALIST view of the Constitution is the only honest view. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN - even from the minds of liberals.



NOT Considering Obama's bad taste in Supreme Court Candidates IS Constitutional. The old addage that the President PROposes, but the Senate DISposes - that little "advise and consent" thing. (And, what a wonderful movie that was, with Charles Laughton as SC Senator & Pres. Pro Tem Seeb Cooley, and Walter Pidgeon as Senate Majority Leader Bob Munson of Michigan!)

Otto Preminger's Advise and Consent

But there is another aspect of this peculiarly Washingtonian dance. For five long years, President Obama has told first the House and then the House and Senate that there was no use sending him things that he would veto. You know it, and I know it. He swaggered his Presidency in the face of the Nation and the houses of Congress. Now, he complains that the Republicans are keeping the nation from coming together. This episode of political amnesia is as astounding as it is arrogant, but then, what have we been saying since he took office?

It's really very simple. Obama is doing everything he can to p.o. conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists. See, the President is a racist. He hates white people. Of course, his apologists will say he isn't, but just think of how many times he has done the "unexplainable" - unexplainable because those making the assessment would have to admit the obvious, which IS explainable.

One more thing - and I don't want to paint with too broad of a brush - but hundreds of millions of dollars - highway construction and repair dollars - are controlled by a tiny group of South Carolina Legislators. Even if every single one of them were as honest as the day is long, such control over so much money is just plain wrong. The simple fact is that when so much money is in play in the hands of so few legislators, corrupting influences are inherent. The only solution is absolute transparency. It really makes you wonder why transparency is not the rule, rather than the exception.



We still like him best. Of all of those in the Republican primaries, I can still see no candidate more qualified than Neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson.

    Here's Why:

  • The argument that Ben Carson has no political experience is completely specious. Anyone who has been in the Educational arena has as much or more political experience than the animals we currently call "politicians."

  • When it comes to Organizational skills, no person can be a neurosurgeon without astounding organizational abilities - Ben Carson is not only one of four top neurosurgeons in America, he is the number one infant brain surgeon. He breathes organization.

  • Ben is LOGICAL. A president who thinks with his head is something one would expect. Think hard - is that what you're hearing from your candidate? This above anything else is why we favor the good doctor.

  • His plan for defense is ultimately sensible - let the people who fight wars fight the wars. His job is to get with other thoughtful people and decide WHEN and WHERE to fight and HOW to pay for it.

  • Carson's Foreign Policy is as simple as Ike's - If you are our friend, we are your friend. It's not perfect, but it's better than anything else that's been tried. Reagan liked it well enough to use it.

  • He's a dyed in the wool CAPITALIST. You know why this is important.

  • Ben Carson's National Medical solution is flawless. It is so much better than any of the other ideas, that he should be elected on that, alone. It won't cost less, but, with him as President, it probably will stay with the general rate of inflation, rather than being the frequent CAUSE of inflation as it has been since the Days of Bubba Clinton.

  • He will STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Depend on it.

  • Dr. Carson WILL nominate an Originalist Strict Constitutional Constructionist to the Supreme Court. He has already said he would. The soul of our country cannot weather another moderate jurist - much less a liberal.

  • Finally, most scientists, who have even a partial brain, agree that the next great challenge to America will be a natural or enemy-created plague. Who do you think would be able to handle such an emergency? or any difficult scientific catastrophe such as an EMP?

  • About the grain in the pyramids thing - there are two pyramids that have been used, over the 4,000 years that Egypt was a player in the Mediterranean, which WERE used to STORE GRAIN. The grain was stored by the Priests of the Nile Kingdom for their own use, but the kings eventually had to raid them for their own political purposes. THAT IS A FACT. The way his denomination has spun the story is based on an actual, historical fact. Egyptology is still more art than science - more guesses than provable facts - they're still arguing about the temporal authenticity of the "kings lists."

No negatives about other candidates, here. You vote for someone you think is best. I'll support whoever wins the primary and ISN'T the Democrat - they have forfeited their chance for a long time. But whatever left in me that is still good, cries out to support, to VOTE for the calm, strong, brilliant Ben Carson for President of these United States of America.

