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"It's amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it." - Dr. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.

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"Bureaucrats are the most despicable of persons, though they are needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble...   holders of little authority in which they delight...   Who can trust such creatures" - Cicero
"Who can endure a doctrine which would allow only dentists to say whether our teeth were aching, only cobblers to say whether our shoes hurt us, and only governments to tell us whether we were being well governed" - C.S.   Lewis, from his preface to Milton's Paradise Lost

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If you want to see the ENTIRE video of Officer Tinson shooting DuBose, including the shooting and aftermath, and decide for yourself, click here.


501 - SEE? 3? 4?

Some time around 1986 (During the Clinton Administration, for those of you who are digitally challenged), there was passed something(s) called 501 (c) 3 and 501 (c) 4.

Without trying to lose you in definitions that are, at best, sleep-inducing, let's just all agree that their definition of non-political is poorly defined, at best. Even the most hardened Progressive will admit to that.

Today, with little or no prior heralding, and almost no access, save that of Fox News online, Sen. Ted Cruz held a hearing in which some amazing things were revealed. Yes, IRS Commissioner Koskinen was caught in several prevarications or "misstatements of fact." But the real surprises came in casually mentioned facts.

Did you know that the Department of Justice did not even take the ball up in order to drop it, when it came to investigating the IRS for using their power to restrict activities of conservative groups? Were you aware that there is an email from the hiding former IRS operative, Lois Lerner, which basically makes her out to be the villain in most of these affairs? No? Not even?

Well, of course not. While pleading that there WERE "studies" of the egregious offenses of the Obama Administration, NOTHING has been done. The most amazing thing that was mentioned today, almost off the cuff, that the finger of truth is pointing evermore directly at the President, himself, as the originator of the IRS offenses. If true, that would be a change in both the direction of the origination of who is giving and getting that finger.



BY: Matthew Continetti
Washington Free Beacon

Two decades ago, in the spring of 1996, Newsweek magazine described a group of voters it called the "radical middle." Formerly known as the Silent Majority, then the Reagan Democrats, these voters had supported Ross Perot in 1992, and were hoping the Texas billionaire would run again. Voters in the radical middle, Newsweek wrote, "see the traditional political system itself as the country’s chief problem."

The radical middle is attracted to populists, outsiders, businessmen such as Perot and Lee Iacocca who have never held office, and to anyone, according to Newsweek, who is the "tribune of anti-insider discontent." Newt Gingrich rallied the radical middle in 1994—year of the Angry White Male—but his Republican Revolution sputtered to a halt after the government shut down over Medicare in 1995. Once more the radical middle had become estranged from the GOP. "If Perot gets in the race," a Dole aide told Newsweek, "it will guarantee Clinton’s reelection." Read more, here.



If you read this column with any regularity, you know we're pretty hard on our Senior Senator. But this one time, considering the self-deprecation vs. The Donald's Giant Phone Number Ego Trip, and especially this week, Sen. Graham has responded with something genuinely funny. Watch.



Dennis Prager is one of the smarter people on planet Earth. When he says something, it's usually after he has researched and internally discussed it, so that his conclusions are well thought out. Other people have come to the conclusion that we have reached a "Munich" moment, but you will not get a reasoned out explanation as well as Prager's.

We say that evil is dark. But this metaphor is imprecise. Evil is actually intensely bright, so painfully bright that people look away from it. Many even deny its existence.

Why? Because once people acknowledge evil’s existence, they know they have to confront it. And most people prefer not to confront evil.

Neville Chamberlain, in 1938, had the best of intentions calling his agreement with Hitler "Peace for Our Time," and millions died because of it. Barack Obama may have the best of intentions, too.

That is what led to World War II. Many in the West denied the darkness of Nazism. They looked the other way when that evil could have been stopped and then appeased it as it became stronger.

We are reliving 1938. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain went to Munich to negotiate with Adolf Hitler. He left believing Hitler’s promises of peace in exchange for Germany being allowed to annex large parts of Czechoslovakia. Upon returning to England, Chamberlain announced, “Peace for our time.”

The American and European negotiations with Iran have so precisely mirrored 1938 that you have to wonder how anyone could not see it.

The Nazi regime’s great hatred was Jews. Iran’s great hatred is the Jewish state. The Nazis’ greatest aim was to exterminate the Jews of Europe. Iran’s greatest aim is to exterminate the Jewish state. Nazi Germany hated the West and its freedoms. The Islamic Republic of Iran hates the West and its freedoms. Germany sought to dominate Europe. Iran seeks to dominate the Middle East and the Muslim world.

And exactly as Britain and France appeased Nazi Germany, the same two countries along with the United States have chosen to appease Iran.

Read the rest of this excellent article, here.

Dennis Prager has a radio talk show which airs live Monday through Friday at noon.



When Republicans are in charge of things, we call these days when the summer takes over from good sense, "The Silly Season." People, whom you would never expect to do so, say the dumbest things and expect people to agree. NOAA, f'r'instance, is calling July the "hottest month on record," which is silly, because they don't count some of the very hottest days, and have actually screwed with the summer temperatures, LOWERING them, so that it would look like it's hotter, now.

Or, how about, when a kid in Chattanooga, obviously programmed by Islamicist terrorists, does what his Islamicist-inspired programming tells him to do, in the name of Allah, it's all about deflection and being oh, so careful, as if the event is de novo. Even the CIA has warned, even if subtly, that certain of our children are being programmed to shoot up a gun-free zone. Why the silly surprise? Military can't be armed and should take off their uniforms and huddle in a shop? Silly.

Democrats are eating each other, especially the far-far-far Left - those who want not to work for a living but want to be paid a "fair" wage for nothing. They're giving Bernie Sanders - the only one who actually believes people should be given wages for no work - a hard time.

Trump Trumping.

Anyway, I'm thinking that it's the heat. People have really bad memories when it comes to weather. In a way, that's a good thing, because it means we are gaining more and better control of the way the weather effects us. But it's also instructive about why people can be so different when the weather is hot.




Saturday, the KKK and their counterpart, The Black Panthers, will be lollygagging around the Statehouse. If you want a good, hardy laugh, don't bother going there, adding to the confusion and resulting self-humiliation - watch it on the news Saturday night.

UPDATE: Yes, it WAS worth watching, but the local Columbia media failed us, as usual. Kudos to Channels 7 and 4 for their coverage. See what a nice bowl of popcorn and a couple of good news outlets can do for your Saturday Night entertainment?



I was completely OK with the idea of Operation Jade Helm being just a really neat cross-country military exercise. That was, until I discovered what "J.A.D.E. H.E.L.M. stood for.

The letters J-A-D-E stand for "Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution." And the letters H-E-L-M stand for “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.” Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. Really? Eradication of Local Militants. What the Fork is the government doing, even kidding about this stuff? GAH! Maybe Texans aren't so crazy after all.



There is a puzzle which silver collectors believe they have solved, but big banks desperately want you to ignore. Just this past weekend, the US Mint, which produces half the silver coinage consumed on the North American Continent (Canada produces the other half), ran out of silver coins. At the same time, the price of silver coins fell. That's right, FELL.

The beautiful March of Dimes 2015 Silver Dollar with FDR and Dr. Jonas Salk. They ran out of silver and can't print any more for a little while. Silver is actually scarce. But the price is at historic lows.

How is this possible? What about the Velocity of Money? What about Price following Supply?

What savvy Silver investors are coming to realize is that the Big Banks which sold them their silver, can't deliver it, because THEY DON'T HAVE IT. And what's happening is that, by selling silver that doesn't exist, you can depress the price – as long as you don't have to deliver it.

And they don't deliver it. Instead, Big Banks sell ignorant investors a piece of paper, SAYING they own a certain amount of silver. It's called paper Silver (or paper Gold). Real money has been paid to Big Banks in return for a piece of paper.

Ponzi. Was, is, and always will be. With the silver dollar, the government ran the ponzi scheme - the silver wasn't there, either. Today, the paper is a Big Bank document.

As long as not too many people ask to have their paper converted into actual silver, the lie remains invisible. If EVERYONE were to ask for their actual specie at the same time, the Big Bank COULD NOT REMAIN SOLVENT.

In case you didn’t already spot it, this setup is called a "Ponzi Scheme." And this is the reality, right now. Right now, the Big Banks can not cover their precious metal debt. Incidentally, neither can the FED or the IMF.

Has YOUR broker put you in an account that "holds" your silver or gold for you? It's the same thing. Truly. Try to take possession of your gold or silver – I challenge you. If you're lucky, you might get some. If not, you won't be able to get any, depending on where you are in line. In many cases, your contract specifically states you CAN'T take possession!

Better yet, don't be stupid. Take possession from the beginning. While you can.



I got an email from a climatologist acquaintance of mine, today. He wanted to know if I was just kidding or not. I told him I was deadly serious and that he should prepare himself. But he was glad to hear that it would be at least 12 years before what I said came true.

The event that prompted his email was the release of a study from a group of scientists who are considered tops in their fields. Their methods are repeatable and follow, strictly, the scientific method - something you can't say for climatologists. The study, led by Dr. Valentina Zharkova, Ph.D., shows a double-wave Maunder Minimum, sometime between 2025-2030. Here's what that is.

The last time the Sun did this in THIS particular way, it was so cold that the Thames froze over (the painting) and soldiers froze to death at Valley Forge.

For those who don't want to read through the article, the last time the Sun did this in THIS particular way, it was so cold that the Thames froze over and soldiers froze to death at Valley Forge. It stayed cold for two stretches of 200 years. It was called "The Little Ice Age." Don't bother with Wikipedia on this one. They're still quoting the IPCC, which has been completely discredited, due to lying and cheating.) Here's an even-handed article.

