CDC Refuses to post numbers of Ebola patients in the U.S.
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Last minute donations changes grinchy situation

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Sheriff Metts will go to trial..

Yet another teacher doing kiddie porn

Something the National Teacher's Exam doesn't weed out.

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President Lindsey?

S.C. Senior Senator searching for funding and approval for run..

BJU having prosecution probabilities

Greenville Solicitor Wilkins says it IS being looked into

Nothing says "Ew, ew, ew..........." a one million gallon waste water spill.

What's the difference between a Medical Center and a Hospital?

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Kappa Sig gets temporary stay at USC

USC sez ΚΣ have been particularly naughty.. lately..

Did you know that the S.C. National Guard is 378 years old?

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A Proposed New Constitutional Amendment:

No Federal Agency, nor any other unelected Body so constituted, even if representing any Federal Branch or appointed by that branch, shall have any power to make law, or the power to make rules which have the force of law, neither shall it have the power to command or decree the States to any action denied to such body by this amendment to the Constitution of the United States or by any other part or section of the Constitution of the United States.

"It's amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it." - Dr. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.

Best Explanation of the
Federal Reserve

Alexis deTocqueville on
How America might become a "Nanny" state.

Lord Acton's Axiom:
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, great men are most often bad, and there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder."

Other Quotes:
"Bureaucrats are the most despicable of persons, though they are needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble...   holders of little authority in which they delight...   Who can trust such creatures" - Cicero
"Who can endure a doctrine which would allow only dentists to say whether our teeth were aching, only cobblers to say whether our shoes hurt us, and only governments to tell us whether we were being well governed" - C.S.   Lewis, from his preface to Milton's Paradise Lost

Health Care: Can't Fix Complex Systems

On Obama's Tax Increases - Bar Stool Economics

Liberty Lovers & The Grid

Saving South Carolina Schools Pt 1
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Thanks to the ever-growing FDA, ALL restaurants are now being required, under penalty of law, to post a breakdown of what's in their food - carbos, protein, etc., not just the calories mind you. Little businesses will now have to REPRINT for the second time within a year ALL their menus. That costs big bucks.

But, of course, it helps the big chain restaurants.. Remember what I told you about how fascism works.

Please, please, read this amendment. It will STOP this sort of nonsense and make a lazy congress go back to work:

A Proposed New Constitutional Amendment:

No Federal Agency, nor any other unelected Body so constituted, even if representing any Federal Branch or appointed by that branch, shall have any power to make law, or the power to make rules which have the force of law, neither shall it have the power to command or decree the States to any action denied to such body by this amendment to the Constitution of the United States or by any other part or section of the Constitution of the United States.

This is NOT the same thing as proposed by Mark Levin. I wrote it and ran it by several experts in the Constitution. It goes farther than that and makes it impossible for a President to use them when stymied by the congress or courts.



As Jack Kennedy used to say,"Now-eh, about - Cuber.. eh, let me-eh shay thish about thaaat."

The lifting of the Embargo of Cuba is more than Obama trying to piss-off conservatives around the country. This is Obama officially opening up the possibility for placement of Russian missiles in Cuba. Don't laugh; they are on their way. In fact some may already be there. Since 2009, our secret services have reduced observation of Cuba by almost 75%. More stories about Russians and Cuba have come from independent media. None of this is secret or private information.

Jack Kennedy and Fidel Castro - No matter how you pronounced it, the island nation (which should have been part of the US, more than a century ago) has been a headache for our country. Don't hold your breath, waiting for justice for the populace and check your pocketbook.

But more than that, Obama's actions are a loud and obnoxious fart into the face of real Latino refugees, not just Cubans. Once again Our Beloved Leader has mocked those who are here for reasons of legitimate political or legal immigration. Once again, he has invited the fraudulent and wicked to eat at the table of welfare.

But what about opening up the possibilities of commerce? Think for a moment. Cuba has NO MONEY. It's people have no money. It barely has any foreign credits. WHERE do you think the money is going to come from for Cubans to buy ANYTHING from American businesses? Look in the mirror. It's US, the US Taxpayer, of course. Oh, we'll call it a loan, but it will never get paid back, and yo know what that means.

Please, tell me that you understand why it's so important that our next President not be a compromiser, nor a destroyer of his country!