*(I received a letter from Dr. Ben, today (March 2, 2016), telling me he would continue pushing for reforms, but as a civilian. Now, regardless of how successful he may be, he will not be the Presidential leader I know he can be. But the people have spoken, and that means that the country which needs him so very much, does not want him.)



Nino Scalia is dead, and that's a bad thing, because he was the only Literalist Constitutionalist on the US Supreme Court. The Constitution means nothing if we do not include the actual INTENT of the original framers. Enter any President who doesn't adhere to a strict Constitutional construction. Goodbye Constitution.. Hello Imperial Judgement. Really? Yes.

It's not that Jeb is a bad man. From the actions of his PACs - there are three of them - one could glean that he was, but those who know him say he isn't. Fine. But if he is anything like his brother, he will let his political friends pick the next justice, were he to be elected President.

I know, there are those who think there will be a battle over Obama's choice of a new jurist. And that may be - there are so many cowards and nutjobs in the Senate that they may not realize they DON'T HAVE TO approve - advise and consent - to any President's request for a new SCOTUS Justice. They can force the current President to go into the night without success. It's a simple process. But the Senate needs to return to Washington NOW, and not recess until January 21st, 2017. Seriously.

Is God punishing America? Probably. We have walked away from His righteousness. We have said wickedness is good and goodness is not His will. We will learn soon enough. For now, politics is king and Jeb Bush is a genuine threat to the Constitution.



The South Carolina GOP Primary Debate is Tonight, & I'm having apoplexy from laughing so hard at the political pundits who think they have a bead on the South Carolina Primaries. The only person who is close to knowledge of the state is Pat Caddell. No, I am not his friend and he is big people while I am small people. But I have been following him all his political life. I was going to ask him for a job, back in 1975, but a miracle occurred. Instead, I went out and started my own niche Political PR company, and did very nicely, thank you. Anyway, I'd love to meet him, but just to tell him how much I have admired him for years. If Caddell says it, you better make room in your universe for the possibility.

If you don't believe me, watch Harris Faulkner's amazing Fox News Channel show at 7pm on Sunday nights. He, Doug Schoen (D), and John LeBoutillier (R) discuss what's going in the US political world, and are pretty accurate in their prognostications. Pat is more accurate, on average.

With a very few exceptions, then, the rest are just "effing off." So, grab the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the büllesgeschichte-storm. I know I will.


Only 2 words : Velveeta®. Ro-Tel®.

After the game, I remembered why I was a Falcons fan. AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET ANY SALSA.


Marco Rubio has a CR rating of 79% - That means seventy-nine percent of the time he votes the way Conservative Review wants him to. Tim Scott, arguably one of the most loyal conservatives there are, only has an 88%. Trey Gowdy has a CR of 86%.

There is, I believe, a good reason for their ratings not being in the 90's. They are first and foremost Constitutionalists. They are conservatives second. I believe that if you stood them all up together on a stage, they would tell you that if you want them to be more conservative - by today's standards - then the Constitution should be more conservative. The two terms are not equal, and they most certainly are not congruent - what about the Federal right to mesne conveyance? or the vague "just compensation" clause which governs appropriated private property?

Conservatism is for law AND order. A Constitutionalist must be for the 2nd amendment which is contradictory of any definition of "order." In fact, it invites Americans to struggle against any "order" which infringes their Constitutional rights.

What I'm trying to get at, rather ineloquently, here, is that Marco Rubio is looking for a Constitutional answer to the Elitist desire to import cheap labor, while trying to be fair in a conservative way. Some of his foes pretend that he was acting in a vacuum these past few years, when the House had the only Republican majority or that the Senate didn't have the 2/3rds majority it needed.

As I have said, repeatedly, my candidate is Dr. Ben Carson. But if Something happens to Ben, then I wouldn't mind voting for Rubio at all. I DO, however have a problem with HRH BUSH III and Governor Bubble-Butt (that's why he knows so much about bubbles). Of course, the "TV Evangelist" (Robin Williams playing Ernest Angley) or "The Noo Yawkah" would do a better job than any Democrat - including Vice President Goofy.


