Obama leaned on Health Care Co.'s for $MILLION$ to push Obamacare.

Not the only SC mayor to be arrested
but the only one, for now..

How stupid can you be?
Upstate mom on meth leaves kids in car while shoplifting..

Lowcountry murder trial halted
New evidence submitted

So it's OK to put Spoleto signs, cluttering public property..
But you better not try to sell tomatoes, by gum!

MB: Offshore drilling gaining popularity in state
Seismic testing, Alaska-like legislation next steps.

Trash cans are not a receptacle for newborn babies
Also wrapped in a plastic grocery bag and a pink blanket

Here's a career tip:
Don't run out of gas if you run a rolling meth lab!

Another gang shooting in North Charleston
Victim is 15 year old.

Tiny SEC stadiums create Columbia business
New jobs possible, too!

SC Dept. of Mental Health policies under heavy criticism
System being investigated by SLED.

FITSNEWS: Peach Bowl to be called "Peach Bowl" again
ACC vs SEC, again, too.. Thank you, Chick-fil-A!

Randy Newman got it right..
"Beware of the Nekkid man".. in Tega Cay Walmart..

Not really corruption
Stupid, maybe, but not corruption..

Tisk, tisk.. O, those saucy Tiger fans..
a bucket of paint, a six pack, and soused in Williams-Bryce Stadium

President uses unreal numbers in announcement on ACA, today.
claims false number of 8,000,000 NEW signees..

New Chapin Mayor displeased with clerk.
Clerk announced meeting discussing an issue he wasn't for..

DSS Leader not giving answers Legislators want to hear
More to this political fight..

Hire the Vet First bill advances
A bill everybody supports

Greenwood Student heads to Joffrey Ballet School
12 year old called "amazing"

Crook-on-crook crime
You've got to read this..

World Grits Festival results
St. George winners published..

Whatcha doin'? Oh, not much..
Why don't we go down and protest prayers at Clemson?

Well, here's one baby mama we won't have to pay for.
They are talking marriage. "Eventually."

Current Dow Jones

Gas Buddy

Spot Gold Prices


A Proposed New Constitutional Amendment:

No Federal Agency, nor any other unelected Body so constituted, even if representing any Federal Branch or appointed by that branch, shall have any power to make law, or the power to make rules which have the force of law, neither shall it have the power to command or decree the States to any action denied to such body by this amendment to the Constitution of the United States or by any other part or section of the Constitution of the United States.

"It's amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it." - Dr. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.

Best Explanation of the
Federal Reserve

Alexis deTocqueville on the
How America might become a "Nanny" state.

Lord Acton's Axiom:
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, great men are most often bad, and there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder."

Other Quotes:
"Bureaucrats are the most despicable of persons, though they are needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble...   holders of little authority in which they delight...   Who can trust such creatures" - Cicero
"Who can endure a doctrine which would allow only dentists to say whether our teeth were aching, only cobblers to say whether our shoes hurt us, and only governments to tell us whether we were being well governed" - C.S.   Lewis, from his preface to Milton's Paradise Lost

Health Care: Can't Fix Complex Systems

On Obama's Tax Increases - Bar Stool Economics

Liberty Lovers & The Grid

Saving South Carolina Schools Pt 1
Saving South Carolina Schools Pt 2

National DEBT Clock*

*we do not count the Admin's accounting cheats!
add $124 Trillion for Unfunded Federal Mandates Forced on the States!


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A S.C. CITY-BY-CITY FORECAST MAP (of course, it's only accurate for 4½ hrs)





Best S.C. Sports Site. Period.

SC High School League
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We're running this for two more days, by popular demand


(April 23, 2014) And why not? - you may ask.

Well.... it has to do with the fact that Democrats hate science.

  1. They have abandoned science when it comes to Androgenic Global Warming.
  2. They think fracking is harmful to Mother Earth.
  3. Democrats actually think there is a real Mother Earth.
  4. They also can't count: they think that if you print money it's the same as actually having money.
  5. Democrats don't understand the flow of power in a vacuum: which is why Russia is treating America like a bad crack-hooker.
  6. Democrats fear nuclear power,
  7. but aren't afraid of a far more dangerous energy form, electricity.
  8. Democrats don't know HOW electricity is more dangerous than nuclear power.
  9. Democrats prefer to punish SC politically rather than complete a MOX plant to safely get rid of Nuclear Waste.
  10. Democrats think there is a safer way to neutralize nuclear waste - "it just hasn't been discovered yet." (a real Obama Admin quote).

This is how Democrats think nuclear power is made.

And that's how things are done in the merry old land of Oz, where up is down, left is right, and good is bad - the Democrat way.


(April 20, 2014) I want to say, up front, that this editorial is not criticising the state's meteorologists. That being said, there is only one meteorologist, on South Carolina television who consistently gets his forecasts right. But to be fair to all the other weather-persons, they are merely victims of a dishonest government which coerces - bullies, if you like - the US Weather Service, whose forecasts they copy.

I want to show you something:

Notice where SC is on this Government weather map!

The Federal Government has decided that South Carolina's weather should be grouped with states whose weather is as divergent as any on the globe. It is not cynical to suggest that this allows the government to make this region's average temperatures appear warmer. The truth is that the Western regional grouping is just as illogical as the Eastern grouping. Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't group Alaska with the Eastern States.

But even THAT silliness is not the point of today's editorial, this Easter Sunday. That map is only a symptom of how politics rules weather forecasting these days.

These forecast numbers were right on, but they didn't come from the GFS or the NWS.

You may have noticed that, lately, forecast temperatures are above what actually occurs. Then, again, you may not have. After all, we move from air conditioned car to air conditioned office to air conditioned bus or cab or plane. You or I could easily not notice - especially, since we don't really pay any attention to the weather, except to see if it will effect our work or entertainment plans.

And when you add to the fact that South Carolina weather is the hardest weather to predict of all the states in the US (there's another editorial), there are real questions as to whether or not National Global Warming policy should be allowed to prevail over sanity.

That policy has effected the forecast models of the GFS and the Rapid Update Model, which almost ALL weather forecasters on SC media use. I say, "almost," because there is at least one meteorologist who does not make that mistake.

So on this blessed day, you can spend your time at worship, trying to figure out who that smart person is. Happy Passover season! Happy Easter! Oh, and almost everyone predicted a beautiful weekend with warm temps, 7 days ago.


(April 19, 2014) All puppies and all cats - regardless of age - are liberals. They expect to be taken care of from cradle to grave.

Here's one to make you go "Awwwwwwww.."

Not one smidgen of humility.


(April 18, 2014) None of this would have happened if America had adopted our Swampfox amendment to the constitution. It's on the other side of the page, but I'll quote it, here.

A Proposed New Constitutional Amendment:

No Federal Agency, nor any other unelected Body so constituted, even if representing any Federal Branch or appointed by that branch, shall have any power to make law, or the power to make rules which have the force of law, neither shall it have the power to command or decree the States to any action denied to such body by this amendment to the Constitution of the United States or by any other part or section of the Constitution of the United States.

PLEASE, share this with your favorite legislator.


(April 17, 2014) If you read the comprehensive article in The Washington Free Beacon, please don't shoot yourself in the head. But you need to be alerted to the NLRB and its actions, which are arguably unconstitutional. Of course, none of this matters to the Outlaw Administration and his jumping frog, the Justice Department.

Democrats are trying to see to it that a single person can act as a union. The principle is the same thing as saying, "everybody is a union," which is basically meaningless. But it opens any action of that one worker's company, to government bullying by the National Labor Relations Board, on his or her behalf. The headaches for any company would be many, and in some cases, fatal to that company.

You are, now, your own union!

And then there's something called "Worker Centers." What they actually are, and what they are being designated as by the NLRB, are two, completely different things. The NLRB is saying they are just simple places where workers can get better information on what to expect in their work areas. What they actually are, are staging areas for unionizing activities against unsuspecting companies, sponsored by the NLRB with your tax money.

How many times can one editorialist say, "This is outrageous!" ?? How many times is the current administration going to try to screw American businesses, and by doing so, screw the independent American Worker?



One of the many new Russian ICBM MRV missiles SecState Kerry says doesn't exist

Can we trust ANYTHING this power-hungry, race-baiting, psychologically transferring, liar says? And what about Jim Clyburn, who supports every vain project his Pretend-to-Care Party proffers?

When does this Democrat cluster-hump of America stop?


(April 13, 2014) No tirade. No accusations. I just canceled my subscription to Again. Too many technical difficulties. Too many blackouts. Too much money for what you get - which is nuts, because, if they really delivered what they promised, the cost would be cheap. It's my fault for trusting them, again.

It was 3½ hours into the game when a sign popped up.
This one is a fake, but it's what they should have said.
Anyway, I really did think they would have good service,
this time. My bad.

The above fake screen grab is what they SHOULD have said. But a sign DID pop up at the most critical time in the game. So.. that's it. Tell'em bye!


(April 12, 2014) All puppies and all cats - regardless of age - are liberals. They do not work, nor produce anything to assure their existence, and yet expect to be taken care of from cradle to grave. But, many of them are adorable, or at least pleasant to look at. So, every once in a while, we'll show you pictures of liberals we can ALL tolerate. Here's one you can chew on - I found it on the internet.

He's gonna need REAL health care if he eats any more of that.


(April 11, 2014) Virulent, hateful, angry - words usually attributed to panicked political advisors - are being used about President Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder. And why not?

Every day, they have to listen to news reports about something they said that wasn't true, or hearing about their actions which are, at the very, very least, actionable under any other administration. Even people they have set up to lie for them are resigning, Kathleen Sebelius being only the latest. They must be getting a little nervous.

Then there are the Congressmen and Senators who are daily pelting him with grumbles, which is all you're allowed to do, if you're a Democrat. But, even so, that has to be vexing.

"What a world! What a world!

Anyway, Holder and Obama have just jumped the shark.. Obama and Holder both claiming - AS WE PREDICTED BACK IN 2009 - the reaction to the mess they have created in national and international policies is RACIST. I am not kidding.

Racist. It's not a joke on latenight comedy shows, anymore. They are REALLY pulling the non-existent race card. This is worse than Jesse Jackson's RICO tricks - this is OUR PRESIDENT, acting like some out-of-control college professor, who has discovered that his tenure is being threatened. And it IS affecting the country - surveys show that America is a divided country, racially, in a way it has not been, even under Clinton.

Obama is panicking, Holder is panicking, and Americans will suffer for it.


(April 10, 2014) I believe that, for the first time, I completely disagree with Charles Krauthammer about something. While I still revere him as a brilliant thinker, I believe his perception of the political importance if Benghazi is faulty.

It is NOT too late, politically, and the professional liars in the Obama administration have not yet "won" the political battle on this.


When Lindsey Graham isn't ready to let an item go, you know his peeve is cranked and he will not let it go. That, alone, is enough to justify thinking the matter of the lies told by the Obama Administration about the death of four brave Americans is not over with - at least the TALK, if not the ACTIONS.

Now, there IS something else going on, and you are correct to suspect so. The weakness of the Republican Leadership is so pervasive, that they have neither the ability to make things right, themselves, nor the will to use their moral suasion for fear of becoming beholden to anyone else with power.

So what is the answer to getting justice done for the treachery which caused the deaths?

Justice lies in the election of conservatives and libertarians with vision. Yes, it's OK if they also happen to be Republicans or independents - just not another liar or progressive (I know, I know - what's the difference).

Those of us, who see a different future from the bleak desert of the Democrats and RINOS, where only they are kings, must cousin our anger, bide our time, and be willing to gather behind whoever is the most conservative of all the candidates. We must vote out those who only talk. We need doers, not just talkers. We need to be strict and strong.

The time for "Getting Along" is over.


(April 9, 2014) Are you as turned off as I am by the bigotry shown by Mozilla to their CEO? He gave a grand to an organization which believes, as he does that marriage is between one man and one woman, and the Political Nazis of LGBT, or the "Gazis," as we like to call them, hounded the creators of Firefox until they "came to an agreement" with their CEO.

Well, I normally don't like boycotts, but this is one instance where it's a must. I have disabled Firefox and have installed Pale Moon, instead. It works on the same open platform and is totally compatible with all Firefox addons and programs such as Thunderbird (yes, it's a Mozilla program now, but it used not to be - soon enough, there will be a compatible email program using the same open platform).

Now, I wouldn't use Internet Explorer, if they paid me. Opera is limited, and Google Chrome is an invitation to have your information hacked. I don't have a Mac, so, Safari is unusable. But who need 'em when you can download Pale Moon for free.

Simply go to and follow the directions for a totally free download and easy installation. You might even send a note to Mozilla, telling them what you did - well, you could if they had a way to do it other than the tedious "fill-in-the-blank method." But even that might be worth it just to tell them to go eat a banana.