I just wasted an hour and a half watching the first episode of Ascension, the latest Canadian offering being run on the SYFY Channel.

For a little while, I thought I was seeing the prelude to something worthwhile: a ship to the stars which started in 1963 (before Nov 22nd.) For a while I thought it was going to be a ship off course, which would make it Aniara, a nifty atonal post-modern Opera by Karl-Birger Blomdahl. But it wasn't that.

Somebody gets murdered. So, I thought it might be a neat film noire, like The Maltese Falcon which starred the inimitable Humphrey Bogart. But, no, it wasn't that well acted, and there was no John Huston, back from the dead, to make the proper directing choices.

But it turns out that it was just a repeat of an original Star Trek Plot, only it's meaner. It's an elaborate experiment that's been going on for over 50 years to see if the people can tough it out for the 100 year trip to the planet. Oh, and there's a kid, born on the "ship" who is psychic, and the canton of the US flag is laid out wrong - those might make things more interesting in one or two more episodes, but I'm not holding my breath.

Also - Bad military! Bad, Bad military. Get the idea?

Lots of technical boo boos, like, the .22 short bullet from the wound is pristine, and a guy gets sucked out into space where there is no vacuum (because it's not in outer space, but back on Earth).

I might look in on it, just to find out if Kennedy was killed because he found out about the operation, but other than that, it's just another movie that you want to bang your head against a concrete wall, after seeing it. One more thing - the Captain did it.



The CPI (Consumer Price Index) is coming out this week, and it will be a lie. That's SUPPOSED to be an indication of inflation. Real inflation - foodtsuffs, retail lumber, services, rents, gasoline, utilities, everything that people in the real middle class (and the poor, whom President Dumbo calls the "middle class") - has risen 20% since June of this year. That makes the price of living increase higher than at any time since the Great Stagflation of Jimmy Carter. But you'll hear pretty much the opposite.

Former Senator Jim DeMint and Sen. Tim Scott, two conservative South Carolina senators, walk in front of the Capitol Building. Looking back on it all, when have we South Carolinians EVER had TWO conservative Senators at the same time? So far, never.

I cannot make Our Beloved Leader tell the truth. No-one can. It's like the comedy skit in Monty Python's Meaning of Life - "Part I-The Miracle of Birth." Nobody cares about the woman giving birth, just the machine that goes "ping!" It's a send-up of England's National Health Service, of course. It's also an unintentional send-up of Obamacare.

Is it possible that there will be a miracle and somehow, our representatives will be listened to by the rest of congress? I'm losing faith quickly.

Nevertheless, I'm still going to wait until the middle of February, before I make any conclusions.



Briefly, the Democrats in Washington are trying to shut down the government! It's true. They don't really need Ted Cruz to help they do it, but Cruz is a man of his word, so he's out there again. The RINOs and Demos have enough to pass a budget which curtails much of the President's stupid "dictats," and, lo and behold, the Democrats in the House, and now, the Senate are balking! They're shooting at each other, and I, for one, am glad that they are being shown up for the un-cooperative, fascist you-know-whats they are. It also shows just how divided they are, as well.

And for those of you folks who voted for him, Lindsey pushed the Pork-o-Rama CROmnibus. It puts BIG bucks in the pockets of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, giving them exemption from Obamacare when they sell to American ex-pats abroad. Lindsey says that it's to fund the Military right now, rather than do a CR and wait until.............   more conservatives come to DC.

But we all knew all of this stuff five months ago.

(The reason I'm not writing about Obamacare is because I already warned you Six Years Ago. And, NO, I'm NEVER going to accept HTML5, either - it's a disaster and doesn't do what it had claimed it would do, which is simplify coding.)



I also don't care if it is true. I would gladly torture any Democrat or other enemy of America if it saved even one American life. I'm saying it did. They're saying it didn't. Their "proof" is opinion.

Not that what happened was torture. Diapers are not torture. Sleep deprivation is not torture. Waterboarding is not torture. Making people fear for their lives is not torture. But even if it were, it does work some times. The pusillanimites (persons of contemptible timidity) in our government are not a guidon for these days.

The contemptibly timid want morality? Fine. A terrorist surrenders his moral superiority when he even plots to commit any action against our country and its citizens.