The Home of every failed social idea you can think of - Washington D.C. - is actually considering PAYING people NOT TO COMMIT CRIMES! This is NUTS. Rather than making people work for a living and paying for things, themselves, criminals rob innocent hard-working people. Are the Democrats in DC jealous that they are not getting their cut? Let's get serious, here. The DC loons are actually proposing to rob taxpayers to keep them from being robbed.

President Doofus in His Element - Obama was not dissuaded from attending THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER of ISIS in America. The Mosque he attended has supported, with money and people, both al-Qaeda and ISIS. They openly preach sedition. You have to ask yourself if those people who question his religious allegiance are crazy, after all.


Are Ya Feelin' Lucky? Well, are ya, punk..? - If I were a Democrat in South Carolina, I'd be doing one of two things - Booking my psychologist for a year's worth of sessions or Running away from Hillary Clinton as fast as I could run. It's not going to pretty, no matter what happens to the Clintonian House of Cards as it trembles and wobbles.

If they found the gun - that was used to kill Vince Foster ON Hillary Clinton, her apologists would say she didn't know she had it on her. We already know that Obama KNEW about her misusing private servers - hell, he wrote her 18 times (and lied about that, too - the man is batting a 1,000.) Can anybody say "Justice Department?" No? Right.

And if you think there are seven Democrats (Lindsey won't vote to convict-it's a bad habit of his) who even KNOW what a Constituion is, much less help with impeachment, you can bet the Dems'll cover Obama's butt until Jan of next year..


Come Monday evening - We Sooth Caroleenians will NOT be rid of all the odious anti-everybody-else-but-Bush ads on TV. The GOP primary isn't until Feb 20. The Donkeys will vote for their unicorn a week later. But I'm betting on the popcorn vendors. They're gonna make a fortune!

One thing is sure - Trump's not showing up on FNC's GOP Debate will not hurt him at all with his base.. NOW. But AFTER his missing the debate, things may be different. I'm not exactly sure how that will happen, but I have a bad feeling about that. (I've been right on this, so far)

Did you buy stock, today? Well, you bought it from a rich big bank trying to get out of the market and into cash. Oh, sure, they said it was all caused by oil rumors. That's crap. Today's poor volume on an enormous upswing is the true sign of pure unicorn feed. (same here - double the stuffing)

I'm still holding out for Ben Carson. His only problem is that the MEDIA is not reporting on him. Believe me, he is a man who knows what it's like to get that two AM call to fix terrible problems. He's hanging in there despite the "push-polls" which have other candidates atop the ladder. And if he were covered, people would hear how much he knows about foreign policy and economics. But if Carson does withdraw, and I pray he does not, I really don't know where his voters would go.. (Waiting for Iowa Monday)



Dumbest thing happened today. I went on Twitter to send a message to Charles Payne of FBN fame. I wrote him that I thought the indictment of two journalists who took the damning video of the Planned Parenthood creepy people was "Prosecutorial Malfeasance." Twitter printed my remark, but then added that it couldn't be translated from ROMANIAN! It's no wonder's stock is tanking.

Speaking of "tanking," I warned you about buying back in to the stock market too early. Now, if you have a computer whizz-kid helping you market your trades, fine, but us little guys haven't been able to get into the market at all without losing our shirts on a day trade. I'll see you when the DJIA reaches 8,000. THAT would be worth investing.. if we could get in ahead of the computer "biggies."



In the "old days," when you let GITMO prisoners out, only a THIRD of them went back to merciless terrorism, murdering hundreds of people. In the past two years, the actual ratio is closer to 67% who go back to merciless terrorism, murdering hundreds of people. That's because the people still in GITMO are the worst of the worst. Those were the kind of people who were released by Our Beloved President last week.

Look at the picture on the left. These men and their tribe are clearing approx. $150+ Billion in cleared debt and cash. They can buy more arms for the terrorists who were released from GITMO. Look at the people on the right. People just like them will be killed by the Islamicists who'll work for the terrorists who were released from GITMO.

These terrorists were traded for America hostages. The Iranians are lying - they had no moral or ethical reason to imprison our people, regardless of their kangaroo courts and fetid moral statements..

There's a problem here - America Doesn't Negotiate for Hostages. Period. The frozen-muppet-faced John Kerry and his master, Our Beloved President, have given away, not just the store, but the building, the grounds, and the right-of-way: $72B in cash and another $85B to pay off Iran's international debt.