For as much as I have supported gay rights, what the Gazis have done just makes me sick, and it's time to say, "NO MORE NAZI TACTICS." I mean, heck, they don't even represent but a twentieth of the gays in America.

Free speech means tolerating even the obnoxious. The Gazis have a right to say it, but not to play these RICO games. ENOUGH!


(April 8, 2014) Usually, Columbia and Charleston are the places to get really juicy scandals. But not this week.

"How To Be A Lesbian In 10 Days" will not be presented at the USC Upstate Gay Symposium - the State funding was jerked - but the symposium will continue. The majority of students don't really care one way or the other.

Bill Clinton continues to prove what fame-hungry folks rich people are. He's sold out at the Peace Center, in Greenville.

Greenville spent $800,000 on a system of 360° 8 cameras. They failed to spot a robbery and assault in broad daylight in an area where the cameras should have seen what was going on.

Greenville's Police Chief is leaving earlier than she had said.

Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford did not show up at Cowpens. He was not scheduled to show up. Neither did Jimmy Kimmel.

Greer and Simpsonville will pass "distracted driving" laws because they can't think of any other way to restrict their citizens and prove their power over the "little people" who vote for them.

But the really big scandal didn't even happen in the Palmetto State - the all important Monday at the Masters got washed out!


(April 5, 2014) I remember a reporter friend of mine telling me the legend of a reporter during WWII, who had information about a naval battle that was to take place. The information he was privilege to came from the highest authority. The only problem was that it was only one of several plans. When it did not happen, the reporter submitted and his paper printed his entire account with his headline, which read something like this: "Great Naval Battle Not Fought."

Alan Wilson declaring support for the Boland bill, last year.

One of South Carolina's fine newspapers published a story about SC Atty. Gen. Alan Wilson inferring that he was less than honest. I think it's unfair, so, I'm writing this article to say it's a misuse of newsprint.

What Alan was, was one of the fortunate ones who were able to raise a lot of cash for his campaign in 2010. Almost $43,000 more than the legal limit - a state law which is most probably unconstitutional under the recent 1st Amendment ruling. So, after a review of his funds, he paid all of the overage back - as prescribed by the law.

Alan wasn't the only one by any means to "over-fundraise," but he WAS the only one to pay it all back, some time ago, as soon as he was CERTAIN there was an overage.

Now I'm not saying this outstanding newspaper beacon-of-truth, which is releasing the story, has any editorial bent, mind you, but on the same page is a puff piece on how Lindsey Graham's campaign is squashing all his competitors - which really misses the point, that if Graham doesn't win the first primary, outright, he could easily lose the runoff. And he's not over 45% at this point.

I thought I would get these small facts out before tongues started wagging. Also, if you have ever worked in a campaign, you know that the only people who have a problem with very prosperous fundraising are the losers.


(April 4, 2014) As I watched the President brag about the non-existent millions who actually haven't signed up for Obamacare - Actual research shows that only 2 Million people have signed up, but 45 Million will eventually be without health care (numbers from Neil Cavuto, American Spectator, and David Hogberg, PhD) - the following tune kept running through my head:

        "O see the fleet-foot host of men,
                who march with faces drann,
        From farmstead and from fishers' cot,
                along the banks of Ban;
        They come with vengeance in their eyes.
                Too late! Too late are they,
        For young Roddy McCorley goes to die
                on the bridge of Toome today."

The hanging of political activist Roddy McCorley - when will this start?

It's the opening verse of the Irish Republican marching song, "Roddy McCorley," about a young man who was executed by the English for being a political agitator - there is no confirming evidence that he lead the fighters at the battle of Antrim, as the legend tells. The poem written 100 years later by Ethne Carbery in the 1890's - the tune, itself is ancient.

It never fails to bring a tear, as it expresses how Irish hope for freedom was crushed time and time again, by an English government which lied to itself time and time again, leaving a legacy of hatred on both sides.

How like it the dying of America has become. "Too late, Too late are they!" America is dying now. The time to rise up and vote the Democrat tyrants out of office is now. By 2016, it may be too late. There may be too many RINOs and Democrats, already.

        "...True to the last! True to the last,
                he treads the upwards way,
        And young Roddy McCorley goes to die
                on the bridge of Toome today."

We are at the "bridge of Toome." Today.


(April 3, 2014) I want to make sure you understand I am NOT saying that I believe the following happened. We have no reliable evidence for any theory, so far. I'm just saying that the so call "bozo theory" that the Malaysian 777 isn't so crazy.

The "Bozo Theory" is that Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood made a cell phone call of some sort, saying that he was at the US base known as "Diego Garcia" in the Indian Open.

Some people have taken this piece of information, which may or may not be true, and have extrapolated a whole bunch of ideas - some plausible, some not.

Whether any of it is true or not, two facts ARE true: 1. There is a runway at DG which is plenty long enough to land a 777 - approx. 10,200'. and 2. With the right kind of flying, a 777 can get from the now legendary turnaround point to DG.

"Diego Garcia" Map Showing the two-mile long air strips

Is it true? Are the passengers of Flight 370 at DG? We know that half the CIA belongs to Obama, and the other half doesn't. We also know that the Obama side of the CIA lies just to keep the President from being embarrassed, so why not keep mum about what they saw when the plane "disappeared."

In the end, it's just another reason not to trust the Obama administration - "the most transparent administration in history."


(April 1, 2014) "What kinda fool (FOOL) do you think I am?
What kinda fool (FOOL) do you think I am?"

This is what Obama's economic toilet attendants call an on-going rally! No wonder so many naked big bankers are jumping out of high-story buildings.

"Here you come knocking on my door
when you said you don't need me anymore
Do you really think I'm crazy enough
to go throwing my good heart after bad love

What kind of fool do you think I am
I ain't falling for you over again
I ain't playing a game that I know I can't win
what kind of fool do you think I am

[ guitar riff]
I was lost in your love and I got burned
you hurt me one time I finally learned
Now that I know what your loving can do
who do you think you're talking to

What kinda fool (FOOL) do you think I am?
What kinda fool (FOOL) do you think I am?" [slow fade out]......

"Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to naught..." (1 Corinthians 2:6a)

(March 31, 2014) Everyone, including me, thinks that President Barack Hussein Obama is acting like a King or Emperor. So, for a moment, let's assume he IS an all-powerful terrestrial ruler. Does he pass muster as a king? Let's take a look..

Thomas Hobbes, the great English apologist for the necessity of a monarch, posited that Nature is so corrupt, so vile, that mankind needs a governor who has unquestionable power. Hence, a Prince must be incorruptible, or his kingdom becomes equally corrupt.

Thomas Hobbes, "Hobbs of Malmesbury" (1588-1679)

Marcus Aurelius, the last of the "Good" emperors, believed a ruler must act for the benefit of the greatest number of his subjects. In order to do that,

Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

  1. A Prince must be just, and put aside petty jealousies; otherwise, the state becomes as unjust and as petty as he, inviting anarchy.
  2. A Prince must be respected, so that he does not have to demonstrate his power and create bitterness among his subjects.
  3. A Prince must rule with actions, rather than words, as words are nothing more than shadows, which are strong in the day, but vanish in the night.
  4. A Prince must be wise as well as kind. Princes who are wise will understand the importance of kindness which creates discernment.

What, of these qualities, would Barack Obama possess, were he a Prince?

  1. We know for a fact that he deals for his friends. One look at the imaginary "problem" of Global Warming and those who benefit from the phony solutions to it. We know, then, that Obama is already corrupted. As a Prince of this world, his kingdom would be as corrupt as he.
  2. Simply listening to his political advisers such as David Axelrod, we know he operates in "The Chicago Way," where every jealousy is avenged, every aggrievement punished. The kingdom of this Prince would turn to anarchy and revolution.
  3. If only for his eternal lying, Obama is not respected, and only feared by cowards. In a kingdom, his subjects would be bitter and hopeless.
  4. Leading from the rear, while giving actionless speeches and meaningless platitudes.
  5. Finally, Obama is neither wise nor kind, and so, utterly fails the final Aurelian test.

In effect, however, are not the problems we see in our country today the same results we would see in a principality? How powerful, then IS our President? How much power have we already surrendered? And Democrats are PROUD of this man and his system?

It seems to me that it is past time to take many powers from this President.



(March 28, 2014) The President of the United States has illegally changed a law, passed by the Congress 22 times. The Congress and the Courts have made 16 LEGAL changes to that same law. The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare has caused more people more problems than any other act passed in the United States since the creation of the Federal Reserve System.

Even worse, there is no way to call this President on the carpet for his acts of felony. As long as there are Democrats in power, there is NO WAY to do ANYTHING about him, or to him.

Do you really want to live in a country ruled by Imperial fiat and promulgators of international cowardice? No? Then you need to vote so that your vote counts.

Same O, Same O

(March 27, 2014) UPDATE: I'm still sick. Will try to write something tomorrow.

(March 23, 2014) If a journalist has to get sick, this past week would have been the perfect time. And I am a lucky dude. I have been seriously ill for a week with a type of illness that killed Muppets creator, Jim Henson - one literally doesn't feel ill until it's too late. Again, my personal physician has saved my life. I am recovering quickly, but I'm very weak. Anyway, nothing has happened or stuff I've already written about, except for Justina Pelletier who is being screwed by the State of Massachusetts', their hospitals, and their child protective services (DCF) . If she dies, she will not be the first person in that state who has died from Physician arrogance and DCF false umbrage; And we all need to pray for her and that justice will be served to the doctors and the big business hospital which are killing her.

Same O, Same O

Other than that, nothing is new. Russia, who did already have its soldiers in Crimea and Ukraine, are using their strength to inculcate both countries into their realm of influence. The damn plane is still missing and the CIA is refusing to tell the Malaysians where it is, but the Australians may have found it. Maybe not. The South Carolina legislature is flushing the state's liberty down the toilet, again, on all the issues we wrote about, because they hate the Governor and want to preserve their power base, while passing crap legislation to make rich people's bothersome wives happy. DSS hates DDSN. DHEC wants to rule the world. And Bill Nye (the Science Guy), is proving to be an "AGW True Believer," who has nothing to do with science.

But there is one thing that NOBODY has written about, so I will: Veep Joe Biden, SecDef Chuck Hagel, and the very French SecState John Kerry (who did serve in Vietnam) have said that we do NOT NEED so many boots on the ground, as an excuse to reduce the number of footsoldiers, in the US military - far more than Bush had in mind. What the Russians have proven is that this idea is a complete FRAUD. If we had wanted to, we COULD NOT have prevented the Russians from invading as they have. That's how weak Obama has made the United States Army.

If we cannot inflict harm on the bad guys and remain solvent, then we are not the militarily strong state, we think we are, and we must be strong in order for our CURRENCY to remain strong or it will not be used for international trading. What we are, and do not have to be, is England in 1947, giving away that which makes us strong.

Now, I like the English, but I do not want to be them. Our world's safety is at stake.


(March 17, 2014) On this St. Patrick's day, it is instructive to look at the celebrations here in America compared to the mess in Ukraine. Millions have died so that we can celebrate the life of a religious personage as the symbol of Irish freedom which is really little more than an excuse for getting completely sloshed. - a distinctly American interpretation.

This is not to say that our Cold War Russian Competitors do not use every opportunity to get completely falling-down drunk, as well; but you can drink Irish whisky longer than Russian Potato vodka and not kill your kidneys and liver as quickly - so there is something positive to be said for the Irish-American point of view.

Both countries' poor were slaves at one time to their aristocracy -
both countries citizens get drunk on hard liquor, often.

I really hate to see Russia's government screwing the Ukrainians, once again. It's as if the opening of every century just HAS to see Russia finding a way to oppress the territory. I also am embarrassed that America has a terrible history of not challenging the Russians whenever they invade or punish a European country. Eisenhower and Poland. LBJ and Czeckoslovakia. Nixon and Lithuania. Bush and Georgia. Carter and everybody. Now Obama and Ukraine.

I know that Americans are far from cowards, but I also know that every American lusts for a peace which includes being left alone. Yet, we have a mutual protection agreement with Ukraine, not just through NATO, but also country to country. But with the current administration, do you really see us protecting them? I don't. I hope I'm wrong.

In the meantime, I'll just curl up with this bottle of Redbreast 12 and "talk a li'l treason wif me mates, don'cha know.."


(March 15, 2014) Remember the old Soap Operas on the radio? Not the ones on TV, although they could mirror, at the time, the old radio shows - One Life to Live, One Man's Family, Our Gal Sunday, Pepper Young's Family - like that. One thing that was universally constant, was the fact that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knew that one secret which was always looming in the background. If they did, there was always some reason why it could NEVER be discussed. People died and came back to life again, mysteriously, and there was always some fabulous answer, which every member of the cast adhered to.