It's not about fairness, it's not about sin, it's not wrong, and it's hated by Democrats. It's about protecting my family. What more do you need to know? I, for one am tired of those who claim righteousness, but, in fact are simply cowards.

(Sen. McCain, on the other hand, is an honorable man with a history of bravery. But he judges only for himself, due to his experience at the hands of the North Vietnamese and Vietcong.)



If you live in Myrtle Beach or McClellanville or Charleston or Beaufort, you already know about this and you all can go back to your knitting.

For people such as I, who grew up in Klumbyuh and never saw such until he was in his 20's, this is close to a vision. Even sailing buffs can appreciate the motorized cavalcade of gaily lit boats as they troll through the Lowcountry waters, bringing, through reflection, a double helping of gaiety and mirth.

A couple of the many Christmas Parade Boats in last year's Charleston parade.

I only have one photograph, which is a gift from the City of Charleston, where I spent some time in my 20's. On a late fall evening (which begins around a quarter after 5pm in December), looking toward the setting sun, you see a wonderfully splendiferous sunset, just dark enough so that the lights on the boats sparkle into a wondrous background.

Roper Mountain in Greenville.. the ENTIRE mountain.. is turned into a winter wonderland.

In the Midlands, we have many Christmas Lights parks. In Greenville, in the Upstate, they dedicated an entire mountain to Christmas Lights - the biggest in Carolinas (and the entire South, if you don't count Atlanta.) All are a magnificent tribute to the Season to be Jolly. But nothing beats the sea-faring tribute along the cities of the coast.

The Midlands' Riverbanks Zoo is a jungle of delights for the old and young, and an occasional Upwardly Mobile X'er.

But you don't have to journey to the big cities to get a Christmas thrill. Almost every city and town in the Plametto State has some kind of Seasonal lights park or parade. Spend an evening away from the political fight, and just make up your mind to go see one. If you like, you can eMail us a photo of your visit to one of the Christmas lights from your home town, and we'll start a page and include your name (unless you want to remain anonymous.).



Mark Twain paraphrased: "History may not repeat but it sure does rhyme." Mike Maloney has studied monetary and financial breakdowns throughout history and concludes that there's nothing new or different happening this time, except its global and far more massive than any other time in history. Worse, there are echoes of 1911 where a series of diplomatic blunders and national pride and intransigence combined to create the still largely inexplicable start to WW I. Gold and silver will come back with a vengeance, just as soon as Obama realizes that there is nowhere for the Fed to run. Here is Mike Maloney's article from

Worldwide transfer of wealth on its way - it's only a matter of time. has the complete video podcast, here.



Briefly, the employment numbers are still being falsified. More than half the number of "jobs" are actually part-time and seasonal employment. They are counting the numbers of hundreds of thousands of adjunct lecturers at universities, too, which sounds great, but are really part-time jobs for college professors. There are more people out of work, per capita, than following the great depression of 1893. And, PRESTO!, our beloved President is a liar once more.



The cavalry IS coming, but it won't get here until January.

Please read the previous sentence, again, out loud.

Here, in the twilight of this pretend-god, there will be NO compromise from this President. If ANYTHING is done in ANY CONSERVATIVE DIRECTION, it will have to be done OVER the VETO of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Period. As long as Harry Reid runs the Senate and the NYT, WaPo, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC are busily kissing the collective booty of the Democrat Socialist party, NOTHING will be done.

Götterdämmerung - Twilight of the Gods - the final opera in the Ring Cycle by Rikard Wagner, tells the tale of the death of the demi-gods of Valhalla. In non-Christian worlds, the gods eventually have to step down.

The most hated programs from the current President are the militarization of and micro-management by the EPA, Obamacare, dishonest border policy, the rape of our standing military, the IRS frauds against taxpayers, and on and on - in practice, almost all of the President's programs are hated by the large majority of Americans.

But not even a god can withstand a 2/3rds majority, and this possibility is much closer than you might think. A LOT of Democrat Senators are in terrible trouble with their constituents. They might just vote to slightly enlarge Medicaid for the truly poor, and end the universal mandate, which would effectively end Obamacare, while insuring people won't lose their insurance when changing job situations and make the insurance business competitive, again.