But even more important that that, they have negotiated and traded for live citizens today with the lives of dead Americans tomorrow. That is the great sorrow of the stupidity of the Left. THAT is what we will get more of with Clinton or Bernie Grumpypants. No, seriously..

ONE OTHER THING: Of course the CIA is saying the Movie, 13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, is "filled with falsehoods." If they don't say that, they'll lose their jobs.. Not now, but eventually, when nobody's paying attention. Remember that there are TWO C.I.A.s - a Democrat one and a Republican one. Been that way since 1952..

AND: Whom do you believe - a woman who has repeatedly been proven to be a serial liar, or the soldiers who were there and parents of soldiers who were told by Hillary it was a movie that caused it all? Go see the movie. Your soul needs to see it.



Do you ever get the feeling that the national news media (MSM) really doesn't have a clue about ANYTHING having to do with South Carolina? We all got an interesting heads-up, when the MSM covered the massive, state-wide rebuke of the swiss-cheese-brained white trash that murdered the Mother Emanuel Nine. When we took down the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia from in front of our South Carolina Legislature and Governor's Hut, the MSM acted as if it was easy to do, and we could have done it a lot sooner.

Well, they've done it again. Only this time, they have absolutely no clue how far away Lindsey Graham is from the average citizen in this state. Even Fox News Channel - who ought to know better - think his endorsement of Jeb Bush stirred anyone to vote for him. Well, maybe his sister.. ok, but since most conservatives, who have been told to shut up more than once in the past five years, don't want to be in the same room with the Senior senator, the whole endorsement thing lives large in the world of Faeries and Unicorns.

It's no wonder that Graham helped pass so many Obama-generated bills!

Even though it's evident Lindsey wants the Veep nod, I still think he'd make an excellent State Supreme Court jurist for our Oligarchs, here in the Palmetto State. He has a crackerjack mind. But, I DO care that he wants America to have a Dynastic ruler. Let's keep it local, ok? (This is an example of sarcasm, not irony.)

And, I DO wish Bush's Carl Rove-run-dirt-slinging-douchebaggish political dustbin would stop the phony political ads, pretending to be a separate entity. You know it's ALL funded by Bush's friends' money, anyway.

"Right to Rise" my left foot!



I thought about writing this editorial in Gullah, but people in Columbia and the Upstate might not understand. So here it is, in plain old South Carolinian. To me and our debate watching group, the winner of Thursday night's Republican debate was Marco Rubio, followed closely by Donald Trump and then, Ted Cruz.

Now, I will say that each of the contestants did much better this time than at any other debate so far. We all felt that Trump was much stronger, and though strong, Cruz seemed a little fussy. Rubio was the only one who realized that Maria Barteromo - who is every bit as good as her salary at Fox Business Channel - was throwing raw meat into the debate and declined to take shots.. for the most part.

Jeb , who, I swear, looks just like his mom, was more pugilistic, but it's probably too late for Jeb in any place, but a state which doesn't know who his brother is. My favorite, Ben Carson, who has done his homework and is now up to speed on foreign policy, had a good night as well, but Maria and the learned and chunky Neal Cavuto, didn't seem interested in him, except to be polite, which they were. To his credit, he did mention the real threat of EMPs which nobody seems to know about. We could, literally, lose our world as we know it - not just from a terrorist dirty bomb, but from the sun, as happens every 100-150 years - we're due, by the way.

John Kasich and Chris Christy also came on strong as well. No "howevers" here, they did well - just not well enough.

The person who did the poorest was the ghost of Barack Obama, whose dilettantish presidency has brought this country to the financial and foreign policy lowest points since the entire 20th Century.

What did you think?



Read this argument by Alice C. Linsley. In America we must let anybody with a crazy idea say whatever they like, except something that is libelous. In that spirit, we must honor the constitution and let Muslims believe what they will. I cannot, however, find a clearer, more cogent idea of the difference between the god of Islam and the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, and C. S. Lewis.

Alice C. Linsley
Special to

With the rise of Islamic aggression, many question whether the God of Islam is the God of the Bible and the One revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. To adequately address this question, separate issues must be addressed. They are (1) the linguistic development of ancient names for God found in the Qur'an and the Bible, and (2) the theological distinctions between Islam's understanding of God and the Christian understanding of God.