I have those old radio shows in mind when I ask the incredulous question - Do you actually believe that the United States spy organizations don't know, PRECISELY, where that Malaysia 777 went?

We have satellites which can see, CLEARLY, any object on earth on in the water larger than two feet wide. We have infrared optics that are so sophisticated, we don't need light to spot a subject we're tracking. The CIA has the ability to render real-time three-dimensional color imagery so distinct and so correlated that it pixelates only after 500 times enlargement.. from many miles in SPACE! We know where every submarine from every country is every moment of the day - don't you doubt it.

SURELY, WE KNOW WHERE THE PLANE HAS COME TO REST. The only thing we may not be able to do is image the craft, if it's under 6000' of water, which it would be, if it landed in the Indian Ocean which is the scenario of yesterday's update.

Now, should we tell anyone? Definitely. Even our enemies know we can do these things, and that we have these amazing digital capabilities. The Obama administration is a sieve. Technologically, what Bill Clinton didn't give the Chinese, the ChiComs figured out for themselves, or Obama and Ms. Clinton looked the other way.

None of what I have written here, today, is double secret information. The facts have been public since Tom Clancy first made his astonishing CIA guesses. We even have a Delta force. But if the Russians and the Brits know it, why hide the information.

- Davy Jones' Locker - Original Author Unknown

(March 14, 2014) UPDATE: One possibility I didn't address in the article below, has haunted me, and I need to talk about. If the plane really was stolen (reason #5), and the thieves were religious terrorists such as Muslimist Chechnyans carrying out a jihadi fatwa, they could have landed the plane over deep water. Once the 777 was adrift, they could have scuttled it with all onboard. This sounds awful, but like it or not - terrorism being an awful business - it would explain why, with the CIA's super- satellites which can be tasked at many places at once, no debris has been found.

I really expected the Malaysian Army would find the wreckage of the ill-fated air frame. I still think that original reason 5 is the most logical, IF they cannot find the plane.

(March 11, 2014) I'm going to take a guess about what happened to Malaysia Air's Boeing 777-200, using Occam's Razor, courtesy of Dr. Phil Gibbs and Dr. Hiroshi Sugihara of the University of California - Riverside:

  1. Airframe Disintegration - No plane lasts forever and it is possible that the Boeing 777 may have broken up after so many hundreds of thousands of miles flying time. but the probability of this happening is very slight, as the 777-200 is one of the safest planes in service today. Its service record is close to impeccable. The crash last year was Pilot error.

  2. Pilot Suicide - This is highly probable and should be considered along with reason three. The problem is that they have found NO wreckage whatsoever.

  3. Terrorist & On-Board Explosives - or "Tareism," if you're from Pickens County. It could be something as unnoticeable as a few welds, purposefully poorly done by a union member, or an Islamicist Terrorist using accelerant-aided explosives. Again, the problem is NO wreckage.

  4. Exterior Aerial Explosive - A missile strike, even an RPG, could take down almost any airframe with a direct hit. The problem, here, is that the explosive yield, except for a nuclear device, would not even come close to the power necessary to obliterate an air frame and leave NO wreckage.

  5. Stolen Airframe - This is most intriguing of all the reasons. Yes, it could be little green men from the planet Zeta Reticulae, but what if it is a more earthly and disturbing reason? What if the plane was stolen by terrorists? What if their plan is to "dress" (repaint and refit) the air frame, to match it with a different airline? Fill it with jet fuel and napalm and fly it into one of the behemoth buildings in Chicago? This sounds a little like something a tin-foil-hat Liberal would say, but, it's just the kind of creative thinking that attract desperately bad people.

  6. Under 500' of Water - In this case, the plane is lost to Davy Jones, and it could be any of the above reasons (except the Zetans beaming the air frame aboard their mother ship). Seriouslly though, in all cases, more than one specialist in Air crashes has said this is one for the books, because they've never seen anything this puzzling.

They need to find the wreckage..

Mr. Occam would be very skeptical of reasons 1-4. But the most important and puzzling thing is WHERE IS THE WRECKAGE? When they find it, we can all solve the mystery, if they find it.


(March 10, 2014) Usually, I wait to hear from sources before I write about scandalous behavior. This time, you would have to believe that the President and his sock puppets and stenographers tell the truth NOT to believe Mr. Obama has sounded the depths of foreign policy incompetency.

It's not that the President doesn't have access to some of the finest foreign policy minds in the world - he just won't listen to them. This kind of behavior doesn't just apply to incidents in other countries. He has acted this way in his domestic travesties, his economic disasters, and his appointment of an obsequious military.




If you look at the definition of "passive-aggressive" behavior in the old DSM-IV (DSM-V is basically a political document, filled with odd definitions of classically variant behaviors, rather than scientific fact classification), you will discover that it matches the President's behavior almost exactly. Where does one find "passive-aggressive" behavior in the real world? We call them "bullies."

Remember the bully in your school? As long as she could threaten, she was the top dog. But when it came to supporting her threats, she either had her gang or clique do her fighting, or she withdrew, or ran away. The same was and is true of male bullies. Bullies like Barack Hussein Obama.

Somebody has to say this, because you WILL NOT hear it from the MSM (mainstream media). You certainly will not see it on the FCC-weakened local TV stations, nor hear it on any radio but Conservative talk-radio. The President does not lead. He stands behind his bully-boys, threatening any one who publicly disagrees with him.

One more thing: Remember that our government is being directed by only three people. THREE. And as long as these three people are in position, he is untouchable, and the Constitution is extremely vulnerable to corruption. They are: The President, the Attorney General, and the Senate Majority Leader. The President sets a rule. The AG ignores laws and rules as he chooses, while the Senate Majority Leader stops any attempt at impeachment by the House.

It's as simple as that. Ping. And we become a dictatorship. Run by a bully.


(March 5, 2014) South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy talked to Martha McCallum on Fox News Channel's Kelly File Wednesday evening. Trey is a favorite of both Ms. Kelly and Greta van Susteren for the simple fact that he knows the law and he tells the truth. He also sits on the committee investigating the IRS scandal.

Ms. McCallum asked him why they expected her to tell what she's hiding from the nation when she hasn't spoken by now, except to claim her innocence (she doesn't say about what, though) and invoke the 5th Amendment. Gowdy answered, "Because her attorneys told us she would."

SC Congressman Trey Gowdy - still waiting for the truth from the administration

He also said that Lois Lerner's attorney said he didn't like "what they [Speaker John Boehner and Gowdy] had said over weekend. - he [Lerner's attorney] wasn't specific." All they had said, for the record, was what Lerner's attorney had told them. Congressman Gowdy guessed that the attorney had wanted Lerner to proffer her information.

Lerner & Lawyer - more Kyōgen

"She invoked [the 5th] all five times," Gowdy told McCallum, "so that hearing was going nowhere... "We can't [legally] make her tell what she knows, we can only [legally] punish her for not talking.. and that [could make her talk.] We still want to make a [non-punitive] resolution with her, if she cooperates... [but] trust me, we can get her to talk [if we resolve to punish her.]"

As far as I'm concerned, I believe the attorney, Congressman Elijah Cummings, and Lerner planned today's little Kyōgen play, so that it would play out exactly as it did. Cummings is known for his active imagination, especially when people don't allow him to show his phony umbrage, which is what happened today.


(March 2, 2014) It's time to declare war on Nevada.

They have harbored and protected the number two enemy of the United States of America for, literally, decades, not only not arresting him, but also promoting him to the second highest office in the land.

We did not stint when Bin Laden was harbored by Iraq. We did not stint when evil-doers were harbored by Lybia and Afghanistan. Why should we sit still while this criminal against the people of America bullies women and children, forcing them to pay twice as much for a government service as they were paying for a private service with better terms?

Товарищ Рейд выступая перед американской Думы

The war should begin with the carpet bombing of Lake Taho, destroying the homes of the Mafia chiefs who live there and give so generously to him. Then send in the parachute corps (pronounced "core") to Las Vegas with counterfeit dollar bills in order to bet on KENO - (the odds are always in the house's favor), followed by a flotilla of chaplains to guilt out the hookers.. Victory is assured.

Of course, at any time, if they choose to surrender this international criminal, or show definitive proof of his suicide, the war would end successfully, and they could then plead for war recovery funds.

It's time. Get the troops ready. We should no longer afford to tarry about Harry.


(March 1, 2014) This is a hoot! Do you know WHEN Hillary Clinton knew Obamacare wouldn't work?

If you don't know who these people are, it's ok, it doesn't make any difference.

That's right. When it was called "Hillarycare," during BILL's first term! Even then, she was being warned not to claim "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor." Some of Bill's presidential papers were dumped today in DC.


If you'll remember, I warned several years ago, and again several months ago, that the only thing propping up the dollar was the military. The operating idea was that the stronger the military presence in the world, the safer our dollar would be.

When you can beat the living snot out of somebody, but show yourself as a friend, instead, your friendship is valued and so is your money. When everybody hates you and you're weak, globally, your friendship is valueless and so is your money, unless it's based on something real.

This chart from 2012 ought to scare the fluids from your body. Look how much the rest of the word depends on a complete fabrication that is the US Dollar. Interestingly, this chart was published about the time Germany started re-stockpiling gold, silver, and oil reserves. It's no wonder, now that Obama has ticked off the great democracies of the world, that these countries are grumbling to change the international "designation" of the float.

And guess what?! Our money is not backed up by anything. You know, in your heart, it's true. Why else do you think the feds won't let ANYBODY see what's inside Fort Knox, when it would be to our extreme advantage to show the world.. unless there's very little there. We trade paper promises every day we can't come close to keeping and have the nerve NOT to call it money. Yet. One number whiz has calculated that Germany's shadow Deutschemark (it's a not-so-secret measure Germany uses just in case the Euro fails) is so chock-a-block full of actual value that, even at its current Euro float, the Deutschemark could easily replace the US Dollar at $36 to 1DM. I know that sounds preposterous, and it WOULD have been, five years ago, or even before two days ago, but that was then, and this is now.

Reduction in military strength is a goal of the Obama administration. He has already made the proposal through his sock-puppet, SecDef Chuck Hagel. Forget the fact that Roosevelt made the same mistake while he was prolonging the Great Depression. Forget the fact that we need to be the good-guy with the mean dog for obvious world-wide reasons.

Dennis Prager said it best - "..the weaker we are, the meaner the world is."

I believe he is correct. We are screwing ourselves and messing with the very foundations of American ethical influence. Plus we're acting as if we WANT the dollar to fail so that America may fail, which looks more and more like a possibility, thanks (again) to Barack Hussein Obama and his company of DC clowns.


(February 23, 2014) The Elite Republicans have been found out. They are trying to scare TEA-partiers into giving up their affiliations. None of this is new. Nor is what I'm about to say.

Congress meant well regulated armed fighters, dedicated to keep from getting screwed by oppressors. The gun is the ultimate bully-fighter - a basic TEA party principle.

If enough TEA party candidates are elected to Congress - House or Senate - the Republicans would be FORCED to caucus with the TEA-partiers if they wanted to have their precious majorities. When you are needed, you can make demands for accommodations. Things like rescission of the un-Affordable Care Act, reorganization of the EPA and IRS, auditing the NSA and the FED, preventing an increase in the national debt, going back to the old measure of inflation and unemployment to show actual numbers, and Conviction on Impeachment of the President and Vice President - you know, things like that.

The magic number is 41 TEA party Congressfolk and 6 TEA party Senators. We can have those right now, if we start pushing the issue. And the beauty of it all is that TEA People will be free from the baggage and misdirection of the Elite Republicans.


(February 20, 2014) No matter what you've heard so far about the economy OR the 29% increase in the minimum wage being proposed, one fact is absolutely true:

Kate Upton has nothing to do with this article, but I thought I might have a better chance of getting you to read these comments above and below her picture(!)

The President and all his socialist followers, by their pressing for an increase in the minimum wage, have made a tacit admission that inflation has wiped out over 30% of American's buying power.

No inflation? Rubbish. How about over 8% per year since 2009.. Another Democrat lie to hide another Democrat lie.


(February 17, 2014) You MUST see this video.

It explains, in pictures and understandable words why the European Union must change or die a horrible, agonizing financial death. It also shows why the UK was so very correct in NOT joining the Euro, although it doesn't say it. It also shows how, even if Europe changes, its currency will eventually fail because of overprinting, and will be a precursor to the death of the overprinted, inflated dollar.

click to play - courtesy of Bloomberg TV

'Nuff said..