But, let's face it - it's not about medicine or the environment or racial justice or even foreign policy. It's about one egomaniac trying tragically to hang onto his wickedly wrong programs. He will be hated throughout what remains of the history of America for his selfishness, but that will not keep him from seeing the light. He sees a very dark and destructive future, into which he is willing to push the greatest nation in the world. He will drag us down to both our and his destruction. His Götterdämmerung.

DON'T BE PUSHED BY ANYONE INTO THINKING THERE IS AN ANSWER BEFORE JANUARY. Yes, the cavalry is coming. But we must have patience. January 3rd is when things will start to change.



Recently, an economic adept asked the question, "Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes?" He quotes Aldous Huxley, while others quote George Santayana, and Excalibur (1981) co-writers Rospo Pallenberg and John Boorman. The answer is. "They forget."

Leno's Jay-Walking

Ignorance is most probably the greatest threat to capitalism - perhaps even greater than fascism, which masquerades as both capitalism and communism, but enforces the wishes of oligarchy and enslaves the proletariat who are erroneously referred to as "the middle class," which they are most definitely not.

Jimmy Kimmel's Man-on-the-Street

Take, for instance, Jay-Walking, a hilarious segment on the superior Jay Leno's Tonight Show, now gone from NBC. What made it so funny was the fact that almost nobody in California, especially people in their 20's, knew the answers to even the most basic facts about geography, history, economics, and science. Same for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and Watters' World on the O'Reilly Factor.

Watters' World

Now, mind you, these are not obscure or irrelevant references, but basic knowledge that any Canadian schoolchild would know, and the average American high school graduate wouldn't. Now, I am not going to blame the parents, who thought their children were being taught well. The fault falls squarely on the teachers who are either too busy with irrelevant paperwork or honestly know how to teach but don't know their subject, and the people who set up such a stupid public system.

So here we have entire generations that don't know how money works. Is it any wonder that parents are angry and sarcastic bureaucrats believe we're all idiots? We're not idiots! We are not being taught the truth about the way things work. Worse, very few Americans will understand why the economy sucks, even though the MSM says things are great!



I'm not going to talk about Saturday's game, except to say that all the school presidents and all the school coaches said they wanted parity. Now they've got it. So don't whine, like Florida did, about your coaches. You got what you asked for.

I have been researching what sort of psychosis one must suffer, in order to allow the administration to appear to be moving the economy forward, and have written extensively about it: Phobia, Ignorance, and an undefined brain disease are the three possibilities. In the end, MIDDLE CLASS FUTURE TAX PAYMENTS are fuelling the postponement of a complete economic breakdown.

We were all astounded that a majority of Americans still don't get it that the Obama Administration just plain lied about their race-baiting, Obamacare, Benghazi, Androgenic Global Warming, Fast and Furious, and other corruptions, yet still believe the lie about a "recovering" economy. Seriously. But we should not have been. Like all fascist economies, the only certain thing is the eventual discovery that the debt is still due. Only the honest pay their debts.

But the monetary fraud has been extended to a world-wide lie. Even Switzerland has stopped asking to be paid back their gold, which they loaned to America to make it look like the dollar was backed by something. They stopped, because America does not have any gold to pay them back. All we have are receipts for promissory notes to numerous countries to pay back their gold that we borrowed.

The rise in the Stock market is counted as prosperity in the GDP, but is actually fueled by your taxes, which are being promised to the Federal Reserve, so that they can give the money to Big Banks, who cross the non-existent "Chinese Curtain" by giving the money to their Brokerage divisions to buy stock and push the market up, making it look like the economy is growing, but is merely debt that YOU, the middle class, OWE.

So when certain red-headed reporters on Fox Business News and everybody on CNBC talk so glibly about how the economy is reviving, just remember this: The rise in the market is fueled by your taxes, which are being promised to the Federal Reserve, so that they can give the money to Big Banks, who rend the "Chinese Curtain" by giving the money to their Brokerage divisions to buy stock and push the market up, making it look like the economy is doing just peachy. (Sorry for the run-on sentence.) A "Chinese Curtain" is a banking term which means you can be a bank AND a Stock brokerage, and, like its dangerous eponymous practice, was again allowed by the Clinton Administration. The anti-curtain law used to prevent exactly what is happening now under the Obama administration.

Our government is full of crap, Obama is the Head Crapper, and the American Taxpayer is the toilet.