Linguistic Development

The oldest known name for the Creator in the Bible is El (?el) which corresponds to the Proto-Semitic ?-L. The L likely was a symbol of a throne or chief's seat and indicated power and authority. The Northwest Semitic ?el is cognate to the Proto-Arabic ?Ilah and the Akkadian ilum. Akkadian was the language of Nimrod's kingdom in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. Nimrod was a Kushite kingdom builder according to Genesis 10:8: "Kush became the father of Nimrod; he became a mighty one on the earth."

In Nigeria, the Hausa translation of the Bible uses Allah (Arabic: ????) to designate the Creator and the God and Father of Jesus Christ. Allah is also used in Syrian Bibles. As a designation for God, Allah corresponds to the archaic El in the Hebrew Bible, as Dios in Spanish corresponds to Dieu in French. The name was used among Arabian and Syrian peoples long before the time of Mohammad. Allah is the compressed expression of al-ilah, meaning THE God.

Among Abraham's ancestors there were many names for the Creator. These included YHWH, Yah, El and Ilum. Another ancient name for God as Father is Ausa, sometimes spelled Asa. The Asante tribe bears this name. Asa-nte means "the people of Asa." The Egyptian word Asa refers to God as father. The word "Hausa" probably has a similar meaning: ha-Ausa, meaning the people of God.

The older names for God can be identified by their simple roots, such as L, or by their bi-consonantal forms, such as YH or LM. The more recent Arabic and Hebrew words can be identified by a shift to bi-consonantal forms (called bilaterals) and triliterals. There are also a small number of quadriliterals in Hebrew and Arabic.

Old Arabic, also known as Dedanite, is closer to the archaic stratum of the Semitic roots due to its relative isolation in the Arabian Peninsula. Most Bible commentaries explain that the terms Dedan and Dedanite are from ded'-a-nim/dedhan/dedhanim, meaning "low." This is an odd interpretation since the Dedanites were known to dwell in elevated rock shelters. Genesis 10:7 provides the more accurate explanation that the Afro-Arabian Dedanites are related to the Kushite ruler Dedan. The original context is Kushite. In this context the word Dedan refers to the color red and is cognate to the Egyptian didi (red fruit) and the Yoruba diden (red). The Dedanites, along with the ancient Edomites, were known to have a distinctive red skin tone, like Esau and David.

It has been noted that the prayer alignments of the oldest mosques in Iraq and Cairo originally pointed to the region of Dedan, not to Mecca. The prayer orientation of Mohammad's original mosque in Medina was said to be toward Jerusalem, but could just as easily have been this same point in Dedan.

Dedan is where the largest collection of the oldest Arabic texts have been found at the oases of Teman and Dedan, present day Al-`Ula in Saudi Arabia. Jeremiah 49 links the Dedanites with the people of Teman. Eliphaz, the son of Esau and Adah (Genesis 36), is called a "Temanite" in Job 4:1. Eliphaz married a daughter of Seir, the Horite ruler of Edom.

The Dedanite alphabet consisted of 28 letters and resembled other scripts used in the Arabian Peninsula and in Syria, though Dedanite was distinctive in its use of the definite article h- or O (a sun symbol) whereas Southern Arabic and the Arabic spoken today uses the definite article al-. Not surprisingly, Dedanite and Hebrew have many common features, including the use of h- as the definite article "the" and use of matres lectionis to mark long vowels.

Theological Distinctions

Islam's God has definite characteristics. Some correspond to the revelation of the Bible. Allah is uncreated, merciful, just, omnipotent, and majestic. However, Allah is not triune in essence. Islam regards the events of Jesus' baptism, in which the Trinity was made manifest, to be a blasphemous narrative.

Allah has no son who overcomes death and leads his people to immortality. Al-Masih -- the Messiah -- is not born to crush the serpent's head (Genesis 3:15) and overcome death. He is not the Righteous Ruler to whom the Heavenly Father delivers the eternal kingdom. Instead, Messiah is the champion of Armageddon, the Mahdi, who leads Allah's forces in the final conquest over infidels. The Mahdi is NOT Jesus. Jesus is called al-Masih ad-Dajjal, which means "the false Messiah" in Arabic.