Anyway, two years ago, I confronted this acquaintance on his theories and asked him where the Sun fit into his calculations. It was then that he said the Sun didn't matter - that by 2030 New York City will be under water. Naturally, I challenged him that, if he was wrong, could I come to his home and beat him to death with a cricket bat? He said, "Fine."

NOW.. Now he's emailing me, asking if I was kidding! After he snottied at me and ponced around the podium, snarling and gesticulating and pretending he knew what the heck he was talking about.

Well, he didn't. And there will be heck to pay! Like Götterdämmerung and the death of Yggdrasil the World Tree, when the Bifrost Witch shows up at our doors, I will be there at his, with my cricket bat. I won't hurt him, but I will get the local news people to be there, while I "micro-aggress" him.



Immigration reform is stupid. The laws we have contain everything we need to charge illegals with a felony, if they return after being arrested and deported. Even the first breaking of the law is a misdemeanor, punishable by deportation.

Barack Hussein Obama is personally responsible for the hundreds of murders committed by illegal felons since 2009.

The reason our President is responsible, is because he has directed his justice department to obstruct the fulfillment of the immigration laws. I don’t care why he has done it - the road to Hell is strewn with good intentions. The fact is he HAS done it and the country is suffering because of it.

National Democrats are running around as if their underwear were on fire, trying to justify THEIR defying of the immigration laws, as well. They’re actually blaming an M-rated shooter video game, rather than themselves, for supporting patently illegal "sanctuary cities," in the shooting of a young woman in San Francisco by an illegal with lots of felonies (he was let go at least 7 times.)

Now, Bill O and others are calling for an addition to the immigration laws. The problem is, it doesn't need passing. We have all the law we need. What is missing is a President who doesn't ignore the laws and constitution of our country.

There is a remedy for all this murder and turpitude. The President could be removed from office. Impeached. Convicted. For not executing the law, and thereby causing the deaths of so many. The only problem is that those who are ruling by bait & switch, and their political operatives, do not want to surrender their biggest weapon – white guilt. And it's not just the NAACP and other racist organizations. Congressional counterparts would also immediately claim racism, were Obama to be impeached. To boot, most of the House and Senate don't even have the guts to tell their own constituents what they're thinking, much less consider impeachment. Of course the pathetic Mainstream Media would pontificate, as well, on how evil the Congress was.

Do we really want to be ruled? - it IS easier than being free..

I am working on a theory of politics which basically asks the question, "Does any majority eventually want to live under a benign monarch?" Looking at South Carolina over the past year, it has been uncomfortable to watch the number of citizens who are more interested in the beer they drink than the rights they have surrendered to liberal lawmakers in DC. It's hard to tell whether our people just don't know what to do, or really just don't care.

It's said that only a third of the colonies' citizens actually fought in the Revolution of 1776 – 2/3rds either didn't care or were actively for staying under King George III. Would it do any good to remind people of this fact, and that we are there, again. Isn’t it so much easier just to deny that things really are as bad financially, morally, and politically as they are? Isn't it easier to give way to Hobbes and forget about Locke? Maybe divine right really is left?

And the odd part is that we don't even need to shoot anybody. But the honest moral thing is much harder. We have to come together to outvote the destroyers of freedom, and the wealth and morality that goes with it. And that is going to take a great deal of courage and discipline.



What-What-WHAT? I'm thinking of a word that rhymes with "coarse-fit." The Political PR Clacks SWORE to us that they had made changes in their polling behavior and that they had learned soooo much from the election of 2014. Well, the Pols were wrong.

So, here we are, again. And the polls were WRONG. The Polis (ancient Greek for "the citizens") have voted.


The South Can Learn from Japan

Why do you think the Japanese film audiences revel in a time of Samurai and Shoguns, Katana and Sepuku , strictly adhered to loyalty, and absolute courtesy? One reason is that their ethos exists on a river of contradictions. The noble robber, the pure hooker/Geisha - real neo-classicism with a bowl of rice and fish.

Twice, Gojira , pure force of nature kinda saves Japan after pretty much leveling the city of Peace. Rip-snorter. But there is more. Savvy Japan watchers will recognize the symbolism as pre war - a time of honor. - Chushingura and the 47 Ronin - a time before the terror of WWII vented on China. Perfect example.

My point is simple. If we southerners write about the mutual struggle of blacks and whites in the horror that was reconstruction, not just one or the other, then goodness will follow and strengthen the arts, as will every South Carolinian.

I have great faith that we will make a great contract of faith and mutual certainty.



I heard something really important in an argument, today. Beat me for hanging around people who argue, but I do and I'm glad I do.. If you belong to a church which eschews same-sex marriage, the answer is simple and legal.

Your minister or priest should decline to be an officer of the state.

“Mawwage. Mawwage is wot bwings us togever today.” - Impressive Clergyman in The Princess Bride

Here's why:

  1. In South Carolina, the minister at the marriage is empowered by the State to be the officiating officer. The Minister declares at the end of the service, "By the power invested in me by ___(Your Deity's Name Here)___ and the State of South Carolina, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife."

  2. People seeking marriage MUST obtain a Marriage License from the State, already. So, there is no extra running around, if the Minister were not a State official.

  3. The State can make the license issuer the officiating officer, negating the need for a second official. Poof! it's done.

  4. Then, people, who want a particular deity to bless their wedding, can arrange that.

  5. Ministers and Priests and Rabbis and Imams, who DON'T want to perform same-sex weddings, can legally refuse to do so. By NOT being the State Official of Record, there is no more cause to demand a legal equality which does not exist.

  6. Simultaneously, any people who want to go to the extra expense of money and time, are free to do so with any minister willing so to do.

  7. Separates Church from State in a constructive and legal way without destroying the sacredness of Holy Matrimony in most people's eyes.

It may hurt the feelings of same-sex couples, but tens of SCOTUS rulings expressly state that feelings are not a reason for constitutional action. As long as the Church and Ministers are not officers of the State, any such ruling would be, in fact, at odds with the concepts of free speech and religious freedoms.

Understand. I am NOT saying that people of the same sex cannot be joined legally. That's fine, and I'm all for it. I AM saying that a same-sex union cannot, by biblical definition, be the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, which should have nothing to do with the State, anyway.





"Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend."
- 1 Corrinthians 8:13.

Sometimes, Jacobean English is hard to read. The Koine Greek is much clearer. Most theologians think this passage means that St. Paul would go out of his way not to offend his fellow Christians, if it kept them from committing a sin. He was using, they say, the Hebrew dietary laws for his example.

There is something eerily similar to the Battle flag situation, it occurs to me. As you know, I have contended, from the beginning that the Memorial monument battle flag, near the Capitol steps, is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, a flag which was never officially adopted by the Confederacy. It's only important to me, because my Great Great Uncle was a Lt. General under Lee and fought under that flag. But he fought in Lee's Army, not South Carolina's.

South Carolina's flag looked like this:

A very large South Carolina Battle flag, (most probably a camp flag) captured in the Late Unpleasantness, winding up in a Yankee Library (Iowa). Notice the attitude of the crescent. Even in 1911, when this photo was taken, B&W photography was not as precise as it is today. Reds looked dark enough, but blue would have appeared as a light grey. This flag was most probably red. It is NOT extant.

Or this:

An extant South Carolina Battle flag, most probably from 1861, which can be found in the State Confederate Museum in Columbia. Notice the attitude of this crescent. Historians know that the rules concerning flags were not monolithic things until the 20th Century. This flag is obviously red, and an argument for the photographed flag probably being red as well.

This is the battle flag of South Carolina. If the Cross of St. Patrick and St. Andrew with 13 stars (the Southern Cross) - square without canton, is truly that offensive to 31% of our state's citizens, and they cannot live by the word of St. Paul, then those of us, who care about both accurate state history and adherence to the Bible, should be the "saints" in this matter, and take the Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia down.

In its place, let's put the flag of South Carolina's troops. This way, two things will be achieved: We will honor the state's fallen soldiers, and we can take away a grievous cause for sin in our African American brothers. It will also be a chance for our offended brothers to show they can live with us in a loving and Biblical peace.

Beyond all this, there is a positive side to putting up the historical SC flag instead of what's there now. Ignorant people might stop flying the 2:3 rectangular Army of Tennessee Battle Flag - also used as the Second Confederate Naval Flag - and calling it the "battle flag," which is square, or calling it the "Stars 'n' Bars," which doesn't look anything like the Southern Cross.



Sunday, people of all colors walked together across the bridge in Charleston named after my good friend, Arthur. It's a great way to celebrate the lives of those who were murdered this week by a deranged man-child from a po-buckra suburb of Columbia. Nine people who welcomed this snake into their loving midst were rewarded with being killed them like rabid dogs. He is loathesome.

Literally thousands of South Carolinians marched in unison over the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston to show the unity of her citizens against any idea that any sane person in this state agrees with the murder of nine members of Emanuel AME Church.

For those who are not South Carolinians, I don't have anything to say to you. You will have to make sense of all of this for yourself. To those of us who ARE South Carolinians, everything that happened (as I have said elsewhere) is part of ALL of our history. We are combinations of the totality. Those of us who have been fighting against racism in the state, since the 50's, know the whole story. This shooting is not it.

Our history is like having children - wonderful and horrible. We learn to cherish the wonderful and try hard to understand the horrible. But ALL history is history, not just the parts we like or the parts we hate. It IS true that black soldiers in Sherman's army raped white little boys in some instances - actually more than ever raped any women. It IS true that my and many others' ancestors kept slaves. It IS true that the "Black Congress" bankrupted our state so badly that we did not recover until 1960. Pitchfork Ben Tillman and many others WERE racist jerks.