(February 17, 2014) Only the stock market soars, making the economy LOOK good, when, in fact, the middle class is becoming more and more broke and the dollar continues to degrade.

"..and yer little dog, too!"

Yes, thanks to Democrats and RINOs, you DO live in Oz.


(February 17, 2014) The headline on the webpage screamed:

"Children Exposed to More Brain-Harming Chemicals Than Ever Before"

I am an enemy of "pop" science. I adhere to the principle that an idea unproven is an idea for which there is no proof or there is some proof against it.

Androgenic Global Warming is an excellent example. There is some evidence that warming is occurring in some areas, but there is also evidence that CO2 is a trailing factor and does not cause warming at all, unless the atmosphere is made of #3 fiberglass or 1' of crystal. Were that last bit true, Plato would be ecstatic, but alas, it is not, and Plato is very dead. The idea that AGW could be caused by CO2 is a GREAT idea. Unfortunately, there is that nasty FACT, just stated, which is standing in the way, among many.

The article is very somber in tone:

In 2006, scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai identified five industrial chemicals responsible for causing harm to the brain - lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (found in electric transformers, motors and capacitors), arsenic (found in soil and water as well as in wood preservatives and pesticides), and toluene (used in processing gasoline as well as in paint thinner, fingernail polish, and leather tanning). Exposure to these neurotoxins was associated with changes in neuron development in the fetus as well as among infants, and with lower school performance, delinquent behavior, neurological abnormalities, and reduced IQ in school-aged children.

Now the same researchers have reviewed the literature and found six additional industrial chemicals that can hamper normal brain development. These are manganese, fluoride, chlorpyrifos, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, tetrachloro- ethylene, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Manganese, they say, is found in drinking water and can contribute to lower math scores and heightened hyperactivity, while exposure to high levels of fluoride from drinking water can contribute to a seven-point drop in IQ on average. The remaining chemicals, which are found in solvents and pesticides, have been linked to deficits in social development and increased aggressive behaviors.

But this so-called "scientific" finding is nothing more than a red-herring to hide the failure of enormous cities to understand their unnatural size, inability to deal with their unhealthy congestion, and the biological and anthropological problems that come with overcrowding. A scientific idea disproven by other scientific facts. Those chemicals have not been proven to be harmful to humans, using the scientific method. Think of it this way: rats are not people - or better, some dogs can eat chocolate and some cannot - what is the scientific fact?

What is REAL is the fact that large cities are sewers and, as civilized citizens, we need to start treating them as such. It was a noble experiment, which really didn't work very well, even in the time of the Romans.

What is their answer? Deny much needed chemicals to the suburbs and the farmland. Stop making affordable piping and asphalt on the results of rat research. Keep children from licking dirt and eating paint. It's a lot like saying, "We very big city folk are dying from claustrophobia, so you country people must starve to death." Obviously, this is a terrible answer.

The answer is not to stop having children or banning needed chemicals that enrich the soil and the lives of people in less crowded areas. The answer, which politicians will reject for obvious reasons - and we will discuss the selfishness of Megacities at a later time, is to drastically reduce the populations of large cities.


(February 16, 2014) Saturday, the American hockey team defeated the Russian hockey team 3-2 in overtime. During the OT shootout, the Russians were denied a goal which they made (see the frames I have isolated). The point was denied because the goal had become unstuck from its place and had moved 2cm (about ¾").

Pic 1 - the puck flies over the American Goalie's shoulder.

Pic 2 - the puck heads toward the net.

Pic 3 - the puck can be seen clearly BEHIND the cords of the net before it bounces out and away

It is important to note that it doesn't matter how the goal became unstuck; a goal can only be made in a secure net. Period. It is also important to note that there is no doubt that the goal was made; it can be seen clearly BEHIND the cords of the net before it bounces out and away. Finally, one of the Referees was American, the other was Swedish - people from two nations which are not exactly friends with Russia, for many historical and cultural reasons.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, until the advent of Barack Obama, the friendship between these countries was rough, but one of respect. At the very least, there was fear. All that is gone now, as you can see if you look at the remarks of Russians and Americans, following the videos on YouTube. Pick one - the conversation is the same.

The athletes, who are the doers in this situation, have acted with exemplary behavior. But Russian and American fans, who are the "takers," so to speak, are caught up in a frenzy which allows little humility. And why not? Both nations are frustrated by the events surrounding their leadership, and will not tolerate any injustice or reaction to it such as has occurred at this year's hockey get-together at the Sochi Olympics.

Cynics will say that this distraction is the essence of the Olympics - pride and prejudice. But athletics is supposed to expose the very essence of the athlete, so that, having given the last possible effort, muscles aching, no matter the outcome, each can say they gave their best. That's not what the Olympics have become, but, maybe can become, again.


(February 15, 2014) Do you want a good example of government too big for its britches? How about this: According to, an online florist's plans to deliver Valentine flowers by drone have been shut down by the Federal Aviation Agency.

Roses by drone? Let's wait until Uncle Sugar says we can.

Wesley Berry, of, said that the FAA officials don't even want them to continue testing, now that they have had successful trials this past Saturday a week ago. It looked very much as if the idea was becoming a success.

So what's up with the FAA? Exactly what any person who believes in freedom would expect; they are protecting their territory. Said they,

"A commercial flight requires a certified aircraft, a licensed pilot and operating approval. To date, only one operation has met these criteria... and authorization was limited to the Arctic. Anyone who wants to fly an aircraft - manned or unmanned - in U.S. airspace, needs some level of authorization from the FAA. Commercial operations are only authorized on an individual basis."

Why? Does it give them a sense of power to refuse businesses the right to use the skies? Ask Jeff Bezos who's trying to do the same thing with Amazon.

The President was beside himself, as he gave a speech the other day, trying to figure out why industry has stalled in America. Could it possibly be because we have allowed agencies to make law via rules that keeps people from using their imagination?

What about the argument that it's everybody's sky so it needs to be regulated by SOMEONE? I would argue that it's everybody's sky and that the regulation should stick to whether or not the air vehicle works. Period.

Or is the FAA simply trying to raise money for the President? That would almost be more believable.


(February 14, 2014) Imagine how wrong the Leadership is if Lindsey Graham is against their ideas. According to the report in, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), said the clean debt ceiling increase was a "missed opportunity to do something fiscally."

And what, to their defense, did the GOP Elite say about passing a Debt Ceiling without any concessions, whatsoever? "I think he's made that very clear that with this president we will not tackle this country's fiscal problems," sez House Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan. "So right now, we have to act like we're giving in to [the President]."

Born in Honolulu - Often seen on Hulu - Ba-rack..
President Obama celebrates another humbling of Republicans.

SEEMS LIKE? Whatever happened to, "... he [the President] shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed..."(- The Constitution of the United States, Article II, sec 3b). I swear I haven't been taking mind-altering drugs. Seriously. What have the actions of the Elite GOPers achieved by even seeming to give in? Aren't they really saying, "Vote for us in 2014, we're the cowards you know!"?

The Republican party leadership needs to ask itself, "Why is Ted Cruz so popular among the large majority of conservatives?" According to these RINOs, every idea he had would result in loss of popularity, yet, here he is, as popular as the other five real conservatives, who have also professed their ideals by public actions.

Politics will eventually lose to ideals if enough people genuinely espouse those ideals. The reverse is also true. Cynicism driven by politics can win out over ideals if politicians drive idealists away with political tricks and fabrications - which is what we have now in the current administration. I just hope that we can avoid a bloody revolution; When that happens, nobody wins.


(February 12, 2014) Not much to say. The President is trying to show that he can spend as much as a French President on a lavish dinner while his peones suffer, living from paycheck to paycheck, if they have a job. So, I thought I would re-print the statistics of the kind of people who make up the TEA party. The statistics are about the same, except that there are about twice the number of black members, and, the ratio of people with jobs to people without has, sadly, gotten narrower. Makes me feel better about TEA vs RINO primaries.


(A story in 3/4 time with orchestration)

(February 11, 2014) You already know that the Democrat Majority in the Senate and RINO timidity in general are the only reasons Barack Obama has not been impeached and convicted. And it will be so until January of 2015, if Republicans have a new majority House Speaker and enough conservatives in the Senate.

I am truly concerned about the statement of President Obama to a group of his paying sycophants. "I can do anything I want," says he in front of the French dignitary as they tour a facility, Monday. And yes, he DID MEAN EXACTLY THAT.

"I can do anything I want," "I have a phone and a pen."

"Here's the phone and.."

"Here's the pen.."

Even if we did not have his own words to affirm his penchant for Imperial rule, his acts have condemned him already. It is a crime to swear to uphold the laws and the Constitution and not do it. He has failed in both areas. He will continue to sin against the Nation until brought up short, or the Citizens rise up against him demanding things a cowardly Congress may not.

To that point, Americans are becoming increasingly irritated by legislators who are trying to be clever politicians rather than express ideals and actions of honor, truthfulness, and love of country.

Of course, none of this will be possible, if the core Republicans elite brush off the core Republican base invitation to TEA.


(February 10, 2014) Some of you have written to me, remarking that they are confused by all of the deeds of the Administration. It's almost as if Obama and his inJustice Department are trying to commit as many sins as possible to hide the other sins already committed. To clear the detritus of the current activity so that we can continue to pursue the real sins hiding behind it, I offer this simple guide:

The Federal Government will allow a gay couple the right not to testify against each other in Federal court, regardless of what a State Law may say.
Translation: "All you straights can kiss my butt. I am the law."


Don't think of the Affordable Care Act as causing the loss of millions of jobs, think of it as helping single mothers stay home.
Translation: "We don't know how to create jobs so we're going to claim this frees up people from the only job they could find."

There isn't even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.
Translation: "If I talk long enough, eventually, you'll think I'm telling the truth."

We knew, all along, that Iran has parked warships off our coast, each capable of launching a limited mileage missile.
Translation: "We didn't have a clue until published it, but you're dumb enough to believe anything we say."

What difference does it make?
Translation: "We think you're all too stupid to know the difference and too weak to fight us and the MSM."

I hope this helps.


(February 9, 2014)

Hi! I'm a Labrador Retriever. Most scientists think we, along with German Shepherds, Border Collies, and Golden Retrievers, are some of the smartest dogs in the world. That's why we think you should tell the Democrats to go suck an egg, when it comes to their (un)-Affordable Health Care Act. I know, you've seen that goofy bulldog and some cats and birds singing about how wonderful Obamacare is. But, seriously, how big is the brain of a bird? Why do you think they call dumb people "bird-brains?" And how smart can a bulldog be - I mean, we love 'em, but, smart? And CATS? PFFFFT! Have you EVER known a cat to tell the truth? Not in this universe.. Anyway, I gotta tell ya, there are better, cheaper plans and Obamacare isn't it. And if you're smart like us, you'll avoid the advice of dumb animals.. OK.. NOW you can throw me the ball!


House Speaker John Boehner

Most carbon-based life-forms in DC are scratching the progressive points on the top of their heads, wondering how their "sure thing" on immigration has folded, thanks to John Boehner's statements, Thursday. I would like to think that someone, up in the land of obfuscation and oration, read my articles over the past few months, or even the other day, but even I am not that vain.

Still, I am relieved that Boehner has finally been forced to listen to the base and drop this immigration Kyōgen performance (it's not 'Kabuki' if the principles are wearing masks.)

a Kyōgen performance

Said Speaker Boehner, Thursday, "There's widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws, and it's going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes... The reason I said we need a step-by-step common-sense approach to this is so we can build trust with the American people that we're doing this the right way... and, frankly, one of the biggest obstacles we face is the one of trust."

Ya think?


(February 6, 2014) Please remember this is an opinion column. If you want an unbiased account of this story, you can find one, in The State newspaper.

How long ago was Lee Atwater and my brother friends? How many lifetimes ago? Seems like forever. I never met or knew his wife, Sally and she was not there the day I visited hospice to say goodbye. To tell the truth, Lee wasn't there much either, being almost to his destination to the next life. I have a very special place in my heart for the old Lee, not the repentant Lee, but the fire-eating Lee who would fight to the death for a cause or the man he believed in. You already know that my brother, Orin (may he rest in peace), gave him his first guitar lesson. But I believed then and now that Lee Atwater knew how to win, and most especially how NOT to quit.







His wife, Sally, has decided to run for State School Superintendent. Since I don't know anything about her, except that she was like may wives of political people, long-suffering. She was joined today in her quest for the most unappreciated political seat in the State, by (Char)Meka Childs, the highly effective assistant to Nick Zais, who is stepping down. She too is a Republican, and is rumored to be a conservative, which is more than I know about Sally. Amy Cofield who is a bud of the Governor is also running along with Liz Moffly of Charley-town, Sheri Few of Lugoff, and Gary Burgess from Anderson, whom I met years ago.