Islam's God justifies bloodshed for the globalization of Islam. The Old Testament grants divine approval of limited aggression against fortifications that once belonged to Israel's ruler-priest ancestors. The Bible does not advocate holy war to advance Judaism or Christianity. The violence prescribed in the Old Testament was for a particular time and limited to particular strongholds such as Jericho and Ai, both in Judea. No precedent was set for prolonged violent struggle beyond Judea. In contrast, the Qur'an prescribes military jihad to promote Islam worldwide. Consider these words of the Islamic theologian Syed Abul A'ala Maududi:

Islam wishes to destroy all states and government anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam regardless of the country or the nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and program.

Islam's God does not offer forgiveness and redemption to the lost world. Salvation from hell is offered to Muslims alone. Consider this from the Qur'an:

O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Submission [that is as a Muslim]. And hold fast all together, by the rope which Allah stretches out for you, and be not divided among yourselves; remember with gratitude Allah's favor upon you: For ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace ye became brethren, and ye were on the brink of the Pit of Fire and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make his signs clear to you: That ye may be guided. - (Surah Ali 'Imran 3:102-103)

For Christ Jesus, the Son of God, to be glorified in the sight of Muslims, the love of Christians for one another must surpass that of Muslims. We [Christians] must heed His words: "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (John 13:34, 35)

"We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death." (1 John 3:14)

The God of Islam requires that all creatures worship Him. "And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should worship me." (Quran 51:56) The God of the Bible grants humans the freedom to not worship the Creator. The Bible even acknowledges those who say in their heart that there is no God (Psalm 14:1)

Islam requires that all who would serve Allah adhere to the religion of Islam. "...This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion..." (Quran 5:3)

The Bible defines true religion as this: "If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man's religion is worthless. Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world." (James 1:26, 27)

"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" (Micah 6:8)

The God of Islam requires that all people serve Him. The God of the Bible self-reveals in Jesus Christ as one who came to serve. "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." (Mark 10:45)

The Qur'an teaches that Jesus did not die on the Cross. For Muslims, this is a scandal. "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." (1 Corinthians 1:18)

Alice Linsley is a Christian Apologist. She has been pioneering the field of Biblical Anthropology for over 30 years. She teaches Philosophy and Ethics and is a member of the American Scientific Affiliation. She is a contributor to Virtueonline. She will be the first to say that Muslims have every right to believe whatever they want to, and practice anything that isn't against the Constitution and the laws of whatever state they live in. We believe in that freedom, too. But it's also every American's right to say that his or her religion is the best. With impunity.



The US Stock Market is not healthy. It hasn't been since Obama bullied his big bank buds (BBBs) into forcing the market up to make the GDP look an enormously dangerous amount larger than it actually is. In three days, every cent you thought you made last year has gone away. As I pointed out before several times now, if you removed the US Stock Market from the GDP, it would show we have been in a recession since mid 2008. Conversely, if you use the Gross NATIONAL Product (GNP), it would also show a recession, or at very least, no growth.

The reason this is so important is that four days ago, believing this fantasy at the beginning of the Market Year, our friends on the South Carolina Retirement Commission Investment Commission (yes, there is one) spent half of its sidelined cash for stocks, which have now lost 10-20% of their market value. Anybody can make a dumb guess. So the only real question is, WHO TOLD THEM TO BUY INTO AN UNTESTED, EARLY-YEAR MARKET?

Not much has changed, nationally, since South Park aired their episode on the bank-brokerage scandals that caused the recession. (Oddly, their answer was uncannily the same answer the President came up with, which shows the difference between reality and art. In art, even in great art, there are no rules.)

If you go to the RSIC website, the people in charge of state retirement look reasonable enough. The only ones I'd question would be the Ph.D.s, who are Keynesians. The rest look relatively honest, even though there is a former stock broker. There's also a guy who used to work for one of the banks which caused the recession - a couple of CPAs and watchdogs appointed by the Legislature and the Governor round out the group.