I am not a racist, but I AM a jerk. I don't like people for many reasons, but mostly because they are Democrats (OK, just kidding - I actually have Democrat friends, but they are staunchly constitutionalists, unlike most Democrats I know and don't like).

For those who think that people can't behave in clichéd ways, consider this: in most "white" churches, you rarely get a "hello." If you have a lot of money, you could be the biggest sinner in town, but the "white" church will love you. White ministers DO sleep with other people's wives.

On the other hand, a true story.. Many years ago, I was a lay preacher for the Episcopal Diocese of SC. I preached and led services at both St. John's and St. Mark's. We NEVER started on time. Never. If you were not the correct shade of coffee & crème, you were not welcomed in St Mark's - and they only tolerated white folk. If you were the shade of strong, black coffee, you willingly went to St. John's - They liked me because I spoke "morning talk." But that's OK, too, because that was the way things were. All of these things add, for better or worse to the rich milieu in a city chocked full of milieu. I still love Charleston, and these actions past do not stop anyone from being welcomed in my home.

My point is this; One cannot have one side of any history. There must be ALL sides taught and remembered. This disgusting, murdering POS used symbols, bad, one-sided history, and his freedom to feed his lunacy. But symbols only have the meaning people wish to give them. If you want to have umbrage over a flag, that is your choice. Depending on the circumstances, you might even persuade me, some day. But trying to force your interpretation on anyone else is a fool's errand.

I am in solidarity with the people in Charleston - they are my relatives and friends - and am I not going to let that little murdering scum change my friendships, NOR my history

If I could have tolerated a long walk across friend Arthur's bridge, I'd have been there. However, I'm so old, now, that wasn't going to happen. But, the hot, fresh breeze would have been good to feel on the faces of us all. Racism only exists if we let it.



If your dad is still alive, visit him and give him a big hug. If he's not, remember him in your prayers.

Bill Workman, a wise man of South Carolina and runner of two cities, told me once that you never get over the death of your dad. "You go to call him about something that he'd really enjoy, and you realize, he's not there."

Bill's Dad, W.D.Workman,Jr.


He was right. So, don't wait to tell your dad what he means to you.



Al Sharpton says that he's coming to Charleston. The man with no morals will try to repair his ridiculous image by bathing in the righteous blood of 9 dead South Carolinians. I surely hope the real leaders in Charleston eschew his presence. No, it's more than a hope; It's a prayer to the Almighty.

Nine people were murdered at Historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the mother church and home church to the diocesan Bishop. The Shooter is still at large. So far, actual video of the heinous murders have not surfaced. Mayor Joe Riley delivered an emotional speech, calling the murders a hate crime.

I do not know who the scum is that killed those nine people at Emanuel AME Church. But whoever he is, he should be found and punished to the full extent of the law. There is no place in South Carolina for this kind of horror. We are not like this. We are so much better.

This shooter is a person full of sin, full of hate, and full of crap. And we, the loyal people of South Carolina, will tend to him. What we do not need is another man of sin, hate, and crap, spreading his filth among the mourning in the Holy City. I pray that the race baiters and the race haters will stay away, or at the least, be spurned on arrival. We already have good leaders in Charleston and South Carolina.

May the souls of the murdered and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace, and light perpetual shine upon them.


UPDATE: The scum has been caught, cowardly skulking near Shelby, North Carolina. Dylan Storm Roof is in custody. Good Guys with guns have stopped a very bad person with a gun. Excellent police work, from Charleston to all over the Palmetto and Tarheel states. Numerous prayer vigils are on-going.

According to early reports, he was in possession of Suboxone which is used to treat opioid abuse. One can just see the defense salivating at the possibility of an insanity plea. Fine. But South Carolina has an "Insane but Guilty" judgment in which we can put him in a 6x12 greybar hotel forever.



Why am I happy? Because I won't have to listen to the whistling jackasses from California in the p-nut gallery. I'm not sure that kind of whistling is even according to Hoyle. Anyway.. yay.

UPDATE: The Whistling Jackass showed back up - this time at the TCU-Vanderbilt game. There is no justice.


Yes, It's Truly Happening, and The President Is At Fault

Our Government is giving millions of dollars to professional hell-raisers and anti-American Organizations. Read about it, here....



In less than a year and a half, the leader of the entitlement disease will no longer be in power, in the United States of America. He knows that. Among the others who know this are members of the NAACP and every other race-baiter in the country. They know their power is slipping away. It grates on them. It infuriates them.

Consider this: If you KNEW you were going to lose power, leaving behind a most serious reaction to your iniquity, what would you do?

You just might want to create a situation which keeps your entitlement in the forefront of the public consciousness. And, how would you do that? Spread the word through your community organizers to get cellphone video of ANY incident. Complain, bitterly, that this is a violation of whatever is the side which is closer to your skin tone. You could call on your fellow travelers in the media to broadcast the misdirection.

If you understand this, you are smart and have a sense of irony.

It doesn't matter what the facts are , it only matters that your side's view gets out. By the time the facts are revealed, the false memory of the event will be embedded in the national consciousness. And you move on.

This does two things - it cheapens the event and it cheapens the protesters.

Like the little creep who cried "wolf," the protesters of false events have already lost credibility among people of ethical logic. Not realizing or not caring that they have lost whatever good will they had until 2009, they continue to complain about a situation which does not exist. But one thing will remain true, regardless of what the thugs and race-baiters say: this country is not going back to the bad old days, no matter how much the race-baiters and certain political pimps wish it.

See.. it's not just about the riots - those mostly children are just willing pawns acting on a well-repeated lie, what Napoleon called cannon fodder. It's about military power to clean up after the riots. They think white folks will demand order. But they are in for a supreme surprise.



It was Chief Justice Roberts who REWROTE the ACA, allowing the incompetent Obama administration and the lackeys in the House and Senate to keep a program that is clearly unconstitutional.

God! I need a bath just thinking about how they lied and juked the Senate rules in order to keep the opposing voter from coming to the floor.

National Democrats are vile, wicked people, who do not deserve to breathe the air of righteous patriots. PERIOD.


Charles Hugh Smith Sez:

"Memo to the Fed: you are the enemy of the middle class, capitalism and the nation."

"The Federal Reserve is appalled that we're not spending enough to further inflate the value of its corporate and banking cronies. In the Fed's eyes, your reason for being is to channel whatever income you have to the Fed's private-sector cronies--banks and corporations.

"If you're being 'stingy' and actually conserving some of your income for savings and investment, you are Public Enemy #1 to the Fed. Your financial security is nothing compared to the need of banks and corporations to earn even more obscene profits. According to the Fed, all our problems stem from not funneling enough money to the Fed's private-sector cronies.

"Fed media tool Jon Hilsenrath recently gave voice to the Fed's obsessive concern for its cronies' profits, and received a rebuke from the middle class he chastised as 'stingy.'"

There is a lot more to read from Smith on this, HERE, at


Sugar Free TruAde

If you lived in the Carolinas in the 50's, then you know what TruAde is. It was exactly what its name implies. The flavor was orange, but it wasn't jazzy with carbonated water. It was a pure orange taste - without the acidy taste that even real oranges have. It was like orange velvet.

Back then, the only artificial sweetener was slightly bitter and could only be ameliorated by a heavy cola taste - which is why Tab was possible by the time the 60's rolled around. But in the fifties, an ice-cold TruAde had sugar - real cane sugar, and it tasted wonderful. Heck, it was even good hot.

This is a picture of a bottle of Sugar Free TruAde. It can be found in cans.. if it hasn't sold out.

Well, TruAde is back - bottled by local PepsiCo affiliates. Even better, there is a sugar free version. It is as delicious as I remember the sugary kind. And as luck would have it, the sugar free TruAde is selling out. The reason is that it's being produced only in the Carolinas and can be bought at only a very few stores of a couple of chains; Ingles in Greenville and Florence, SC, and Harris Teeter in Asheville, NC. (It's being sold elsewhere, in North Carolina, but I travel all over SC all the time, and I haven't seen it in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, or Columbia. Here's the list.)

I have spoken with the managers in both locations, and they say they sell out in a day or two after the sugar free TruAde arrives, and that's it, until a new shipment comes in. That makes sense, of course, but not to my taste buds or my body on a hot, sweaty day. The sugary TruAde doesn't sell nearly as well, so, I hope that the Pepsi plant making it will not stop making the sugar free brand.

I also apologize to those who have never had the pleasure of drinking it. Heck, you may not even like a drink which has no fizz. And that's fine. But if you like water, milk, chocolate - any drink without carbonation or excess acid, then you might like it. It's supposed to be recommended for people with allergies to carbonated water and women who are pregnant. Both Minutemade and Tropicana have an orangeade, but they do not compare at all.

If you can drink sugary drinks and can't find the sugar free version, there're plenty for you to buy. If you're like me, I hope you can find the sugar free version. As far as I know, it can no longer be bought online. We're talking hens teeth.

Oh, one other thing - This is NOT an ad, nor have I been compensated in any way, other than the satisfaction that comes with transactional analysis.

UPDATE: I heard that a Bi-Lo in Greenville had some, so I drove up there and bought them out. There may be one more store there with some..



Of course Mrs. Clinton lied, today. That's what she does. You can't ask her to stop being the liar she has become over the almost 70 years of her sad life.

But could we do without the fawning local reporters, drooling ad nauseum over the aging husk of celebrity that she represents? One would think by their sycophantic floccinaucinihilipilifications that she was Moses or Mohammed or even Barack Obama come to life in real time.

But no, even though she would answer no questions from the media (Carly Fiorina was there, and did - the reporters did NOT slobber), they still slobbered their ways around her, embarrassing anyone who really cares about journalism. It almost seemed that many of them wished they'd had a cloak to throw before her as did Raleigh for QEI. Now, I'm not talking about Fox National reporters - they are, at least, as cynical as I.