As you know, education is part of my post graduate degree and I have labored hard in the eucation vinyard which has given me a persepctive not common to political reporters. Also, it's important to understand that I do not know ANY of these people well. So here's what I'm going to do:.

I promise that I will interview, either in person or on the phone, each of these candidates and give you my candid impression of each one. I intend to ask questions such as "do you plan to implement CORE? And if so, do you own a bomb shelter?" and, "If the Legislature passes the school vouchers bill, how do you plan to implement it?" I hope to get clear, emphatic answers, but I know that some will not give them. The only question is who will and who won't. I'm going to start soo, so if you have a question you want me to ask, send it via the comments button at the top of the page.


(February 5, 2014) Consider this: The Obama administration has prompted the Fed to give 80-Billion dollars a month to the very big banks (VBB). The VBBs take that money and buy stocks with it - especially when things look like they're headed down. The market goes up on very thin volume and the "Market" gives the false impression of prosperity. Then the phony "up" market is added to the GDP to puff that up. And, in most cases, it is the only up indicator in the GDP - the result is the completely false impression that the economy is growing slowly.

If you don't know where this is headed, you don't know what money is - but you'll be in important company - with the President and all his advisors and contributors in the boiling pot when the lie that is the economy falls apart - with all those piles of worthless paper to play with.


(February 2, 2014) The Chamber of Commerce has snapped its fingers and John Boehner has responded by dancing a fandango of immigration "reform" for them, so they can have their really cheap migrant labor to staff their sweatshops. The President has aided the Chamber in this effort, as well, by not enforcing the immigration laws as written, his ego being the only justification.

What is so aggravating is that, instead of waiting a year, until there is a Conservative majority, the Republican Leadership has shown that they are not worthy of the votes of Conservatives and libertarians - the core of the GOP. They are not interested in their base because, up until now, they have been able to treat their base with contempt or at the very least, the base has been ignored.

An example of this is the supercilious idea being proffered by the GOP Leadership that there can be a third class of residents in the united States: Citizens - born and naturalized, Green Card holders and foreigners serving in the military, and the new one - legalized illegals with no rights to Federal benefits. But the breakdown shows this is a pipe dream.

The argument would go something like this: With illegals now legal within our borders, progressives could argue that they should be able to receive all the benefits due a legalized person living within our borders. They could also argue that there is only one kind of non-citizen who can legally live within our borders - capable of receiving every benefit of citizenship, save the vote. In fact, they would stipulate, no-one should be subject to the harshness of being self-sufficient. Added to that onslaught of wrong-headed progressivism, the current Justice Department under the current Presidency would have no compunction to enforce the voting restriction on green card holders and the new non-voting group, just as they have ignored so many laws since 2009.

This is not imaginary. There are La Raza operatives, right now, colluding with Roman Catholic and Episcopal (TEC) Bishops and Priests to lobby their liberal affluent, influential constituents to argue just that, in the halls of DC. Conservatives and libertarians have been warning about this as a slippery slope, unfair to legal immigrants, jobless unskilled citizens, and the American economy in general . I say, we're already sliding down the mountainside.


(February 1, 2014) The question has to be asked, and the American people deserve an answer.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam.

Now, to be fair, Kerry fibs much less than his boss O'POTUS. So when he states. categorically that he has a deal with Syria and Iran and whoever, he actually HAS a deal. The problem is that it's not THE DEAL that everyone thinks it is. In fact, to be totally fair, Kerry is like the piano player in the cat-house. I'm not sure he knows what the real deal actually is. I do not use the words lightly.

Time after time, John Kerry has either said or done things that are the actions of someone with the wit of a stone, which actions may not even be his fault. The Syria agreement is only the latest disappointment from the SecState. Not only has Syria not turned over enough of the agreed upon WMDs, some of them actually do look as if they came from Iraq and they are having to scrub the IDs off the canisters and may not have them ready in nearly enough time. My guess is that whoever gave them some of the poisons to fight the Iran - Iraq war is thankful Syria is being so careful with Iraq's gifts.

In any case, the mess Kerry was left with after Ms. Clinton escaped her much deserved condemnations, ought to make him be considered heroic - and might well have been, had the new SecState not followed the dictate of his desperate and amateurish Commander in Chief. It has made Kerry look like a sad, impotent clown.

"Texas Stomp"

(January 29, 2014) Last night, before the SOTU, CNN, NBC, & CBS ran a commercial from the anti-gun lobby featuring Gabby Giffords and her Astronaut husband. It was dumb and unconstitutional, but it was also sad. I had readthe article in Breitbart that they were going to do that, so I tuned in to CNN. The best that can be said about the spot was said earlier by a BB reader named "TexasStomp." This reader was THERE when Giffords was shot and you may also become depressed when you read this eyewitness account. Here it is, without redaction:

Giffords is being used and it's shameful.

Giffords and Kelly

First, she was a very...VERY conservative dem who NEVER supported gun control in the state or DC that I know of. She is from a ranching family. You cannot run a ranch without guns...not in the AZ desert.

Second, her attacker was WELL KNOWN to authorities, had a record of arrests and releases that resembled the best "catch and release" programs in every hunting and fishing state.

Third, his mother was politically connected. An elected Dem who ran parks and recreation.

Fourth, the Sheriff was a democrat and the dumbest sob to breath air.

Fifth, the system worked. The kid tried to buy a gun and was denied on the basis of his arrest record and pending felony charges.


Seventh, NO amount of anti-gun legislation would have prevented him from obtaining a gun. NONE.

Eighth, Giffords was advised by local leos to hire protection details for little monthly tet a tets with constituents. SHE ALWAYS DECLINED THEM. She not only did NOTHING to protect herself, but she did nothing to protect constituents EVEN AFTER RECEIVING DEATH THREATS from the attacker.

And now she's the poster child for gun control? Gimme a break.

The real tragedy is the people who were not as lucky as Mizz Giffords who was packaged and wisked away by helo while the others had to wait their turn for medical assistance.

A 9 year old girl was killed in that shooting as were 5-6 other folks. They were all on the ground in far worse shape than Giffords but they all had to wait for the Medivac to take Gabby.

I was at the vet clinic across the street when the gunfire started. it lasted about 3-4 minutes before the shooter was wrestled to the ground. After that...I walked outside too look.

The young girl may have been killed instantly. The elderly man who shielded his wife was but she was hit and bleeding. And where were the rescue people? ALL of them were around GIFFORDS and NOBODY but Giffords was evac'd out on the first round.

The next helo to land came a full 8 minutes later. The facts were all in the Tucson paper. It was disgraceful.

You may be saying to yourself that this is NOT the story we were told by the MSM or the Associated Press. I would be outraged, if I hadn't already known that the public story had been carefully molded by the friends of the President. But I had no idea that the situation was that bad. Do Progressives EVER tell the truth?


(January 28, 2014) Once upon a time, there was a weatherman. And, he did not fancy himself a Climatologist, nor a Meteorologist. He was a Weather Man. I had the distinct honor to work with him at Channel 4 in Greenville back in the mid '80's. His name was Charlie Gertz. Frankly, I cannot remember a single time when he was wrong.

The late Charlie Gertz, real weather man

Charlie had been a meteorologist for the Army Air Corps and then for the Air Force, when the Air Force and the Army split up. If he and his mates were wrong, pilots could die, and so they were very, very careful. He used to tell me about what they did in order to get their prognostications correct, and he, too, looked forward to a day when they could forecast accurately, two days in a row. Nevertheless, Gertz was so accurate with his forecasts that Channel 4 felt no guilt at all advertising, "Charlie Said It Would." They even gave away umbrellas with the saying and the station logo on them. It was an easy bet.

Just before I decided to reopen my Ad agency, and forswear TV news, Charlie, who had piqued my interest in the elements, reminded me that you cannot predict weather in South Carolina accurately more than four hours in advance - six at the outside. Forecasting for the midsection of the country was an easy 8 hour sinch. But wherever there were mountains, to the east (in the northern hemisphere) there were simply too many variables for that.

During our wintry weather, it's good to remember that, even though it wasn't their fault, almost every prognosticator missed the forecast, except that there was cold and there was moisture of some kind. Some had guessed that it would snow a little, but it turned out to be much more, or in some places it wasn't snow at all, but freezing rain and havoc with electrical lines - too many variables for little South Carolina, with its savannah geography. The only one who was close was John Cessarich, who, ironically also forecasts for TV4 in Greenville. It really makes you appreciate the genius of the late Charlie Gertz. In times like this, Charlie WOULD have said it would.

State of the Onion

(January 28, 2014) You don't have to watch the President's pretentious, defensive, selfish State of the Onion - it will make you wince with tears and pain. Here's what he will say:

the Onion

"Trust me. It's complicated with many layers. Don't mess with me, I think I can rule America by executive order. America is broke because of Republicans. My way or the highway - I won't compromise. Republicans won't compromise. Trust me."

I suggest you visit your outhouse, instead. The smell will be the same as will be the speech's content.


(January 27, 2014) I occasionally get email from really smart readers. The following is one of those. Let's call him, "Jack." I'm not sure I agree with Jack, but it's so well written I thought you ought to get a chance to read it for yourself.

As I sit here, watching a classic Mel Brooks movie and pondering intermittently about the meaning of life, I decided to take a look at your column and headlines as I often make a habit of doing.

Upon cycling through your news headline about "'20 Early Signs' (the world is yet coming to another end, again)", my first conclusion is that there are writers at zerohedge that know what they're talking about - and sadly, those that don't. This article, in particular, was written by the latter. I can detail why the American stock-market is absolutely not an indicator of economic progress, or why the English pound remains established at a higher value than the dollar or the euro, or why disruptions in China, Ukraine, or anywhere else on earth don't disturb me AT ALL.

I compare this article to something I once read, entitled along the lines of "More Asteroids Pass Near Earth Than Ever Before". What that article, much like this one, failed to realize or properly iterate to its readers was the fact that asteroids pass by the earth every single hour of the day - in fact, millions of them hit us and burn up in the atmosphere. WE can simply see them now. They've always been there; always will be. Better communication, to apply that metaphor, allows people worldwide to see the minor and (sadly) expected violence and chaos of realms outside of the familiar realm of their suburban armchair quarterbacking headquarters.

Armchair Quarterback Trophy

To take the metaphor and make it a reality, the 'better communication' I write about is more often than not an editorial and speculative piece of garbage. Thus, 'speculators' drive Wall Street. Trends drive panics. Bubbles need a foundation to blow up before they burst - and so I can say firmly that any bubble being spoken of in that article was set up a long, long time ago. In financial terms, that means years - not decades. If you want 20 generic signs of any impending apocalypse you can flip through any book on the subject - secular or religious - and you'll eventually flip to the right 20 pages. Therefore, this means that I can pick any random 20 events going on the world right now and declare with a high sound and official voice that the sky, is in fact, falling.

The sky is always falling. The sky is never falling. If both are true, what is this 'sky'? If something is always falling, and never falling - perhaps the key to that, and this argument, is not to scream that the sky is falling or staying up there - but to redefine the term 'falling' instead. The editor of your quoted article asks the wrong questions, which in turn lead them to the wrong conclusions.

And Jack could well be correct. Many people agree with him. But I have learned that when almost everybody isn't worried, there usually is something lurking in the shadows that they are not seeing. It is equally important to look at both sides, and I was happy to read and include this essay, here. Thank you, Jack.


(January 26, 2014) National Democrats have reduced human beings to animals who must depend on the government for their every need. They are very close to making their ideal become a living terror in America. Looking at the wreck they have made of our culture, our morals, and our economy, I would suggest that their ideals are as corrupt as their results. As President Obama rots, beached on the same plage as did President Nixon, his actions become more erratic and self indulgent. And America rots with him.

Obama as Nixon as Obama

Enter former Governor, Mike Huckabee. He made a speech before a conservative group in which he painted the Democrats with the sins mentioned above. A Democrat parrott lied in a tweet. All the Democrat Killer Klowns from Outer Space picked up the lie and slandered Huckabee incessantly, until it was PROVEN that the Originator's words were just another propaganda falsehood, when she made a sheepish half-apology.

My point is simple: Had someone not come forward with a video of the Huck's actual speech, the LIE told by Obama's DEMOCRAT stenographers would still be reported as a fact. But to tell a truth, national Democrats have to lie, because everything they believe in is either twisted or a complete failure (this idea is not new at all). So when you hear a Democrat speak, remember that, like Nixon, they're just hiding something - in this case, a desire to wipe out the TEA Party. In any case, it would probably be best to avoid most Democrats as you may catch something from them.