Interesting note: Don't try to find the term "Chinese Curtain" or even any equivalent term in Wikipedia. It doesn't exist. There is no discussion of the importance of separating Banks and Stock Brokerages, or even WHY the current situation is so dangerous.



Anytime you can make a group of people feel they make no difference, anything can happen. This time, a very small group of people who have more melanin in their skin than others and progressive agitators, with pre-made signs, using whipped up a group of greedy criminals, eager to steal, rather than work. They called it justice.

I will remind you that this is NOT the 50's or even the 60's. If you are black, or any other ethnicity, no job is and can be denied you. You are protected from white people, or any majority, especially those wearing their mothers' bedsheets. You would think that equal opportunity would be welcomed. Nowadays, white folks call that justice.

Democrats, anarchists, and other Progressives think that they own black folks. They got a big surprise on November 4th. Now, every time a majority person farts, Democrats and Progressives try to get black folks out in the streets as if society has betrayed them. To paraphrase Sen. Graham on another subject.. they're full of crap.

It's time for parents to parent. Swinging daddios need to marry the women they impregnate. People need to realize THEY are responsible for THEMSELVES and their education. And ALL PEOPLE need to follow, at the very least, the last six of the Ten Commandments.

  1. Look after the people who raised you.   Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

  2. Don't kill anybody without just reason.   Thou shalt do no murder.

  3. Don't cheat.   Thou shalt not commit adultery.

  4. Don't steal, even if you need it.   Thou shalt not steal.

  5. Don't Lie.   Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

  6. Don't want something so much that you break the other rules to get it.   Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

Honestly, is this so much to ask? Are we so morally deficient that we don't know the difference between equal opportunity and equal outcome or can't follow six simple rules? Good people can and do. Then all people will be equal, and no one will be a victim.. or claim to be one.



It may have occurred to you, too, that almost everything - every piece of information about everybody - will eventually wind up in "the cloud." Why this is so important, I think, is because we are writing our future for real, but trusting these "records of everything we are" to the permanence of beach sand.

Let's pretend that it's 1,000,000 BC (BCE). Let's also pretend that we are at the top of human civilization - higher than we are, here, in 2014 AD (CE) - so advanced that everything we have ever learned is stored on crystals, accessible via a worldwide setup of microwave stations. There's a break in the 100,000 years-long cold - it will get cold again in 200 years, but now, the polar ice caps have all but melted, and the land bridge from Africa to Italy is almost submerged. The sun is brighter for this short period and the Earth's magnetic blanket has absorbed about as much solar radiation as it can.

But this sun has been hiccupping violently. One day, the Sun kicks the Earth in its virtual teeth, and the stored information of millennia is gone in an instant. There are chaos and riots. Society falls apart, and without learning resources, people have no choice but to forsake the cities made of bio-degradable plastic. With a society as advanced as this, with shared information, easily available and accessible, education was on insertable microchips. Before societies were able to recoup its losses, the Earth cooled, off and on, for almost 1,000,000 years.

Cities would cease to exist. After a million years, there would be no relics, no paper print, and no evidence that there had even been a civilisation. Humanity would be forced to tanning hides and killing food with stone implements.

What if this tale were true? Could we even tell that our ancestors had possessed more intelligence? We know from recent discoveries that Neanderthalers were far more intelligent than we had previously thought - not dumb brutes, but people who sang and created musical instruments. We also know that today, almost half of all students graduating our high schools are functionally illiterate. They certainly don't even know how their sexting pictures are transmitted to each other. Education is a thing unappreciated by many teachers as well as their students.

It is, of course, just a tale (except the part about education and the Neanderthalers.) But a tale from which we can learn.

The lesson is this: have one removable hard drive with important stuff, educational stuff, and survival stuff, and a way to retrieve it from the rhd by YOU. Two terabytes and a computer and a printer would do for most of us. Keep them in a lead-lined box inside a faraday cage. Then the fire won't die the way it would, if the info were only kept in "the cloud."



Can a citizen arrest a president? Theoretically, yes. Practically, no.. Not what you wanted to hear? Me neither.

In theory, a private citizen, in a State (not DC), can arrest anyone for any existing crime which can be sworn to by three or more persons. Practically, any citizen trying to arrest a President would be killed by his Secret Service, during the attempt. This IS what we have come to.

Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot is a play about two people waiting for a very long time for a third. They think Godot never shows up. American citizens are like Gogo and Vladimir. We can't arrest Obama. Will the Republicans "show up"?

Not only are America's citizens unable to fulfill the spirit of any law, but must now depend on law enforcement to ALWAYS act as agent for all citizens. This makes any President immune to the process of any state law. A person of ill intent is, as a matter of practice, a virtual wrecking ball. America's leader is person of ill intent. He has had great success destroying not only the fabric of the Constitution, but the fabric of American Society, whose destruction was started by Wilson and continued by FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, and Clinton.

American conservatives have been as patient as Vladimir and Gogo in Beckett's Waiting for Godot, hoping that Repubicans will right the wrongs of the fascist Democrats. Boehner says Obama will regret his mocking of legal aliens, by his imperial actions. Here's hoping he's right.

We're all waiting.



There is a guy who blogs by the name of none other than George Washington. You can read his blogs, on occasion, on Tyler Durden's blog, ZEROHEDGE.COM. To say he is a financial genius is to realize the word, genius, has a lot of room to grow. He was one of the first to warn about the possibility of a sovereign debt crisis. Now that it is upon us, it might be important to look back and see how it happened. Here is his article:

We’ve known for 5,000 years that mass spying on one’s own people is always aimed at grabbing power and crushing dissent, not protecting us from bad guys. (Spies ofAncient Egypt)

We’ve known for 4,000 years that debts need to be periodically written down, or the entire economy will collapse. And see this. (Credit peaks in Ancient Sumeria)

This chart shows what would have happened back in 2011, had the US not propped up world money markets with the dollar. Now, the US dollar is in the same situation and it's only a matter of when, not if, unless the fed stops printing money, COMPLETELY, which it probably won't.

We’ve known for 2,500 years that prolonged war bankrupts an economy. (Sun Tsu of China)

We’ve known for 2,000 years that wars are based on lies. (Aeschylus of Greece on the first casualty of war)

We’ve known for 1,900 years that runaway inequality destroys societies. (Plutarch of Imperial Rome)

We’ve known for thousands of years that debasing currencies leads to economic collapse. (Greek Drachma, Roman Denarius, etc.)

We’ve known for millennia that torture of its own people is a form of terrorism. (see Zimbabwe)

We’ve known for thousands of years that – when criminals are not punished – crime spreads. (Jesus and the money changers, for one)

We’ve known for hundreds of years that the failure to punish financial fraud destroys economies, as it destroys all trust in the financial system. (Even Adam Smith was against monopolies.)

It gets worse. Finish the article, here.



What makes Jonathan Gruber dangerous is not that he and the Obama administration lied to get Obamacare passed. They certainly did, and shoved it through against the will of the people in the middle of the night. But all elected Democrats lie all the time, they have to, there's nothing new there. What makes Gruber dangerous is that he is so stupid, he doesn't understand that Obamacare doesn't work. At all. The numbers are simply not there (we've told you all of this before.)



For these who follow these sorts of things, this bit of news will not be new: The Russians are buying gold to back the ruble. Troy tonnes of it. 55 tonnes of it, just last month. Even at as low as $1,100/troyoz, which we can easily see, you're still talking about $2B USD.. PER MONTH!

My sources tell me that this has been going on since Russia began invading Ukraine last year. If, for instance, Russia has been spending just half of that every month, we're looking at a bankable gold asset of more than $14B - $30B USD.

We know, from earlier reports, that the Russians already possessed 1,040 tonnes of gold, in February of this year. At the very least, the Russians have the equivalent of over $2T USD. The Chinese have 3x to 4x that amount.

To put it another way, the two baby economic giants have enough gold between them to pay off half the US debt, and enough oil to pay off the rest. This may be why the Fed, the European central banks, and the Obama administration have been actively suppressing the price of gold.

When - not if - Europe begins trading with rubles, renminbi, some pounds, Swiss Francs,and gold, the US, which has only "show-gold" at Ft. Knox, will see the value of the dollar plunge abroad and ridiculously inflate in America. Remember, we're all considered STUPID by Obama, the rest of the world thinks Obama is a joke, America thinks Obama is a liar, and his administration knows they, themselves, are complicit. So, no Democrat will admit this scenario is fundamentally possible, and so far, few Republicans in Congress, and NO media outlet has shown a peep of concern.