So, WHO made the choice to invest NOW? Tens of millions of dollars have been lost in just four days. Oh, there'll be a "dead cat bounce" or two, on the way down, but the market is on the way down. After all, there were no real signs of progress in the economy, unless you bought the bullesgeschichte of the administration. So, did they believe it? If so, why?

I don't know the answer, but I hope they're just dumb, and not the other thing. But, if they are just dumb, why are they there? Further - do we even need unlucky people on the investment commission?



I'll make this short. Europe is paying for being stupid. Ultra Leftist PC culture has destroyed common sense to the point that they are trading 3,000 years of culture and history for a warm feeling about possible terrorists in their midst who are groping German women, while their politicians tell the women to just move away from the Muslim men. No kidding! It's their choice, but if I were German, I would give a LOT of consideration to changing my politicians. Wouldn't You?




In Shakespeare's wonderful fantasy play, Midsummer Night's Dream, possibly written in 1694 and, eventually, played as a 12th night performance before HRH Elizabeth of England, some time before her demise in 1603, there is a lot of broad comedy and subtle laughs, as the jackass marries the Faery Queen in a "merrye complainte of ye wonder of suche speciale dayes."

A fantasy for 12th Night - A Midsummer Night's Dream - The Faery Queen Marries the Player turned Jackass - Painting by Sir Edward Landseer

As we all know, 12th Night is the Twelfth Day of Christmas, which arrives every year on the 5th of January - the sixth being the Feast of the Epiphany. Historically, the last day of Old English Yole, one of the last remnants of the Roman Saturnalia, was an evening celebrated by ALL of the spiritual beings of what, today, we might call the Bright Side of the Force - not a night for evil, but the teasers, the elves, the daemons of light magical lore. It was a night for light-hearted trickery for the good, but a short, painful reminder to those who were wicked.

A fantasy for 12th Night - A President tearing for the cameras - in this scene the Democrats (Jackasses) are Married to the Playa..

Now comes our beloved President, weeping like a classic tragedian - a tear in the eye, a trembling lip, a halting voice - because he cannot understand why people don't want to be targets. Of course it's trickery. It's the stuff of 12th Night. Given his proclivities, the President would make us all slaves - black, white, yellow, brown - ALL. But he doesn't have enough time, and THAT makes him a minor demon, if not a daemon.

Cowardice has many faces - especially the "caring" ones.






There is an old canard that the more money you have, the more votes you can get, but unless you're directly buying votes, like they do in Charleston, you really can't depend on that duck being true. If we have learned anything in the past seven years, it's that social media (the internet) and dedicated workers are what drive the new election world. They don't cost nearly as much as, say, TV ads.

Nevertheless, whoever is advising Jeb! forgot to remind him that audience patience with repeating commercials has grown very thin in the past 4 years, especially when the subject has been proven to be false. Even clever, funny commercials get tiresome when they are repeated over and over again.

But the most amazing thing to me was what an acquaintance of mine said to me yesterday. The middle of the road Republican Medical Doctor said that if he heard another Jeb Bush ad, he was going to shoot his television. I responded that I thought he was a big Jeb! supporter, to which he retorted that we should talk more often.

"Whyever would that be?" says I.

"Because you would know why! When Bush started twisting the truth about Marco Rubio and, PLEASE, those god-awful commercials, time, after time!" he replied. He looked as if he was going to burst asunder.

Obviously, the middle-aged physician was furious about the number of Bush's ads. "Too damn many!" he scolded.

"But don't you want Bush to win?"

"Not THAT way! I may stay away from the polls, I'm so miffed." He didn't say "miffed."

"So," I said, "it's not the feeding of negative stories about the other candidates to the press that makes you angry, or the assumption of victory, or the feckless sarcasm?"

"No!" That last almost sounded like one of those Nixonian expletives.

Now, this is only one guy, but there are a lot of well-educated conservatives in this State who are, apparently, just like him. And, Trump, Cruz, and Carson are way ahead of his once-upon-a-time favorite, in South Carolina.



Wouldn't it be great if we could all cartoon - say the things we always wanted to say - or somehow get our favorite cartoonist to do an idea we thought up? If I could, I'd get the brilliant Mike Ramirez to do a cartoon which looked like a very similar one he did - with a different caption - like this:



There is a myth circulating around Democrat and Elite Republican circles which goes something like this: "The outsiders are a clown circus and eventually, the voters will see it and more moderates will prevail."