Does any of this matter? Probably not. "The evil that men do is oft interred with their bones." Clinton's evil is oft interred after the 24-hour news cycle. People on the stage with her, knowing the calumny she has created, applauded her, as if she were a person of moral worth. Even some local reporters. Sigh..



This just gets creepier and creepier. Read all about it, here. And PLEASE, don't tell me this is a surprise. How ABC could put somebody like him in an important slot defies credibility. Hadn't anyone seen the excellent Michael J. Fox performance of a greasy presidential PR flak in the mostly soppy American President? Didn't they know that it was a direct take-off of Stephanopoulos?

Lord Have Mercy!



I was going to attend the South Carolina Freedom Rally, today, but Mother Nature has been playing tricks with my bones. Instead, I got up bright and early, and crawled to the TV, in order to watch the speeches of Conservative leaders from around the country, without having to move. I was well rewarded.

The Greenville venue was well attended and broadcast by C-SPAN, in its entirety. I even got to hear the word “sh**” out of the mouth of one of the richest people in America, talking about the pretended achievements of the Democrats and Obama and Clinton. I’d like to be able to write about all of the speakers, but this editorial would be a lot longer than it already is – so, I’m going to comment about the ones who may actually have a chance at bringing home the bacon.

Jeb Bush is going to be very sorry he did not attend. But it really would be a lose-lose for him. Had he shown up, he would have been booed and that is not a memory any politician wants to embrace. Besides, he not a conservative. Anybody who thinks national government has any purpose in local education is not a friend of conservatism.

Mike Huckabee is being pummeled by a Democrat PAC, reminding everyone than he really did raise taxes a couple of times. But his absence was a major mistake. He would NOT have been booed - or at least, not much. I hope his grandchild thinks his absence from SC is worth it. Rand Paul continues to puzzle, and some are saying he will not do well in South Carolina. Who knows? But he wasn’t in Greenville, Saturday, and he WAS missed.

The biggest positive about Saturday’s Freedom Rally was the absence of Lindsey Graham, who was a conservative for about 20 minutes some time back in 2002. ‘Nuff said.

Scott Walker:

It’s easy to see why he is so popular, wherever he goes. He has been a governor of an impossibly difficult state, DOING conservative things that work. He speaks with the ease of an honest person, and talks in words and phrases which are easily understood, but not empty platitudes – actual accomplishments.

Rick Santorum:

Always positive, his message of conservatism is punctuated by his deep religious convictions. He, as did almost all of the people who were there, had simple, reasonable plans to achieve national goals. He has had some really good speech coaching since his last run for the Presidency, and was far more interesting to listen to.

Rick Perry:

Perry reminds me of an older brother, in that he never misses a chance to be funny, while being deadly serious. Probably the second most dramatic speaker, Perry went down a list of things that need to be done in order to reverse the bizarre universe which Obama has created. He is so larger than life that it’s hard to believe he is real, but if he wins, he is easily supportable.

Ted Cruz:

With the fervor and good humor of an early 20th century Anglican Bishop, the other Senator from Texas laid the administration low and pushed his standing higher in the Palmetto State. Every specific point he made was memorable, as he talked of how so many in the Republican party (without naming them) walked away as he and those few others attempted to make a stand in DC. He got several Standing O's, and well he should’ve.

Marco Rubio:

Without a doubt one of the most intelligent people to ever run for the Presidency was visibly tired. Nevertheless, he delivered his speech with an ease that many envy. What he said was all specifics, and his understanding of international affairs is better than any of his peers in the Senate.

John Bolton:

Speaking of international affairs, John Bolton gave a speech which proves he is one of the most qualified in the world to talk about what our friends and foes around the world are doing and thinking. He also surprised the audience (and the media) by telling a poorly kept secret in DC that Hillary had GONE HOME, the night of the Benghazi fiasco. The Republican bench is very deep, and Bolton is one of the reasons.

Bobby Jindal:

Every single one of the serious contestants would make a fine President. Bobby Jindal, who is also a living example of the American Dream, would do too. And you don’t have to search far at all to see the amazing accomplishments he has made to return a gimme state to a state with stature and pride it deserved in earlier days. No victim he, and another player on the very deep conservative bench.

Carley Fiorino:

Frankly, I had thought, from her first few interviews, that she was all show and no go. Au contraire. I finally heard accomplishments which the media had failed to report, and ideals and ideas which she espouses. Were she to be elected, she would make an excellent President.

Dr. Ben Carson:

Admittedly, Dr. Ben is my favorite. Mercy, people, he IS a Brain Surgeon, for gosh sakes. Saturday’s speech shows he can stand the heat in the kitchen. And the assembled audience of conservatives knew it. His speech was clear, to the point, and strikingly compelling as he laid out, point by point, how America can move forward, erasing the stain of dependency of the fascist state we have become.

I wish I’d been there, but I’m comforted by one thing – I got to hear some sensible talk instead of the perpetual hogwash spewing from the MSM and the Presidency.



Don't kid yourself. The UK election, as exciting as it was, with a total rejection of the progressives in the Scottish Labour Party, the even more progressive Scottish National Party has taken over Scotland like the Fascists did in 1920's Italy. And they will have the same problem, printing their own worthless paper money, borrowing from other countries, and finally begging and losing their land as they did in the 1760's.

Socialism doesn't work. Money is money. And, if there is not a miracle, Scotland has voted itself into a fantasy which will be their doom. Anyway, with very few exceptions, the best Scots were kicked out of Scotland in the 18th Century, so don't cry too much. Scotland is best celebrated in memory.



Infant Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, MD, declared Monday that he will be running for President of the United States. Carley Fiorina did, too. But none of us in South Carolina may ever be able to vote for either, thanks to both state party leaders.

First, their side: You were left a failing legacy from your father, and you worked hard and gambled on success. You're a successful lawyer, or big businessman, and you finally have the wherewithal to afford YOUR SAY in the way of the world. You think you're conservative, but, in this world of government picking the winners and losers of big business, you've had to dance with some pretty scuzzy people to keep your corporation afloat or at least, ahead. You need cheap labor because labor unions have either forced you to move overseas or use illegals in order to stay in the US. The agrarian South and West - which DO still exist - cannot any longer be counted as absent from the needs of big businesses. They NEED cheap labor or food prices will go up. It is perfectly understandable, if not perfectly legal. So you're happy with the party leaders.

Second, the other side - Yankee version: You joined a union, and were doing pretty good until 1992. But, increased taxes and greedy union bosses caused your company out of the country, or at least, out of your state. Until 2008, you could probably find one. But with the coming of the clown Keynesians, the next time you lost your job, all you could get was a job at McDonald's or unemployment compensation. If you were middle management, you tried to find another similar job, but after 2008, only big businesses were favored, regardless of the propaganda spewed by the Administration. Why would you vote for any party leader?

Third, the other side - Southern version: things were going much better. But after 2008, many big businesses contracted back to their home states. Eventually, many of those businesses left their home states for Southern homes, but the poorest workers, it became easier NOT to work in states (like S.C.) where the cost of living was twice as cheap as the rest of the nation. Big Southern cities suffered, as liberal Democrats either took over the reigns or continued their mistaken ways. Governors like Nikki Haley are excoriated for making tantalizing offers to bring in big businesses. Why would you vote for any party leader?

Now anyone who understands what happened under the Presidencies of Kennedy and Reagan will tell you that what is going on now is a dirty joke, spawned by foolish and poorly educated people who are regrettably the ones with the political power. But just saying they need to go (and they really do) is not enough.

We need dreamers again. What big businesses want is someone who is malleable into THEIR dreams alone. Unfortunately, America cannot afford that sort of dream anymore. We must have dreamers of freedom and prosperity for EVERYBODY - yes, even the rich. That means lower taxes, so that EVERYONE who MUST work, CAN work. Loans must have realistic interest so that money can work as hard as people.

We must have dreamers who understand that government creates nothing good. The Constitution keeps Government from prohibiting better thoroughfares, better military forces, and proper distance among the states. The Constitution keeps government from restricting the responsibility of free people.

Freedom is not a dirty word; Neither is Responsibility, nor a Justice of Laws, not men. And America must be free of the imprisonment of government, whether you call it "Buddy Capitalism" or "Fascism." We must be free to follow the dictate of our own consciences as our God and God's nature allow, as strictly expressed by our Constitution and constitutional law.

You know who the dreamers I'm talking about are. A couple of them announced today. A couple of others have already announced. One will announce, soon. NONE of them are "party leaders." One of them knows that keeping America true to her promise IS brain surgery. Any one of these dreamers will make a good President. But YOU have to vote for one of them. Otherwise, the party leaders will choose for you.



15-Trillion dollars in taxes spent, and THIS is what we get. Is the war on poverty lost? Riots in Baltimore happen more than in any other city in the history of America (1797, 1812, 1842, 1861, 1968). It may be time for a different group to protest, but who's going to riot for school choice?

I only have one question, concerning the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore; What happens if a jury rules not guilty for the charged 6 policemen?



The obvious is becoming evident to even the "careful" economics journalists. Satyajit Das, a former banker and author of "Extreme Money" and "Traders, Guns & Money," is not exactly a fire-breather. But his careful analysis has brought him to the conclusion that fiat, low-cost money is destroying governments wherever it's being practised. You can read the entire article at Market Watch.

The policies, now centered around debt monetization entailing zero interest-rates and quantitative easing (QE), have potentially destructive side effects-

Punishing frugality and thrift, and rewarding borrowing, profligacy, excess, and waste.

The resultant loss of purchasing power effectively represents a tax on holders of money and sovereign debt. It redistributes real resources from savers to borrowers and the issuer of the currency, resulting in diminution of wealth over time.