(January 25, 2014) Marlise Munoz is brain dead, according to some doctors. Her baby, which she is still carrying - thanks to the wonders of science - may not be in perfect health, but there is no evidence that the baby is in permanently damaged. It may be that, while trying to save the mother, they injected her with drugs which may have hurt the baby, but all we have on the baby's condition is hearsay. The judge, urged on by Marlise's husband, has ruled that Marlise should be taken off of life sustaining medical help. Something that is catagorically against the Texas law. You can read all about it, here.

Erick Munoz

There is only one set of questions to ask Erick Munoz: Why do you want to kill your child? Are you thinking that it's tough enough to have one child, already, why have two? Do you have irrefutable evidence that your child is damaged beyond repair? Are we seeing in you another fear that you will be saddled with life-crushing medical bills?

I think it would be important that, before we judge either Texas, the hospital, or the Law itself, that we find out about the baby's health and it's chances for survival. But if we have excited fibs from Erick's lawyers, rather than scientific fact, NO disposition that effects the baby should be allowed.

I don't know who appointed this judge who made the decision, but it was a mistake, and the judge's decision is inappropriately rushed.


(January 23, 2014) And Billy Barber 2 ought to know. As a politician, he has consistently parroted the NAACP's effort to cheat during elections. When did they do this? Every damn day. Trying to keep the identity of a voter secret from the officials who are trying to make sure that the voter's identity is genuine can have only one purpose.

William Barber II, embarrassing African-Americans every day

The NAACP used to have, along with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a real purpose - desegregation. And they got that well-deserved prize. But like so many once useful organizations, they had to either find something new to bitch about, or go out of business. In the end they chose from the goodie bag of Karl Marx. Now we have a group of people, who have never changed a thing in their rich, inherited wealth lives, running an organization which does not need to exist, griping because some people have more money than others. Involuntary wealth redistribution is a biblical sin. It's theft. A somewhat odd choice, considering that many of the members are ministers.

I really didn't want to write about this, I was working on an editorial about the right to life - abortion is still murder except in very, very limited circumstances. But Barber's remarks were so incendiary, so wicked, so vile, I had to say something. There are names for what Billy B2 said about our Junior Senator - covetousness, false witness, and theft. But that's not all. If one is to judge past behavior as a future indicator, in his entire life, William Barber II will never be as sharp or as kind or as principled as Tim Scott. B2, by his off-color remarks, savaged and broke the very definition of the 8th, 9th, & 10th Commandments.

I am genuinely angry with Barber. People such as he would make me wish I had never helped the NAACP, were there not people such as Tim Scott. Yes, I probably should just ignore Barber - Sen. Scott is so obviously a better person in so many gentlemanly ways than the classless, ignorant North Carolina bigot, William Barber II. Barber defiles our state and our representative with verbal covetousness, intentional libel, and theft - just by acting like a dummy.


(January 1, 2014) It's nice not to have to guess. But if you have to, one of the best places to hedge your guess is information from, a journal of the best guesses national and international economics available. The contributors to this blog are profound in their insights and echo things I've been saying all along. Like I said, it's nice not to have to guess. The excerpt below is a very good example. It's from Tyler Durden on a subject I have been harping about for years. Click on the link, after the excerpt and read it all.

"The entire economic recovery storyline is a sham built upon easy money funneled by the Fed to the Too Big To Trust Wall Street banks so they can use their HFT supercomputers to drive the stock market higher, buy up the millions of homes they foreclosed upon to artificially drive up home prices, and generate profits through rigging commodity, currency, and bond markets, while reducing loan loss reserves because they are free to value their toxic assets at anything they please – compliments of the spineless nerds at the FASB. GDP has been artificially propped up by the Federal government through the magic of EBT cards, SSDI for the depressed and downtrodden, never ending extensions of unemployment benefits, billions in student loans to University of Phoenix prodigies, and subprime auto loans to deadbeats from the Government Motors financing arm – Ally Financial (85% owned by you the taxpayer). The country is being kept afloat on an ocean of debt and delusional belief in the power of central bankers to steer this ship through a sea of icebergs just below the surface."



(January 20, 2014)

"Runaways" courtesy & ©


(January 19, 2014) It finally had to happen.. a statistical impossibility has come into being.

HEADLINES ON DRUDGE these days read like the Year of the Jackpot, that exquisitely ironic short story by Robert A. Heinlein. I mean, statistically speaking, can this many ridiculous things happen without some horrible earth change or revolution occurring? It really is creepy.

  • First lady celebrates turning 50 at lavish Saturday night party...
  • Obama: 'I'll act on my own'...
  • Cher: "He Let Us Down"...
  • Rogers: Russia may be behind Snowden leak...
  • Cash for Kidneys...
  • UN: Cold is proof of Global Warming.
  • REPORT: Heat is proof of Global Warming.
  • Exorcism claimed in murders of two Maryland toddlers...
  • Bloodied Syria, resurgent Iran set to dominate at Davos...
  • Taliban Attack on Kabul Restaurant Shocks Expat Community...
  • American troops may return to Middle East to train Iraqis...
  • Islamist militants strengthen grip on Falluja...
  • Oliver Stone drops out of MLK movie after script rejected...
  • Will Adultery Keep King Off Big Screen?
  • BACHELOR star calls gays "perverted."
  • Supreme Court to weigh cell phone searches by police...
  • In Reversal, FBI Now Emphasizes Role in Law Enforcement...
  • Companies Woo Weed Crowd With Edgy Ads...
  • Colorado Shop Owners Can't Keep Marijuana Edibles in Stock...
  • Pictures Putin didn't want you to see: bizarre Olympic site of Sochi...
  • Protester detained for waving rainbow flag...
  • MYSTERY: Colorblind Man Sees Color For First Time After Fall...
  • STUDY: Sunlight Lowers Blood Pressure...
  • Scientists baffled after mystery rock appears in front of Mars rover...
  • Man's pickup burns half-hour after getting recall notice...
  • REPORT: 17-year-old may behind TARGET data theft...
  • Dennis Rodman Checks Into Rehab...
  • FEAR: Drinking-water shortage possible...
  • Mayor claims Christie camp held Sandy money hostage...
  • Gov. staff attacks MSNBC...
  • Christie goes on Florida fundraising blitz...
  • ESPN Considered Banning Use of 'REDSKINS'...
  • SPOIL CARIBBEAN: Dozens Fall Ill on Ship...
  • County signs up prison inmates for Obamacare...
  • REPORT: 41k Canadians flee country over healthcare system...
  • 'GIRLS' Dunham defies her critics over 'doctored' VOGUE cover...
  • 'I never felt bullied into anything'...
  • Carnivorous fish injure 10 river bathers...
  • Hi-tech rivals San Francisco and Seattle clash on the road to Super Bowl...
  • FEAR: City to pull cable cars, streetcars for game...
  • Doctor offers to trade vasectomy for playoff tickets...
  • SENECA CANONS have no known scientific cause.
  • COPS: 74-Year-Old Man Victim Of 'Knockout Game' At DENNY'S...
  • Madonna Apologizes For Using N-Word...
  • Actress Forced Out Of Production After Endorsing 'Tea Party' Candidate...
  • SAG Awards: Winners List...
  • 'HUSTLE' Takes Top Prize...
  • Harvey Weinstein Has Change of Heart On Violence In Films...
  • 'WOLF' Victims Appalled by Glorification...
  • Nun gives birth to baby named after Pope...
  • Egyptian editor backtracks after saying 'Americans will be killed in streets'...
  • Smog in China prompts authorities to display sun on giant screens...
  • Wealthy continue to flee...
  • Wife of India minister found dead after TWITTER spat...

In the Heinlein short story the worst thing that happened was that the sun was dying out as the story came to an end. The chances of that happening are slim. What's most probable is that some great hole in the Earth will explode and take half the continent with it.

Hey, it could be the year of the jackpot!?!


(January 15, 2014) I have stopped asking, "how stupid IS Barack Obama?" Apparently he is as dumb as he is arrogant and pig-headed. This latest quote about having a pen and a phone has got to be sheer bullying. It's the equivalent of a 6th Grader bragging that he can pee the farthest.

Obama's ass

A hole in the ground

But one might as well ask, "How stupid are the Mainstream Media?" or "How stupid is the Republican Leadership?" They have all capitulated to the President in one way or another, and yet all are surprised when the snake turns out to be a snake - or in some cases, the hole in the ground actually IS a hole in the ground. Face it, events have proven that our President is plainly ignorant of successful fiscal and foreign policy, and people let him get away with it every day.

But there is a small glimmer of hope at the horizon of this long national nightmare. Whether they will all be Republicans or not, there will be enough conservatives (Republicans & Independents) in the 2015 Congress to do away with the un-Affordable Care Act.

Good intentions be damned! If you believe this President and his lies upon lies, then we might as well ask, "How stupid are YOU?"


(January 15, 2014) I, literally, cannot leave town without the political scene going crazy. A big earthquake may be imminent. Lindsey Graham is making sense about the military getting screwed over their pensions. The Leadership in the House has lost it's mind over the same problem. The March to nullify Obamacare was met with an equally large group of paid pro-Obamacare demonstrators. The GOP is joining the Democrats in screwing the Republican base. The President wants everyone to forget he's either a bumbling ignoramus or the biggest liar since Clinton (who was the biggest liar since Grant). The Democrats are actually bragging about the political and financial abortion they created in the Obamacare debacle. And chaos gets ever closer to the US Dollar.

I'll write more in a few hours, but for now, just remember that the people who pull the Obama strings are after an ultimate goal which will make everyone equal by making everyone (but their friends) poor.


(January 12, 2014) I sincerely hope you had time to watch The Fox News Channel's "Huckabee" program, this past Saturday. The former governor of Arkansas and popular TV Personality was sincerely asking several guests what will become of the Republican Party.

In the end, Gov. Huckabee discovered Saturday, you get the sense that there is a real move on to BOTH co-opt and/or trivialize the TEA Party movement.

The discussion was filled with "important" people in the Tea Party and some-up-and-coming Conservative groups. The Gov tried to get them to commit to supporting the winners of the Republican Primaries, should their candidate lose. But that's not what he got. Instead, he received polite lectures on the short history of the abuse of the TEA Party at the hands of the RINOs and the establishment Grand Old Control Freaks and why it is absolutely necessary that we have a conservative.

The most profound thing said in Saturday's program - which shows, again, Sunday night, was that the elite Republicans and RINOs Saturday - the Bushes and the Roves, the McCains and the Grahams, and the people who pay them or listen to them - don't play by the same rules as the base. They EXPECT their candidates or themselves to be accepted. To them, "working together" means working together to get what they want with the people they want. As diligently as Gov. Huckabee persisted, the more the differences between the TEA partiers and the Elites grew.

In the end, and you really should watch the show, you get the sense that there is a real move on to BOTH co-opt and/or trivialize the TEA Party movement. What this tells me is that the Elite Republicans have no vision and that they and the Democrats have completely sold out to the "buddy capitalists (fascists)" and mega-banks.

Unfortunately, the TEA Party must use the same tactics against the Elites and RINOs if they are to best them in this all-important political engagement. In any case, one of two things will happen - The powerful in SC will support their friends. Those hoping to gain some power will support their friends. If the Elite and RINOs win, the base will walk away for the general election. If the opposite happens, funding to the TEA Party winner will be cut off by the GOP Party elite.



(January 7, 2014) We're supposed to be able to trust our government resources. We're SUPPOSED TO..

Yet, here we are - with a taxpayer funded weather service which has been fudging the numbers to make their predictions of man-made global warming seem real. This calumny, as you may have suspected all along, is not really the fault of NOAA or NASA or the National Weather Service. They have been threatened with their very jobs if they don't lie for the current administration.

The Chinese rescue ship sent to rescue the Russian ship ignored the warnings of Weatherbell's Dr. Joe D'Aleo and got stuck in the ice, too. They finally did pay attention and rescued the AGW wingnuts and crew via helicopter. And it's SUMMERTIME down there at the South Pole, ya know?

Don't look so surprised! We have told you about this many, many times, and you must know by now that it's no fantasy. There are literally BILLIONS of dollars at stake for crooked "green" energy companies, all of whom, it seems, are friends of the current President or his wife. Every one of them point to Androgenic Global Warming as the threat. And don't forget all the AGW "experts" whose tenure at prestigious colleges hang by a thread because the numbers they quoted have not gotten even close to what has happened.

If you don't have a hole in your head (other than the ones the Good Lord gave you as starting equipment), you have to be asking yourself, WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET THESE AGW PEOPLE TO START TELLING THE TRUTH?