I see something different. I see the GOP base personifying the real betrayal of the rank and file voter in the person of Jeb Bush and the other moderate candidates like him.

The GOP base is rebelling. They're doing it because they see those that they elected (with a few important exceptions) not even caring to make a symbolic stand against the moronic policies of the Democrats and the President in particular. The the average American is tired of the media treating the liars in each party as if their statements are pure as the driven snow, pretending to let them squawk on their side and saying it's fair and balanced.

The President has lied more times than there are days in his seven plus years in office. Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Neutered House Democrats, lied when she was in power and continues, now that she is out of power. The same with Harry Reid in the Senate, but Reid's power has also hypnotized many of the Republican Senators. But when a Republican "Commoner" calls them what they are, they are accused by their OWN LEADERS as being vitriolic. You will hear the word "Vitriol" repeated daily for a while by Democrats.

The reason "GOP Commoners" are angry, rather than being vitriolic, is because everybody in Washington that counts, only know how to betray THEM.

If I may..

The Base doesn't want Jeb. It doesn't want ANY moderate. It wants a candidate who speaks in plain terms, has the courage to call a thing a thing, has a history of successful actions, isn't afraid to stand up to the bravura of tyrants and tyrannical ideals, isn't a snob, isn't afraid of the global warming fraud, and knows how to defeat, decisively, the powers of socialist, anarchistic, Radical Islamic evil. Jeb isn't that.

How do I know these things? Because I mingle with all levels of ages and incomes in the State of our Ancestors. As I travel, I hear one thing - "NO MORE KINGS!" That, alone should scare the hell out of the Elite in both parties. And, in fact, I think it already has - thus the attacks of lies against Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, and, possibly, Christie, and honestly, even Bernie Sanders.



The situation is dire. The costs are breathtaking. The planning is unforgivably amateurish. The citizenry is completely oblivious. Sound familiar? Well, this isn't the United States Senate under Harry Reid - although it could very well be - no, this is the South Carolina Legislature.

Once again, our beloved State comedians have brought the state to the edge of bankruptcy by their favoritism, profligacy, and ignorance. The last time we were this close was when many of the same people were in the legislature as Democrats. What am I talking about? - the $49+ Billion unfunded liability in the State retirement fund.

Mel Brooks' genius movie, Blazing Saddles - the "Harrumph Scene".. L to R - Harvey Korman, Mel Brooks, & Robyn Hilton.

If you're going to blame the people who contributed, loyally, to the retirement fund, shame on you! That was real money those teachers and lower level civil servants piled into the State Fund, rather than into a private fund or retirement plan. The return was piteously small, but constant - 4% per annum was promised. Out came the money from the paychecks of thousands - Into the State's coffers with a matching amount to equal the small 4% return. Or so we were told.

Instead what really happened was that the money was chunked into the State's General Fund, and then..   wait for it..   SPENT!. Also, the people in charge of overseeing the retirement fund have had so poor a success record, that they would have been drawn and quartered, in any other country.

Now, everyone is up in arms, with State Legislators & Senators acting as if they are performing the "harrumphing scene" from Blazing Saddles. "We have to do something! We have to protect our phony baloney jobs!" "You give the Governor a harrumph!" "Harrumph!"

And now, because they thought government could cure every human ill, we are faced with two very bad choices: cut expenditures to some, or increase taxes on some. In case you didn't already know, the amount of money withheld from State workers' paychecks has increased by 30% over the past 7 years, with only pitiful increases in salary causing budgetary stress to the employees, due to the horrendous inflation which no one seems to know about. The only benefit to the State system is that it is consistent - which is also a negative in times of inflation. Not every year has a COLA. Like it or not, State employees are contributing 8½% of their salary to garner a 4% return on their investment, but still won't get but $75 for every $100 they put in when they retire!

The REAL trouble, oddly, is not the retirement system, itself, but the clowns overseeing the system - cronies of Legislators or the Legislators themselves.

Oklahoma has an elected position of auditor inspector, answerable only to the people. We sure as hell could use one of those. Barring that, we need people who are not ignorant of the system they oversee.


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