Debt monetization also creates moral hazards. Low rates and easy availability of credit reduces market discipline. Borrowers face less pressure to cut back on their debts. Low borrowing costs allow unproductive investment to be maintained. It reduces incentives for governments to bring public finances under control.

Ultimately, the policies being used to manage the debt crisis punish frugality and thrift, and reward borrowing, profligacy, excess, and waste.

Debt Monitization doesn't work well even when everything works. The system isn't working - and the Fed has absorbed so much potential inflation energy that it cannot help but explode. The only question is, will there be massive inflation or massive depression?

The policies might have been defensible if successful. But evidence to date suggests that policy makers are unlikely to succeed. The Bank for International Settlements and other central bankers now stress the limits to monetary policy in boosting economic growth without addressing the underlying issues [unsupported or "fiat" currency].

Ordinary people fear the consequences on their lives from the Great Unraveling. The political and social response is likely to be volatile. It was the fear and disaffection of middle-class citizens who had lost their savings in the Great Depression that gave rise to fascism.

Governments have shown little willingness to inform the electorate about the magnitude of the economic problems, the lack of solutions, and cost of possible corrective actions. Politicians have taken regard of historian Simon Schama’s comment that no one ever won an election by telling voters it had come to the end of its "providential allotment of inexhaustible plenty." In a moment of unusual candor, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and Head of the Euro-Group Jean-Claude Junker stated: "We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we have done it."

Precious political and economic capital has been wasted with inadequate policies that have side effects and decrease chances of a recovery. For policy makers everywhere, to paraphrase Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the "permanent lie [has become] the only safe form of existence."

Read Mr. Das's entire article here.



Jim DeMint is a longtime friend of this news outlet. You should know that. What follows is an article from a Senior Fellow of Jim's Heritage Foundation. I cannot think of a time when Jim and I have differed on anything, but I have to confess that I don't know how he thinks about the subject of Gay marriage. You already know what I think. Also, I don't think the Senior Fellow is a relative - at least not a close relative. If you think you know all about the subject, you may find the following important.

Ryan T. Anderson, the William E. Simon senior research fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation, wrote about the same-sex marriage case earlier this week:

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about gay marriage. Here’s what you need to know.

1. There simply is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that requires all 50 states to redefine marriage. Whatever people may think about marriage as a policy matter, everyone should be able to recognize the Constitution does not settle this question.

Unelected judges should not insert their own policy preferences about marriage and then say the Constitution requires them everywhere.

2. The overarching question before the Supreme Court is not whether a male–female marriage policy is the best, but only whether it is allowed by the Constitution. The question is not whether government-recognized same-sex marriage is good or bad policy, but only whether it is required by the Constitution.

Those suing to overturn male-female marriage laws thus have to prove that the man–woman marriage policy that has existed in the United States throughout our entire history is prohibited by the Constitution. They cannot successfully so argue.

3. As Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito pointed out two years ago, there are two different visions of what marriage is on offer. One view of marriage sees it as primarily about consenting adult romance and care-giving. Another view of marriage sees it as a union of man and woman—husband and wife—so that children would have moms and dads.

Our Constitution is silent on which of these visions is correct, so We the People have constitutional authority to make marriage policy.

The debate over whether to redefine marriage to include same-sex relationships is unlike the debate over interracial marriage. Race has absolutely nothing to do with marriage, and there were no reasonable arguments ever suggesting it did.

Laws that banned interracial marriage were unconstitutional and the Court was right to strike them down. But laws that define marriage as the union of a man and woman are constitutional, and the Court shouldn’t strike them down.

4. The only way the Court could strike down state laws that define marriage as the union of husband and wife is to adopt a view of marriage that sees it as an essentially genderless institution based primarily on the emotional needs of adults and then declare that the Constitution requires that the states (re)define marriage in such a way.

Equal protection alone is not enough. To strike down marriage laws, the Court would need to say that the vision of marriage that our law has long applied equally is just wrong: that the Constitution requires a different vision entirely.

But the Constitution does not require a new vision of marriage.

Advocates for the judicial redefinition of marriage cannot reasonably appeal to the authority of Windsor, to the text or original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment, to the fundamental rights protected by the Due Process Clause, or to Loving v. Virginia. So, too, one cannot properly appeal to the Equal Protection Clause or to animus or Lawrence v. Texas.

Nor can one say that gays and lesbians are politically powerless, so one cannot claim they are a suspect class. Nor can one say that male–female marriage laws lack a rational basis or that they do not serve a compelling state interest in a narrowly tailored way, as explained in Heritage Foundation legal memorandum “Memo to Supreme Court: State Marriage Laws Are Constitutional.”

5. Everyone in this debate is in favor of marriage equality. Everyone wants the law to treat all marriages in the same ways.

The only disagreement our nation faces is over what sort of consenting adult relationship is a marriage. Since the U.S. Constitution doesn’t answer that question, the people and their elected representative should.

And they should democratically enact laws that define marriage as the union of man and woman, husband and wife, mother and father.

6. Marriage exists to bring a man and a woman together as husband and wife, to be father and mother to any children their union produces. Marriage is based on the anthropological truth that men and woman are distinct and complementary, the biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and the social reality that children deserve a mother and a father.

Marriage is society’s best way to ensure the well-being of children. State recognition of marriage protects children by encouraging men and women to commit to each other—and to take responsibility for their children.

7. Redefining marriage to make it a genderless institution fundamentally changes marriage: It makes the relationship more about the desires of adults than the needs—or rights—of children. It teaches that mothers and fathers are interchangeable.

8. Rather than rush to a 50-state “solution” on marriage policy for the entire country, the Supreme Court should allow the laboratories of democracy the time and space to see how redefining marriage will impact society as a whole.

There is no need for the Court to “settle” the marriage issue like it tried to settle the abortion issue. Allowing marriage policy to be worked out democratically will give citizens and their elected representatives the freedom to arrive at the best public policy for everyone.

As the 6th Circuit noted when it upheld several states’ marriage laws, “federalism…permits laboratories of experimentation—accent on the plural—allowing one State to innovate one way, another State another, and a third State to assess the trial and error over time.” Judges should not cut this process short.

At the end of the day, this is a debate about whether citizens or judges will decide an important and sensitive policy issue—in this case, the very nature of civil marriage. Read more about it in our legal memo.

There is another point, which needs to be addressed: Do I, as a straight, white, married, male have a constitutional right not be insulted by the free speech of lesbian, black, partnered, females? The answer is, "HELL NO!" And the reverse is also true, whether or not a judge, or God himself, says otherwise.



I want your sheep's wool. I have twenty cucumbers. I also have a coconut, a sea-shell with mother-of-pearl lining, and a palm-print of Louis Jordan imprinted on a genuine palm leaf. You choose the coconut because it is rare, you don't know who Louis Jordan is, and you already have 15 sea-shells. What have we done?

A normal person would understand that value has been traded for value. Each valued item is a wasting asset, but different waste-time values: The wool can make clothing which will, in years to come, wear out. The coconut should be eaten very soon, but the hulls could be used to make hoofbeat sounds as you and your lackey ride around the kingdom. In any case, the hull would wear out in about six months.

Gold is rare and has a waste-time value of billions of years. It and silver cannot be manufactured yet, although, within 25 years, assuming the technology develops as expected, it MAY be possible - but that's assuming Star Trek-type ability to put atoms together in directed patterns in a bulk process - in other words, print gold. That may not ever be possible, but, still, the possibility creates another variable which applies to ALL commodities - the so-called "tulip bulb speculation bubble."

Our economy is a tissue of lies and resembles a bubble. This is a graphic presentation of how a bubble usually manifests. At any point along the way, those in authority could reveal the truth and stop many from making horribly stupid choices. Eventually, though, the bubble takes on a life of its own.. and "POP!" goes the weasels - and your money with them.

What I'm getting at here, is that while gold and silver are the only commodities which have a basic, original value, they are STILL COMMODITIES. Even so, they are of far greater value than a promise, which is what you have when you hold paper; And paper based on nothing - fiat currency - is even worse. In a sane world, people would prefer a gold coin to a piece of paper and knowing that the cyphers on their computer represented a solid, relatively stable commodity.

I am deeply exhausted from having to listen to economists who are doing little more than lying, while pointing to a stock market which continues to be propped up by the Fed. Their entire argument rests on the fact that the populace is so stupid or so ignorant that they cannot differentiate between fixed assets and fiat currency - "if people believe it's worth something, it is.." Are they right? Are businesspeople and everyday individuals that stupid or unknowledgeable, or are people just so busy, they don't have time to do what's necessary to throw the government bums in jail?

I will remind you that MOST of the SC delegation (five Congressmen and one Senator) are an aberration - conservatives who are not selfish cowards. One of our Senators and one of our Congressmen are as selfish and unthinking as most of the rest of the lot!

God help us, if the answer to any part of the question above is, "yes," because, as it stands, the inevitable economic tragedy has not been halted, only postponed.



In the first movie of The Godfather trilogy, Virgil Sollozzo wants to kill off Don Corleone because he stands in the way of his and Don Barzinni's drug plans. Things do not go the way Sollozzo wants and the Godfather winds up in the hospital.

In the Sicilian way, Sollozzo wants a truce to talk peace. And he makes an offer that Sonny, the firstborn of Don Corleone and temporary head of the famiglia, "can't refuse." So they set a meeting.

While the Corleones are waiting for the time and place for the meeting, someone suggests that they might just put a tail on the car Michael (the Don's youngest son, who has said he will "settle" the problem) will be traveling in, Sonny shoots back, "Sollozzo'll lose our ass, goin' around the block!"