If it's hot, it's global warming, if it's cold, it's global warming. If the numbers say one thing, they fudge the numbers to make the outcome look different. If the models break down the way they have for 15 years, the "experts" just clam up. And they are NEVER embarrassed by their completely wrong ideas. Think about it, one group of these fuzzy thinkers actually said it wasn't the sun that heated the Earth. No kidding. It's not what he meant, but it's what his words and his math said. It just doesn't get any dumber than that.

So what does it take? - A new administration which will cut the funding for these AGW phonies.


The only thing missing from the behavior of OSU was Woody Hayes,
in Clemson's win over OSU

(January 4, 2014) I'm only going to say this once, and I hope I don't hurt anybody's feelings. Ohio State didn't just play rough. Alabama plays rough. Georgia plays rough. Clemson plays rough. Spinning tackles and late hits, most of which went unnoticed, sullied what was otherwise a really exciting game. Of course, what would a game on ESPN be without the fawning "homer" announcers? The football gods do not like naughtiness. Congratulations to our boys from the Upstate. Too bad they had to play twice as hard to get half as many points.


(January 3, 2014) Do the numbers. 800,000 people in California LOST their health insurance, on the Eighth Day of Christmas, thanks to Obamacare.

Why, you may ask, is this important?

It's important, because California contains 11% of the United States' population. Using the ratio of family content to single or self-providers (which is actually smaller in California, which is also important because it means the percentage people who lost their insurance is smaller than in most states!) and the number of 800,000, we get an astounding number of people who have actually lost their insurance. The conservative estimate is over 72,000,000 U.S. citizens who have lost or will lose their insurance, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and every Democrat in Congress.

Under Obamacare, only those who cannot afford health insurance,
like the Obamaphone Lady, will be able to afford health insurance.

We haven't even begun to discuss the fact that the "30,000,000 people without coverage" are illegal aliens, and that after all is said and done, 30,000,000 who formerly HAD insurance will be without it - and, 50,000,000 will be forced into becoming beggars to the government via Medicaid.

To repeat: 72,000,000 U.S. citizens have lost or will lose their insurance, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and every Democrat in Congress. Who would vote for a Democrat in November? Is anyone that pathetically irresponsible? Yes. There are still some.


(January 2, 2013) I cannot tell you how happy I am that the BCS is dead. I know, I know.. there should be celebration about the climate scientists who are on board the Russian ship, stuck in the ice in the Antarctic Summer. We should be pounding the lying Democrats who are bent on impoverishing ALL of America through Obamacare, all of which they are now saying they didn't REALLY support. The IRS are a bunch of traitors, and the NSA doesn't understand what the 4th Ammendement is, and Hillary Clinton is a big, fat, senile liar who scoffs at the dead of Benghazi.

Gatorade Bathtime for Steve

Nevertheless, the BCS is another example of the "few" telling the "many" that they know what's best for them. Well they didn't, and this year's BCS bowl picks were as dumb as they. If there is one set of examples which best serves this purpose, it's all the teams in BCS Bowls that Carolina beat while the Gamecocks gets to play Our Lady of Perpetual Overstatement, which they do at half-speed and win anyway. even funnier were the ESPN play-by-players, trying to make the incredibly BORING bowl season seem like real football games.

Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY glad Steve and Connor and Jadeveon and Bruce and Skai and kids we'll all be talking about next year, had a good night. They are true athletes and worthy of a place in the pros. I also hope our friends in Orange Tigerland win their Bowl game. But the system stinks and I, for one, am very, very glad it's dead, dead, dead.


(December 31, 2013) I will not write another editorial this year!   Period!

No. Really.


(December 29, 2013) There is a ship stuck in the ice at the South Pole. Let me repeat that: THERE IS A SHIP STUCK IN THE ICE AT THE SOUTH POLE.

If you remember your third grade science class, you may be asking yourself, "Why is there a ship stuck in the ice at the South Pole? Isn't it supposed to be warmer in the southern hemisphere this time of year? With global warming, isn't it supposed to be even warmer?" And it is a very good question to ask. Why, indeed?

It's not going to get any warmer for a while at the South Pole.

Weren't we all told by the ever-wise Nancy Pelosi and the equally learned Barack Hussein Obama that climate science was a done deal? Isn't Human-caused global warming "proven science?" Well, there is a ship stuck in the ice at the South Pole, and it's proving that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama and Al Gore are a bunch of big, fat liars.


And Liars they are. In fact, the ice is so thick, the cold in the Antarctic is at record levels. Those who study the history of the ice at the South Pole, know what Liars the Democrats who support global warming are. They know that this is a repeating pattern and that the earth has been much warmer than it is now and will be warmer and colder many, many times before the Sun consumes the Earth in five or six billion years from now. That's, of course, if we aren't smashed to death when the galaxy that's headed for us, doesn't crash into us Milky Way residents before that (in a billion years or so).

There is a ship stuck in the ice at the south Pole and it shouldn't be there. Global warming is a farce. We would be fools to believe ANY Democrat who says anything - particularly about the economy, healthcare, and especially global warming caused by humans!


(December 27, 2013) Are you a TEA Party member or supporter? Do you believe in smaller government, strict adherence to the Constitution, and common sense in law enforcement? Do you have morals based on the belif in a supreme being? Then you are no longer wanted or needed by the Republican Party. Carl Rove says so.

No kidding! The tubby, middle-road Big-Corporationist has prognosticated that all the moderates and incumbents will win their primaries and be returned to their respective elected offices. He is arranging, through his political company, to cut off any national Republican funds for TEA Party candidates. And it's not as if he's hiding his endeavors, either. He boldly goes where no other political advisor has gone, before.

I would like Carl Rove not to be the monkey
of mediocrity, but things are what they are.

Rove represents the National Chamber of Commerce which represents the fattest cats in America. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a fat cat. I love capitalism. But these guys are NOT capitalists.. they are fascists. That is, they use their great wealth to extend their businesses through political means, rather than have everyone play by the same rules, not realizing they could actually make MORE money by NOT trying to control the marketplace, politically.

But influence politics they would, and Carl Rove is their monkey. I wish he were not, I like him, but he is, and things are as they are. He has many friends and commands much attention. But if his boasts are true, then the Republican Party does not need you. They intend to continue their march of self-destruction.

I am sorry to see it, but the country has been heading toward fascism for decades, now. We already have a fascist President and administration. The populace cares more about the iPhone than they do about freedom of speech. Professing freedom is hard work, every day. The average American doesn't want to work hard - they think they deserve "better."

Now, in the movies, this would be a terrible thing - and it may be, still. But there is a better than even chance that the TEA Party will reign in the Republican Party. It will take hard work, every day, turning out the RINOs and making Carl Rove's boasts empty. We can do it.


(December 24-26, 2013) Every year, about this time, columnists all over the Christian World set about trying to make sense of their particular society, in light of the celebration of the birth of the No. 1 Son of God (remember, we are all God's Children.) I was going back over some of my Christmas epistles, and I finally made it to last year's. I was astounded when I read it, because absolutely nothing has changed.

I am convinced that prayer works. There are many studies which show that even when Atheists pray, it works 84% of the time. The Knowable Person of God once said that when two or three are gathered together in his name, he would be there. Sure enough, the stamina to withstand continues, even now.

With that in mind, I offer this short comment, which appeared in this column last Christmas. I meant every word of it, and I mean it still:


(December 24-26, 2012) I have an idea. Let's all use these next couple of days to reflect on how we can actually help the poor and the oppressed; Not by giving them things, but by helping them do for themselves. Yes, their President and their Senate is trying to buy themselves into permanence. And if we give in or give up, they will destroy the very thing they think they are trying to save. So let's ask the Almighty, whose son's birth we celebrate these next few days, for some courage and stamina, not to hate these sinners, but to fight the sin through which they are enthralled.




(December 23, 2013) Is it any wonder that NOAA is fudging the numbers on Androgenic Global Warming. Their latest bald-faced lie shows that they are fudging the numbers (see Joe Bastardi's free Saturday video discussing Joe D'Aleo's research on the Administration "fibs.") The fact is that not only was November NOT the warmest month in recorded history - not even close - but it gave away the secret as to HOW NOAA is cheating. (Oh, and the President didn't actually sign up for Obamacare, either, because he's covered separately AS PRESIDENT!)

Well, Joe (who's talents are endless), has written a parody of A Visit from St. Nicholas which reflects the fact that there has been no Global Warming for 17 years. I present it here, in almost pristine form. Enjoy!

A Visit From 'Saint Joe'

by Joe Bastardi (edited by Frankie Fox) • Dec. 18, 2013
(With apologies to Clement Clark Moore.)

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the news,
Were reports of such cold that the folks were confused.
Told global warming is why we should care,
That the point of no return would manifest here.

The children were bombarded with tales of dread,
While visions of climate doom stuck in each little head.
And mamma in her Prius, and I on my bike,
To save all the planet, junked the cars that we like.

When suddenly in the data there arose such a clatter,
The earth was not warming, what could be the matter
The warming stopped, as quick as a flash,
Leaving proponents in sack-cloth, bathing in ash.

This is what the science deniers said would happen. It didn't.

For far too common was new-fallen snow,
More than forecasted, temperatures 0 or below.
And, what to my wondering eye there appears,
But an uptick in sea ice, and even more polar bears.

With a little old driver, called the PDO,
I knew in a moment it had to be so.
Howling like beagles fearing the shame,
AGW pushers called skeptics many a name!

"Now, Denier! now, madman! now Cave Man, you're lying!
You're an idiot! you're a stupid, know-nothing, we're frying!
To the top of the chart! through the temperature wall!
The warming's out of control, it's frying us all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
This is the worst drought ever, global warming is why.
So up to the IPCC the climate pushers flew,
With a gravy train of grants, and politics too.

Make economies pay, we need no proof,
Just keep saying the temps will go up through the roof.
With the media complicit, my head turned around,
To see global temps level off, then come down.

The warming had stopped, in their mouth was their foot,
Exposing the scam, and making off with the loot.
Readjusting temperatures, from many years back,
Peddling disinfo to the media pack.

At conferences they would take drink and make merry!
While the calumny grew in a way that was scary!
For the tide, it had turned, there was cold that would show,
You can't say it's warmer, if there's too much snow.

The cold that was showing caused chattering teeth,
With the cycle full-circled, not unlike a wreath.
The decay of their reasoning - putrid and smelly
The argument for global warming - like jelly!

And "hockey sticks" broken, sea ice on the increase,
I laughed when I heard their excuses not cease.
Events we all knew were something ahead,
Were still being twisted and something to dread.

"How dare mother nature destroy Warming's working!
These 'deniers' are nasty as Miley C's twerking!"
But the data is there, and everyone knows,
The temperatures stayed flat, while CO2 rose!

So when in the wire, you hear the cold wind whistle,
The AGW agenda is ready for dismissal.
So let me exclaim, as this fades out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

© Copyright 2013 The Patriot Post

My friend Joe Bastardi is chief forecaster at WeatherBELL Analytics, a meteorological consulting firm.


(December 22, 2013) The President answered none of the important questions put to him Friday such as, according to his Obamacare chief Security Information Officer, she warned her superiors who would have told Kathleen Sebelius that the site was a mess and why didn't you know, Mr. President

Is Obamacare the equivalent of choking a man, saying
that the man is choking, and promising him a watermelon to fix it?

Why not ask - Isn't this last change in the Obamacare mandate a capitulation to the argument that Obamacare math doesn't add up - that more people have lost insurance than gotten insurance or Aren't those Million people who have signed up not really signed up because there's no way to pay or Isn't Obamacare the equivalent of choking a man, saying that man is choking, and promising him a watermelon

I'd have been happy if they'd had asked, "Mr. President, why don't you just come clean and admit your presidency and the Democrat message in general is a freaking failure" The mainstream media won't, of course, because they are dedicated to defying Acton's Axiom. "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, great men are most often bad, and there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder."

The President is not God. His office is not sanctified. And, frankly, this president isn't much of a President, either.


(December 20, 2013) This whole mess with Duck Dynasty is what you get when the media ignores real news. I don't watch the show, but I don't watch Dance Mothers, either. All I'm going to say about the situation is this..

Duck Dynasty Cast

Phil Robertson has the right to say anything that isn't slanderous or libelous. He was asked by GQ about his personal belief and he answered. A&E has every right to fire the duck call makers or adjust their contract but must also answer to any tort in their legal contract.

Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, even Mohammed warned about what happens when a believer treads in the path of the world and its temptations. The world does not care about the spirit, and you have to decide whether or not you want live in the world, but not be a part of it, because this is what happens.


(December 18, 2013) So, the President calls in a bunch of pointy-headed computer executives from companies that have supported him, politically. This summoning of the monied faithful is supposed to make it look as if he's personally trying to fix the horror that is Obamacare. And if you don't know anything about the greater world of computer companies, that may be exactly what you thought happened, yesterday.