In a phrase, that is exactly what Iran will do under any treaty or agreement America could possibly reach with those wicked, suicidal refugees from the middle ages.

Obama says that we'll be able know whenever they attempt to make an atomic device. Really? How many times in the past 15 years have we been caught with our pants down? We can barely keep up.

This is not a complaint about the CIA or the NSA or any other three letter spy agency. Rather, this is a complaint about a puerile executive branch which has squandered America's power, worldwide, and exposed our country to every conceivable danger that the big bad world has to offer a weak nation such as we are becoming.

Discover what the Iranians are doing with nuclear weapons? Not really. As weak as we are now, spy-wise, they can "lose our ass goin' around the block."



The famous phrase was used by both sides in 2008 - "It's 3:00am... the phone is ringing in the White House..." The ad - which came from the Clinton camp made it clear that the question was, "Where will the President be?"


So, what is Hillary Clinton saying by "tweeting it in?" She's running for President, for God's sake! She can't even show up for HERSELF?

While we're at it, Hillary doesn't even show up in her own commercial until very late, and by that time you've already guessed that no-one in the Democrat party had anything to do with what little progress America has made, except to shove the LGBT political organization down an unwilling America's throat. Yes, it was 3:00 o'clock, and Hillary sent someone else to tell people she was running.

There is a word for Hillary Clinton. It also describes the large majority of her supporters. Pathetic.



I was not aware that the rent-a-protester crowd had had enough time to organize for the news conference with the Mayor and Police Chief, but I should have guessed. When Fox News Channel and the MSM put the words, cop, black guy, and shooting together, I should have known that the "umbrage" crowd would be there, with their bullhorn and dumb questions/sloganeering.

This is a screen grab of the shooting in No. Charleston. The victim is clearly running away.

Understand, NOBODY in North Charleston has defended this shooting of an unarmed citizen, even if he was a deadbeat dad and allegedly "afraid of going back to jail." This is NOT To Kill A Mockingbird, and the cop deserves to be charged, if the evidence (which so far looks really convincing) can be verified by SLED and the FBI. He was tasered and he still ran away! Yes, he ran, but he could have been found with a modest amount of leg work. What happened to him (as far as we can ascertain) was completely, utterly wrong.

But the rent-a-crowd will not care. They get money from rich liberals who get joy in hurting people they perceive to be their enemies: conservatives, and libertarians, and, of course, Southerners. Even the self-hating, rent-a-white-college-girls from the College of Charleston socialist clubs were there. They WILL BE rewarded monetarily. Beats working (or studying).

Without or with the umbrage clowns, South Carolina will seek justice. Murder is murder. If this was murder, especially because he was a cop, he will be punished appropriately. Period.



This was simply too good to pass up! To me, the muppet's face has more character than our hapless Secretary of State.




Poor old Bill O'Reilly - writing books with ideas which were old in the 60's: Jesus' death, the Patton death conspiracy, Kennedy, and the altogether silly book about Lincoln. Now, he's all upset because of something that has been known about since the 70's.

Radical Islamist "holy" men have been converting prisoners to radical Islam for, literally, generations. During the Reagan and Bushes administrations, the Muslim clerics were vetted much more severely than during the Carter or Clinton eras. The vetting has completely ceased during the Obama administration, as one would now expect.

Is it any wonder that the potential for radical Islamist cells are now not only numerous here, in these United States, but also HAVE BEEN NUMEROUS from time to time for 50 years. A little late, Bill, but thanks, anyway.



Before 2014, Sen. Harry Reid, the corrupt head of the Democrats in the Senate, was in a position to poison America, and did. He, and Nancy Pelosi (former Creeper of the House), and President Obama are responsible for the most destructive legislation in the History of Democracy. It will take ten to twenty years of Conservative government to correct the horrors that these three have visited upon the Citizens of America.

But since 2014, Harry Reid has become a cypher - a festering wart on the buttocks of the Senate. Some in Nevada are saying that his "fall" was a warning from local Mafia "friends" that he still has debts to pay. Probability, however, seems to point to too many boxing matches in his youth which have permanently damaged his motor skills and thinking processes. You may have heard a rumor that Reid couldn't win a game of musical chairs in 2016, much less keep his seat. That might well be true, too. In any case, he's no longer a threat to anyone but himself, after 2016.

So fine, let him go. The only tragedy is that his legacy will be one of destroyed small businesses and newly created poverty throughout the country.



(March 21, 2015) South Carolina needs to learn how to hit.

I haven't seen Mizzou play A&M, yet - THAT will be an SEC baseball series to watch. What I do know is that The University of Missouri has a better baseball team than the University of South Carolina.

Compared to the Gamecocks, the Tigers offense is better disciplined, better taught, and slightly better coached. The players are not physically better than the USC team. South Carolina has a couple of big hitters, but the Gamecock players haven't been trained well. Yes, they know HOW to hit, but they don't know HOW to hit WHEN and WHERE. That was evident in the Saturday game.

It might be fairest to the team to say that the Tigers were able to place their hits in extremely appropriate places, almost as if they had TRAINED to hit the ball into those areas of the outfield. You got the feeling, watching the game slip away, that Mizzou was playing a game they could not lose.

I'm not saying that South Carolina cannot match Missouri strength for strength. South Carolina's fielding is second to none. I'm saying that the Gamecocks are ignorant of the wiles of baseball offense in a way that the Tigers have already been schooled. It is a subtle, but powerful difference, and the answer is education. Maybe they need a different WAY to teach them. Maybe they need a better teacher. But one thing is certain; South Carolina cannot win against the likes of Missouri (and maybe A&M) until they learn to do the things that Missouri can, when it comes to batting.



It's real, and it's all brought to you by the Obama Justice Department. From comes this little number:

Imagine going to the bank to withdraw some cash.

Having some cash on hand is always a prudent strategy, and especially today when more and more bank deposits are creeping into negative territory, meaning that you have to pay the banks for the privilege that they gamble with your money.

You tell the teller that you’d like to withdraw $5,000 from your account. She hesitates nervously and wants to know why.

You try to politely let her know that that’s none of the bank’s business as it’s your money.

The teller disappears for a few minutes, leaving you waiting.

When she returns she tells you that you can collect your money in a few days as they don’t have it on hand at the moment.

Slightly irritated because of the inconvenience, you head home.

But as you pull into your driveway later there’s an unexpected surprise waiting for you: two police officers would like to have a word with you about your intended withdrawal earlier…

If this sounds far-fetched, think again. Read this.

This has already happened in Yankeeland. So, what are YOU going to do about it? What can ANYBODY do?



Barack Hussein Obama is acting like a two year old by not acknowledging Bibi's victory for two whole days, and then finally making a recalcitrant phone call.. It's really embarrassing for the United States and is yet another sign of a probable psychosis with which he as been stricken. I'm jus' sayin'.



In 1982, after a year and a half of the leadership of Ronald Reagan, it seemed that the racial divide between former inhabitants of the Caucasus and the former inhabitants of Africa, which had scarred the nation since before the War Between the States, was ending.

Of course, there will always be racists - just look at members in rejected societies based on race, NAACP, KKK, Black Muslims, Militant "White Christian" Movement, Operation Pussh.

But, as I have already shown, here, several times, in South Carolina, from the beginning, we already liked everybody except people of color. So the Reagan era was like breathing in pure air. People of good-will throughout the Palmetto State could be heard saying things like, "I like old       (name here)       . He's a good old boy." Now, if you know anything about really successful people, "He's a good old boy" is the highest praise that can be awarded a person of worth; especially in white Southern society - and especially in South Carolina. So you knew things were getting better, when you heard that epithet being applied to a black person of worth.

As for our Black friends, with enough beer ingestion, they could talk to our faces about those "crazy crackas" and interracial screwups without fear of retribution. And we knew they were gentle jokers, not racists. No victims, no whining, just folks.

But it is no longer 1982. There is no "feel-good" anymore, and we are in perilous times. All the work that many have done.. trashed. And you know why. In a feverish rush to make money, an oddly capitalist thing to do, some people in Chicago and some individuals still living separately from the rest of us, decided they could own the political power in our society.

Now, these people couldn't do it by claiming "Justice;" justice was being meted out pretty much evenly by then. So they turned from justice to "Fairness" - an indefinable term behind which these opportunists could hide while claiming racism. And THAT, folks, is why we even have a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton - even Rep Jim Clyburn.

Maybe they figured that they were owed something for working so hard during the 60's and 70's - well, all but Sharpton who is dreaming if he thinks he's a civil rights worker like Jesse or Jim. But Chicago Rules eventually mean destruction of something when they win.

Chicago Rules made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and THAT, said John, is that. Now, it's all about Fairness and Equal Outcome, and the Constitution goes merrily down the drain.

Most white people are not racists, and neither are most black people. But we will have to start suffering each other with much more effort UNTIL the Chicago Machine goes back to Chicago. But we can do it. We're Americans. We're exceptional. And we're NOT from Chicago.



Years ago, I wrote in this column that President Obama uses strabismus to redirect public opinion from one misdeed to another, which will eventually be seen as a misdeed. This last three days, we have seen four perfect examples.

  1. We heard our Belovèd Leader, who has said that he CANNOT absolve ALL illegal aliens of their illegal status, make an Imperial proclamation that they will all be allowed to stay and receive free stuff funded by billions your tax dollars.

  2. To hide that unconstitutional act, beyond the lying PR people who work for the NYT, WaPo, MoveOn, etc., Obama had leaked the fact that a ridiculously impotent agreement with Iran was being struck without any notification of Congress.
  3. Beyond the lying PR people who work for the NYT, WaPo, MoveOn, etc., and out of Obama's reach, real journalists discovered that Mme. No-Longer-Secretary of State, Hillary I'm-Guilty-As-My-Dead-Associates Clinton, was using her own servers to carry her official e-mail! Watching her trying to explain away her sins by attacking the GOP - blatant squirrel-tossing.

  4. Now, the Democrat Party's Associated Press did a jaw-droppingly one-sided piece on the poor suckers who have already been set up, now being hurt if Obamacare stops. You knew it had to happen.

What about the law? What about the Constitution? What about simple honesty? Democrats and their supporters did this to us, and I blame them more than the villains they helped.



I hope to get more info about this later, but I have it from excellent sources that Amazon (dot-com) is changing their method of delivering digital videos purchased for personal use - AND YOU MAY NOT LIKE IT.

As it stands, they have clammed up about why they are ditching their "unbox video" downloading software, but it can only be one of a few reasons - bad management (not likely), threat of a tort over the software's development or use (possible), costs to much to use (plausible), Amazon is buying VUDU or another similar company (probable), and/or Hollywood is getting über-greedy (again).

Whatever it is, let's hope it won't hurt their bottom line. Amazon has pumped MUCHO bucks into our state in the form of cash and jobs, and I hope they not only make it, but expand. I'm just unhappy because, now that I got Unbox figured out, I've got to get my digital movies some other way. Also, I thought I was going to be able to keep my digital movies - does this mean I've got to back a generation to my DVDs?



Bibi Netanyahu's speech before the Congress was perfect Churchill. Obama, who has decided to crap on S.C. by visiting Bend an Arm - Bend a Leg, looked like real JV by his petulant and juvenile behavior. BTW, the local media in Columbia are acting like breathless prostitutes, reporting on Obama as if he's not a habitual liar. It is genuinely funny to watch.

The government, as Mark Levin noted, was shut down today - because of the snow - nobody noticed. And I want to remind as many as may listen that the Department of Homeland Security will staff every important position that needs to be staffed. Only the Congress and occasionally the President can reassign important people to NOT fill their jobs. There is legislation, already in place, which demands that funding necessary to vital American interests will be made up, as long as the Congress eventually funds the program.

Life is not always as it seems, and the image we are presented with does not always jibe with the truth. Our leaders break the law every day, and we are threatened with jail to keep us from doing the same. But we are better than they, and we will persevere, God willing, even in the face of their wickedness and greed.

Even so, the Democrats are out, once again, threatening Götterdämmerung, if the President doesn't get his way, breaking the Constitution, once again. To be blunt, the President's and Democrats' threat is a lie. It's as big a lie as "illegal people are not illegal."

Only non-essential people get a vacation. They aren't laid off, they aren't furloughed, they aren't fired. The only thing that happens is that the check will come later. And in any case, if you are a government worker and you DON'T have an emergency fund, you are officially stupid.

Now, I am someone who did not like the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security - I thought the FBI was enough, if they shared with the CIA. You know I was not for the second Iraq War, or even the Afghanistan War, but at least W was strong and we didn't look weak. Still, I wouldn't mind if the DHS went away altogether.

As a Conservatarian, I was also against giving big banks anything but FDIC coverage. I was totally against the laxity of our borders. I was equally unhappy with loosening of the welfare qualifications. The vilification of Israel by Harry Reid and the President was just plain wrong. Of course there was also Obamacare, over which I have also lost a substantial (for me) amount of money. So, as you already know, my stocking has been empty for many years.

The really creepy thing about all of this "end of the world politics" is that the President, just like the Democrats in the Senate, are the ones at fault - this time, blocking the DHS funding. And this time, it's not the Republicans fault, Senate Leader McConnell's actions to the contrary. Maybe Netanyahu's speech will put some starch in the shirts of the Senate.



Two things are undeniably true:

  1. It takes little or no energy to move a temperature downward (a corollary - it can take as much as 2x the energy to push a cold temperature higher than it does at moderate temperatures)
  2. The government (our beloved goomba-in-chief) has been systematically rejecting lower temperature readings, especially in Januaries past.

"Who could imagine that they would freak out in Washington, DC?" All the government needs to tell its lies is a little TIME.

To a scientist, interested in accurate numbers, this is a frightening thing. But even more frightening is that honest scientists are being threatened by Obama "true believers." I personally know of two professors in the DC area that were told to "cool it, on the anti-Global Warming thing," or their research budgets would be pulled. They are physicists, btw, who, along with others, have proven, mathematically, that if all the frozen water on Earth were to melt, it would only increase the level of the seas by an average of a few feet. The math was undertaken at the request of a famous movie reviewer and the results may be found in the side notes of the Digital version of Kevin Costner's fun, end of the world flick, Waterworld.

The only thing that's going to stop this sort of blatant idiocy is a change of administrations and an addition of 15 conservative Senators.



Most days and most times, the cowardice of others can either be ameliorated or, at the very least, avoided. But these are not those days.

Nevertheless, Machiavelli would have recognized these days that we all, currently, share-

"Men have less scruple in offending one who is beloved than one who is feared, for love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails."

Niccolo Machiavelli - "..fear insures voluntary enslavement when moral obligation (caritas) fails.."

Looking at the United States Congress, Democrats and Republicans, we see that cowardice fear instills and the perverted loyalty that it causes. The fear of being left out of the "big deal," or being suppressed by a murderous-minded president, or being murdered, period, keep Democrats in line. The fear of offending the leaders, who control billions of dollars in private money necessary to re-election, keep the Republicans in line.

Only a very few lawmakers (most from South Carolina) are brave enough to speak of the evil that our current President represents. But in truth, they will tell you that they are not that brave. They're doing what they were elected to do. Yet, because so many legislators are so cowardly, so afraid of confrontation, the hope for impeachment of an easily provable psychotic is currently impossible.

Is there any hope, or is America facing a self-created "End of Days?" America cannot remain America if she is subjected to even another six months of this certifiably crazy person, who flagrantly brags that his imaginary world is not only real, but berates others who do not own their own unicorn!

But, as a friend of The Almighty, I know for a fact that "wonders never cease." Yes. It would be a miracle if only a few Democrats joined with the Republican majority and convict upon impeachment this major loon in the White House. But if not, the republic is finished, and the Fascist Empire will have begun.

Let us pray for a miracle..



(February 17, 2015) You're going to hear about a Feb 16 rally in Columbia to which showed up over a thousand people. The actual number is closer to 600. How do I know that? I was there. Here's a picture taken by Tracy Glantz, professional photographer for The State - the comments are mine. Notice the crowd numbers about 600 or so people. Also notice the very expensive professionally printed signs. Somebody paid for those, too. Guess who? Sure, the NAACP threw the party, but follow the money.

We had to pass by the group in order to get to the church across the street. I knew immediately that it was a group from SC State, huffing and puffing and trying to intimidate legislators who want to shut down the bankrupt school.

If there ever were a poster-school for mismanagement, alleged corruption, and outright foolishness, it is SC State. And there are many stories of millions of dollars just disappearing,in and around the school. Whatever happened to the tons of dollars given to SC State to build the Jim Clyburn School of Something or Other? There's no building either. But SOMEBODIES have the money.

And somebody, PLEASE explain this:

These are Orangeburg District 5 Public School Buses - four of them. They are paid for and run with your tax dollars. Why are they being used to ship in protesters? Is this not a clear misappropriation of public school district tax money?

But then, again, it IS Orangeburg, isn't it? - a place where tax money disappears as regularly as school days.

Up until two years ago, I was solidly in SC State's corner. Hell, I used to guest-lecture at SCSU (for free, by the way). But things have surfaced about favoritism to certain "friends" of the college in the letting of contract. This cannot stand, and I will not support it.

If the race baiters yell "racism" again, will the legislature, which is not known for consistently doing the right thing, be able to take a strong stand against these pathetic bankrupt thieves? In the mean time, let's let the school buses speak for themselves.



(February 9, 2015) Peter J. Wallison is one of those wizards who functions on a level of such rarefied air in which most of us would faint. Four-and-a-half years ago, he predicted that Dodd-Frank would create the same problem it was created to prevent - another pathetic progressive/liberal financial mistake, made possible by voters who were more greedy than patriotic. And it IS coming to pass.

Four years later, Dodd-Frank's pernicious effects have shown that the law's critics were, if anything, too kind. Dodd-Frank has already overwhelmed the regulatory system, stifled the financial industry and impaired economic growth.

According to the law firm Davis, Polk & Wardell's progress report, Dodd-Frank is severely taxing the regulatory agencies that are supposed to implement it. As of July 18, only 208 of the 398 regulations required by the act have been finalized, and more than 45% of congressional deadlines have been missed.

Finish reading the article, here.



(February 6, 2015) I haven't written anything new, for two reasons, 1. I've been sick (RSV) and it's all I can do to get up and teach class, and, 2. What I wrote for the 31st is so undeniably true and effects almost every thing every American does, it ought to stay up a long time so that everyone can let it soak in. I will say that I'm not the only serious journalist who has posited this idea in a serious fashion. But I'm hoping that famous, serious journalists will also acknowledge that Obama is a sick puppy and needs to be retired.

(January 31, 2015) Either Barack Obama is clinically insane or he is a cheesy Gothic Villain.

I'd like to believe that he's just a cheesy Gothic Villain, chuckling madly over pissing off the GOP. But, don't be so quick to pooh-pooh the clinically insane categorization. If you look at the DSM-IV definition of "Psychosis," which can easily qualify for a legal definition of "Insane," this is what you get:

noun: psychosis; plural noun: psychoses
   a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

Honestly, doesn't that definition ring a bell about the actions of the President, since Nov. of 2014?

The President is oblivious to at least six different and important occurrences in the world which he has said DOES NOT EXIST. That's nuts!