It's just that what happened was nothing like what you may have thought. My source says that he asked them to find ways to sell Obamacare better and to help his even newer website guru to get his act together. Whether the source is right or not, calling on these people to help him is like asking the pointy headed executive from the comic strip, Dilbert, for help! And THAT would be a disaster. Here's an example Dibert to explain why..

Example of pointy-headed executives, with no apologies to Scott Adams,
since this is precisely what he cartoons about, on a daily basis..

What these overpaid hucksters CAN do is send some of THEIR programmers to the White House staff to explain to them just how bad a job the original software was and how poorly the entire Obamacare program is working. It's ALL that they can do.

I don't know this for a fact, but I'm guessing the software is being re-written under the public lie that it's being "fixed." We DO know that Obama and his crew KNEW that the software sucked, long before the first deadline. We are learning every day more information about how much they knew about the projected failure that Obamacare was, BEFORE the 2012 ELECTION.

Scott Adams, before becoming insanely famous for his hilarious cartoon career, was a computer programmer at a very large computer company. The engineers were smart and the execs were mostly dumb - as simple as that. Understand, now, how come Obama's response is so completely Obama-like


(December 16, 2013) No-one speaks more eloquently about the danger of the Federal Reserve than former Congressman Ron Paul, MD (R-Texas). He wrote a great piece on the 100th Anniversary of the Fed which happens this coming week (Dec 23). After looking all over the net, I found it on a temporary website dedicated to Dr. Paul's ideas. I am reprinting it here, with permission.

A week from now, the Federal Reserve System will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. Resulting from secret negotiations between bankers and politicians at Jekyll Island, the Fed's creation established a banking cartel and a board of government overseers that has grown ever stronger through the years. One would think this anniversary would elicit some sort of public recognition of the Fed's growth from a quasi-agent of the Treasury Department intended to provide an elastic currency, to a de facto independent institution that has taken complete control of the economy through its central monetary planning. But just like the Fed's creation, its 100th anniversary may come and go with only a few passing mentions.

Like many other horrible and unconstitutional pieces of legislation, the bill which created the Fed, the Federal Reserve Act, was passed under great pressure on December 23, 1913, in the waning moments before Congress recessed for Christmas with many Members already absent from those final votes. This underhanded method of pressuring Congress with such a deadline to pass the Federal Reserve Act would provide a foreshadowing of the Fed's insidious effects on the US economy - with actions performed without transparency..

My favorite pic of Ron Paul. He looks like he's about to
excoriate some poor dumb congressperson.

Ostensibly formed with the goal of preventing financial crises such as the Panic of 1907, the Fed has become increasingly powerful over the years. Rather than preventing financial crises, however, the Fed has constantly caused new ones. Barely a few years after its inception, the Fed's inflationary monetary policy to help fund World War I led to the Depression of 1920. After the economy bounced back from that episode, a further injection of easy money and credit by the Fed led to the Roaring Twenties and to the Great Depression, the worst economic crisis in American history..

But even though the Fed continued to make the same mistakes over and over again, no one in Washington ever questioned the wisdom of having a central bank. Instead, after each episode the Fed was given more and more power over the economy. Even though the Fed had brought about the stagflation of the 1970s, Congress decided to formally task the Federal Reserve in 1978 with maintaining full employment and stable prices, combined with constantly adding horrendously harmful regulations. Talk about putting the inmates in charge of the asylum!.

Now we are reaping the noxious effects of a century of loose monetary policy, as our economy remains mired in mediocrity and utterly dependent on a stream of easy money from the central bank. A century ago, politicians failed to understand that the financial panics of the 19th century were caused by collusion between government and the banking sector. The government's growing monopoly on money creation, high barriers to entry into banking to protect politically favored incumbents, and favored treatment for government debt combined to create a rickety, panic-prone banking system. Had legislators known then what we know now, we could hope that they never would have established the Federal Reserve System..

Today, however, we do know better. We know that the Federal Reserve continues to strengthen the collusion between banks and politicians. We know that the Fed's inflationary monetary policy continues to reap profits for Wall Street while impoverishing Main Street. And we know that the current monetary regime is teetering on a precipice. One hundred years is long enough. End the Fed.


(December 13, 2013) Let's pause for a moment from the lies of Sebelius and Obama and the admission, yesterday - just calling people who aren't insured, "insured", that Obamacare is a certifiable failure and the Lie of the Year. Let's pause from the the obvious stupidity of the 2-year budget passed by RINOS and Democrats in the House (I've read it now - it's crap).

Instead, let's enjoy the humor of the pompous jackasses, using the Mandela funeral to make themselves look important. There is not one single bit of film or video which does not include a picture of the (literally) crazy faux-signer, putting an ironic twist to the whole event.

No.. seriously.. he.. kept.. his.. doctor..

There is no doubt that Mandela was generous in his victory over apartheid. There is also no doubt that he was an avowed communist and murderer. So, it is only fitting that his solemnization in death should be punctuated by a fraudulent clown, who claims to be a violent psychotic (his words.) "A little mundane Karma, comin' down."

The whole thing reminds me of the interpreter scene in the wonderfully funny Woody Allen movie, Bananas. There is no way to properly describe it except to watch it, which is what you can do, here

"My name is Mr. Hernandez, the official interpreter."

..And this skit from SNL here

"Garrett Morris, Chevy Chase."

An irony is a terrible thing to waste..


(December 12, 2013) I cannot decide which is better. I want every United States' citizen to focus on Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS, CIA, NSA, Drones, Illegal Aliens. And part of me says the budget deal is a good thing for that reason - we don't need to worry about closing down the government.

The other part of me says the forced reduction of spending we had is better than any budget. It calls out to me that the Democrats will not keep their word and that they get to spend, spend, spend, while we won't get a cut until 2022.

Rep Paul Ryan looking for a via media..

But I also know that we have about 10 months until the most important by-election in the history of our country. I'm going to wait a little before condemning or condoning the budget deal. In any case, let's all focus on what's important - getting rid of the influence of Barack Obama - the biggest liar since Lincoln. But in the case of Lincoln, his lies eventually led to the end of slavery - Obama's lies are heading us back to that damnable direction.


The amazing number 14

(December 10, 2013) If only Carolina had beaten Tennessee. Oh well.....


(December 9, 2013) As the world scrambles to pay homage to the half-hero, half-murderer whose actions are forgiven by many because of his forgiveness of so many who had harmed him, the MSM rushes away from the pathetic story of the Left's fallen Idol. Well, everybody except a few citizen-journalist sites and Fox News. And there is no doubt that Obama's domestic policies are ruinous (except among his true believers and actual climate science deniers). It seems as if Americans have not forgotten, either, and in fact, are getting very upset about all of the lying and cheating. But, there is another, more sinister problem.

There is no real deal with Iran. Yes, we were all told that Iran would step down producing fissile materials. Iran promised not to make atomic or hydrogen bombs. They promised. But they have not stopped making the stuff which can make the arms of world-wide nightmares.

Of course, Obama is a liar. Of course, SecState John Kerry has no functional sense of reality. Of course Iran lies about anything they wish. And, of course, Obama could give a fig about the existence of Israel. When you put all these things together, there is only one conclusion - Obama must either be planning for a nuclear eradication of America's only strong friend in the Middle East, or he is so incompetent, that he does not realize his actions are allowing Iran to force the Middle East toward nuclear eradication of Israel.

Getting rid of Harry Reid is the key to saving Israel.

There is a way to solve this problem, now. Nevada must recall or impeach Harry Reid. Now. The Republican Governor must replace Reid with a sane person, preferably a Republican sane person. This will force the Senate to return to sanity, blocking the monstrous nominations of known socialists and communists to life-term judgeships, and creating a working spectre of impeachment to control the out-of-control President.

And while we are replacing people, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell must also be replaced. Conservatives and Republicans must have mighty and believable voices to speak, not just to congress, but to ALL the American people. Several of these people exist and are READY to replace Boehner and McConnell - who may be good people in every other respect - are both incredibly ineffective public communicators.


(December 6, 2013) As of today, I officially quit writing about the market. Investors are so remarkably stupid, it's breathtaking! I got rid of my final stock holdings, bought some land, and a couple of things that will have value in a severe bubble-bust. It's as if the Administration has convinced people that their lies are real.

So that's it. No more telling you what's happening with Wall Street. From now on, it's employment & real economics, crime & taxes, fun & science, lies & politics. See you investors after the 2014 election, when the government fesses up, and you're left holding a bag without a parachute.

ON THE JOBS FRONT - the employment numbers are false - they don't reflect the millions who simply can't find a job.


(December 5, 2013) IT'S A COMPLETE LIE! The US GDP numbers are a complete fraud. In another month, you're going to see a retracement by at least 1.7% - citing a misreading due to high inventory levels. There is huge excess capacity. Now that the Administration is feeding phony numbers to the bean counters, politics is king, not facts. Believe Obama's numbers at your own peril.

Personally, I don't think the Administration will stop printing paper until after the 2014 election, after which, it won't matter, politically, until 2016.


Presidential Pep Rally! Lying to hide the lies about lying to protect him from
his complete health care program failure

(December 4, 2013) 5,000,000 people have lost their insurance, so far. You probably AREN'T going to get a subsidy, but you won't know it, until after you've committed and it's too late. 50,000 people per day actually TRYING to enroll, will still CRASH the website. EVERYONE who commits is being cued - EVERYONE. 30% of the people who have alrady signed up ARE NOT ACTUALLY SIGNED UP! The security is so bad, that a kid with a simple hack software program he bought for $28 can get every single bit of information you gave Obama and his health time. We've now learned that there is no way to reimburse the private insurance companies.

You will, most probably, lose your doctor or not get to see him often enough. The amount of money you'll be paying is MORE, not Less for your deductible. The amount of money you'll be paying is MORE, not Less for your monthly payment, if you have current insurance. ONLY the those who cannot afford Obamacare will be able to afford it. After all is said and done, 30,000,000 people will still not have insurance. The worst part is that the payment system is not finished and may not be until October 2014.

Today, Barack Hussein Obama said, in a pep rally, things that completely contradict these facts. We also learned just last night that the budget for healthcare in any one fiscal year is UNKNOWABLE! Please, understand how important this fact - which is being ignored - is.

When will this end, this lying to hide the lies about lying to protect him from his complete failure as a American President


(December 3, 2013) Have you seen this, yet Take a good look at this picture..

This is art

These blocks of stone cost the State Department $1,000,000. It was approved by Hillary Clinton - probably another thing that went out over her signature that she didn't know anything about, like Benghazi. This is what the jaded and corrupted airheads in New York and DC call "art." The blocks were piled onto each other by Irish-born artist Sean Scully (not THAT Scully).

Art is said to be in the eye of the beholder. Apparently, the eyes of the glitterati are deficient. To be blunt: IT'S A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!!

Of course, that never kept a Clinton from spending. They've always taken our hard earned taxes for granite.


(December 2, 2013) Actually, we're talking about Obama's foreign policy. Then, again, that could also apply to most all of Obama's efforts.

Goodbye, Mr. Seay!

(December 1, 2013) I have a picture of Jim Seay somewhere in my pile of old Gamecock & Columbia memorabilia (not the one you see, here). In it, he is approximately 25 years old - maybe a little older. I remember, when I filed it (which is the same thing as throwing it into a shoebox) that I couldn't tell in which radio station it was taken- he worked at all of them.

Small picture of Jim in his later years. He died Wednesday.

Jim - or "Mr. Seay" to me - was a very, very funny guy. His humor was what you might call "harbor humor." It was earthy and abrupt, but funny as all get-out. He did not suffer fools well. No, not at all. So, it was a complete surprise to me, that he liked me at all. But for some reason, he did.

It wasn't that Jim Seay was full of himself - far from it. But he knew his limitations were few, as well they should have been, considering what he overcame in his youth. He didn't like to talk about his early days - probably because they were unpleasant. Most people outside the business knew that he had a cleft pallet. Growing up in the 30's & 40's, well-done hairlip (lievré fendu) operations were rare or non-exsitent. Jim got one but was left with a severe speech impediment.

Needless to say, he was made fun of. Jim told me, one time, "you have to learn to brush off the nitwits and work like hell to beat it" [the speech challenge]. As you may guess, he beat it - so much so that most people were surprised to the the scar.

That's pretty much all I know about Mr. Jim Seay, except that I respected him. I hadn't seen him for years, but I had heard he had gone off on his own instead of working for one of the morons who ran radio in Columbia at that time.

I will make one observation: As these giants in radio die, one by one, we are losing a history that is being written in the second person - written by people who don't know what it was like - the good, the awful - the saints and the villains. And that's a shame.

  - continued
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