(January 24, 2015) What's the difference between Glozell Green and Kingfish Stevens? Both are funny and poke fun at dumb people. Both characters are ignorant but pretend to an unreachable level of sophistication. And, yes, both are video superpowers.

Glozell Green

George Kingfish Stevens (Tim Moore)

The only discernable difference between the lady with power-green lipstick and the completely batty leader of the Mystic Knights of the Sea, is that the NAACP doesn't like the Kingfish. They think the image he portrays is racist. Frankly, there is something seriously wrong with the once-important civil rights organization, but we've all known that since the late 80's.

Funny is funny. Minstrel shows are not funny. Racist cartoons are not funny. But well-scripted, well-acted situation comedies are not racist, just because the entire cast is African American. Some of the funniest moments on film are episodes of Amos 'n' Andy. And, as far as the characters being caricatures, Google Glozell Green.



(January 21, 2014) From the same people who unilaterally declared that homosexuality was a normative behavior, comes the declaration that questioning authority is a mental illness. The DSM-V makes the preposterous assumption that disagreeing, or even being disagreeable is somehow insane.

If this were being proffered under a different, non-poisonous administration, the concept would be instantly rejected. Not so, today. It is entirely possible that this lunacy will actually find its way into the official, once trusted authority, publication.




(January 20, 2014) You're going to hear, Tuesday night, about how much better the economy is. It's not. They are counting only the GDP the major part of which is the stock market. (Yes, we explained all this before.) Tuesday, the word will have already gone out to the big banks market units to make the markets go up. They will. (UPDATE: As of 2:30pm,Tues, the big money has re-appeared on the trading floor, causing false "up" signals and then selling into whatever "up" there is!)

Because of Obama's Buddy-Capitalism (economic fascism) policies, Small Companies are going out of existence allover this country. They can't keep up with the government-favored big businesses. Europe is crumbling. Our foreign policy has failed, horribly. Our international monetary policy is nothing more than financial bullying. We are all in deep doo-doo. And Shepherd Smith and President Obama will smile and lie to you, and tell you everything is just fine. Just fine.

I'm tired of hearing lies from the keening President - when you take from the rich to give to the poor, only the government benefits. Instead, I have purchased Ironman 3, and will skip the Mad, Raving Socialist speech.



It always seems that when I get really enthusiastic about my work, I get stricken with some stupid virus and, for a time, the virus wins. Been fighting it since Thursday. It looks like the "little flu" that nobody suspected - not horrible, but HIGHLY contagious. Definitely airborne. Hits the lungs and seeds them with crud. Mild fever. Ill humor. Slight nausea. As Charlie Brown and Snoopy said "Bleh."

I was going to go to the TEA Party get-together in Myrtle Beach, but instead, wound up watching on the BREITBART.COM live feed. I watched some of the other networks, and NO-ONE, not even Fox mentioned the meeting. Locla TV newsoutlets did cover. Good for them. Bad for Fox, which is looking more and more like the mistress of big biz, which is just as bad being the mistress of Big Government.

I will be back soon, perhaps as early as Wednesday. For now, I'm hoping for a swift recovery.



Pay attention, you folks who think the market is efficient; the reason the Swiss Franc just uncoupled from the Euro is that the monetarism being used by the European Central Bank - the SAME monetarism used by the President's FED & Friends, here in the U.S. - has failed, utterly. People are lining up, throughout Europe to trade their lousy Euros for mostly-gold-backed Swiss Francs. As of today, however, the most healthy fiat currency is a toss-up among the SF, the Chinese Yuan (Renminbi), the US$, and the Pound Sterling.

The only reason the Dollar is strong (and that's not saying a lot) is that it's backed by our military and our Droning President. But that can all change. Most, like me, think it will. We don't have the gold, oil has tanked, and there is a history of US just lying like a cheap prostitute to its people, most of whom don't know how money is created, anyway. F'r'instance, the FED SAID they have ended quantitative easing, but it is plainly obvious that they have not.

With the government intervening in so many, many private businesses, we are now, truly, living in a land of economic Fascism. But, as I have warned, many times, a reckoning is coming. If you have precious metals or land or some other commodity, your reckoning may be gentler - if you can hang on to it.



While it is encouraging that the world seems to be waking up to the "obscenity of militant Islamicism," it is equally disheartening that our beloved leader decided to "dis" the meeting of world leaders in Paris.

What this basically boils down to is that Obama and his Braunhemden aren't going to do anything to empower the average American to protect themselves from this 8th century curse.

There is absolutely NO reason why Obama, who will take a plane ride at the drop of a hat, should not have been in Paris on Sunday to march with the other heads of state. One MUST conclude that Obama is sending the message that Militant Islamicism is just OK by Or maybe, since it wasn't all about him, he didn't feel the necessity to be there. In the end, what difference does it make?

But there IS something that you can do. And it's very simple. Get a conceal-carry and carry.

The Smith & Wesson M&P .22 long rifle semi-automatic made in Walther's German factory.

My weapon of choice is a Smith & Wesson M&P .22lr semiautomatic pistol, which is made for S&W at the German factory by Walther. In the magazine, I keep 13 Aquilla subsonic sniper 60 grain .22 long rifle bullets. I carry an extra magazine. If you don't think this can be an effective weapon, I invite you watch the numerous test firings on My wife is fond of the .38 special hammerless S&W.

Aquilla subsonic sniper 60 grain .22 long rifle bullets. Much serious damage.

If you are younger and stronger, you might consider a 9mm or .40. If you are huge, you probably can heft a .45 or a .50. Just remember, the better shot you are and the more training you've had, the smaller calibre you can carry.

Make absolutely sure of your target, then, "see a terrorist, shoot a terrorist. See a crook, shoot a crook." It's very simple. People of character will understand. We individuals are our own best defense.

As Robert A. Heinlein and L. Neil Smith would say, "An armed society is a polite society." And the DOJ Brownshirts be damned.


WELL.. JUST PERFECT!I found this on the net. It's just perfect. However, it does help to have seen genius director, Stanley Kubrick's version of The Shining. Not that Al Gore has the creds of Jack Nicholson (or the presence), but considering everything.. this picture is.. just perfect.

Tee hee..



Please forgive me, but I don't believe there are only 25 conservatives in the House. If that were true, then WHY did most of the South Carolina delegation, which, except for Jim Clyburn - and we all know about his selling out for Democrat power he can no longer access - are undeniably conservative, yet voted for Speaker Boehner. Except one. Trey Gowdy was not there. He told the Spartanburg Herald that his flight was canceled, but that he would have supported Boehner, had he been able to get there. You might say he gave a vote of "snow."

Well of the House this Tuesday, January 6th, 2015, as John Boehner (R-OH) is escorted to the Speaker's Bench.

Frankly, I don't care what anyone says; If he were in DC, which he wasn't, he would have been there, even if he had to cut down phone poles, lash them together and get meter maids to pull his makeshift sleigh (which is something I would actually pay good money to see). My guess is that Boehner had his back throughout the Issa hearings and more. And my guess is also that he didn't want to show up to give anybody else a reason to vote for him (Trey), even though one Congressperson eventually did.

Why didn't our guys go screaming naked into the woods?

Think about this - if the goal is to return to conservative principles, wouldn't you need a great deal of power? And if you were dependent on the support of others, you'd have to share that power. If all you do is raise hell, you don't make alliances, you don't use noblesse oblige, and when it calls for it, you can never use force majeure, because nobody's behind you to make the "force.".

The great English actor, Charles Laughton (left), played "Seeb" Cooley, Senior Senator from South Carolina, a very wily and powerful politician, who trades favor for favor, always getting his way, in the end. (Otto Preminger's Advise and Consent [1962].)

It's called politics - a practice I know something about. It's also something that South Carolinians know about. Remember who was the wily politician played by none other than the brilliant Charles Laughton in Otto Preminger's (1962) Advise and Consent. The South Carolina Senator, "Seeb" Cooley. Alan Drury, who wrote the novel knew of South Carolina's power in the Congress.

Now, the one thing I'm NOT saying is that Republicans need to "play nice" with Democrats on the destructive actions of their President. But Democrats can be bought. And if the price is not too high - and here, we have to trust our South Carolina politicians to know better - then we can gain power by paying those bills. So, simply put, supporting Boehner now insures helping to keep Boehner right side up, when the really tough times come.

As I said, earlier in this column, that I'm giving the Republicans three months. That includes Boehner, who seems not to have a spine (see the Ramirez cartoon), But to say that our South Carolina Republican representatives are not conservative, is pure sausage derived from Italian mortadella..

UPDATE: Told ya. The unorganized "yellers" are being spanked and embarrassed, and our conservatives are movin' on up.



I have a good many friends who still work for or run several reputable ad agencies scattered about this great land of ours. They are the remnants of a world I used to inhabit, but had the good sense to leave.

Some of them have told me to look out for Democrat operatives, also scattered about this great land of ours, who are putting vapid ideas into blank RINO brains. We've already seen some of it in the "Republicans MUST compromise" meme that has been proffered, lately. If our Republican representatives cannot get their Democrat colleagues to go along, they should be encouraged to kill and eat them.

Also, as soon as you have time - and if you don't have time, make time - email YOUR congressman and our two senators. Remind them that they are there to eviscerate and replace Obamacare, restrain in the extreme the EPA, IRS, and Justice Department, strengthen the borders, fight terrorism, and shrink government (except the military).

Do it gently, as honey collects more flies than vinegar.



So far, I haven't said anything bad about Republican Leadership in Washington. But starting today, I'm counting.

I hope you are paying attention, too. Unless they do something really stupid or egregious, I'm giving them three months to get organized and neuter Obama. That's all it should take. They've already been told how.

If they don't, I don't want explanations. I simply want to be told who's with me to build a third, truly conservative party.


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