Also, the longer we wait to reign in the FED, the worse things will be. We have lived with the fraud of the greenback for 100 years. There is no quick fix, now. Already, the solution, which entails the recognition of the dollar as a redeemable asset, not debt, will be harsh, if we are to survive as a nation.

If not, I fear a revolution. I fear it will not be peaceful. The great uniter has become the economic Anti-Christ. And the real middle-class will pay and pay and pay.

TOTALLY OFF THE SUBJECT: Parity. - All the silly people who run the NCAA wanted it. Now they have it. Especially in the SEC. See what a mess it's making of the new committee-picked Football Playoffs? I rest my case. There should always be a giant who can be bumped off.



Remember, a couple of years ago, when I reported that Obama thinks you're stupid? Well, now we have even MORE proof. HERE. And yet there are some South Carolinians who still support the FRAUD we call "President."



I am as Jewish as any Christian who agrees that Jews are saved by their original contract with the Almighty and their insistence that anyone who chooses, CAN know the Almighty.

It is for that reason, alone that I must never forget what was done to the Jews throughout their long, storied, and often tragic history. One of these examples is the Nazi Holocaust.

Martin Greenville, a Holocaust Survivor, has written a book about his experienced, and I have a special favor to ask. On Monday, one of my favorites, Mark Levin read some exerpts from Greenfield's book. It only takes 11 minutes, but it's worth trading the time to hear it. Click here to enjoy it.



Every time Democrats lose, they haul out the same old canard: Republicans MUST share the power - Republicans MUST compromise - as Limbaugh, Prager, others have pointed out since Wednesday. Well, sure enough, as they said, the duck is back.

While reasonable people would expect Republicans to be reasonable, we did not elect the Republicans to stupidly trade away their many advantages rather than assert them.

The Democrats have been accused for living in a bubble of unreality. Their reactions to the election proved the point. And constitutionalists need to be on guard. Dems will claim things that only they can see from within their bubble. They will be helped by their toadies in the media.

If there is any wisdom which the GOP should heed, it is the remembrance NOT to bite on ANYTHING suggested by Democrats. The possibilities for the GOP are endless, as long as they adhere to conservative principles - the rectitude to which they were elected.



Many South Carolinians - probably most - would rather there be a dominant third political party. One which has their values and their ideals. They are lucky that most candidates represent most of their values and ideals. They are unlucky that the various available candidates belong to parties whose brands have become anathema to their values and ideals.

Most Carolinians are conservatives with a touch of libertarian (the lack of capitalization is on purpose). I'm one, too. We'd like our tax money to be spent on roads and schools, NOT on free medicine, free housing, free food, free phones, or free cars. We'd like fair judges, honest cops, and relevant laws, NOT special laws to satisfy pressure groups or spouses' pet projects. We don't want Democrats and we're pretty pissed off with RINOs. Libertarians mostly only have excuses for cowardice.

Our Carolina citizens are from Scotland and the Congo, Russia and Arabia, England and Italy, Scandinavia and Ireland, France and Japan, China and Latin America. Most of us don't want a lot of government, and we REALLY don't want Obama fascism.

My recommendations reflect these feelings.

  • I'd like to vote for Trey Gowdy, III, for President, but he's only running for Congress. So, I'll vote for him for that.
  • Tim Scott for Senate. He thinks the way I do, only he's much more polite.
  • Not the Democrat for the other Senate seat. You have a Conservative and a Republican. Both will caucus with the GOP on the important stuff.
  • He's an honest man, is our Atty Gen., Alan Wilson. He has fought, diligently, against the wickedness of Barack Obama, while fighting against corruption in our own state. We have also seen what damage a dishonest federal attorney general can do when he dispises the free will of citizens. Alan has fought and won on a state level.
  • The Entire SC Congressional Delegation save one. Jim Clyburn sold out South Carolina in favor of our Fascist President and his communistic health care debacle. He's also Nancy Pelosi's tool. I'm supporting Sanford because a genuine, true-believer man-made global warming moron is running against him.
  • My choice for Governor is Steve French. This is more about values than personality. Although he is a Libertarian, he does believe in a strong military and a strong foreign policy. He is above reproach, and, should one of our Delegation becomes incapacitated he would not nominate a Democrat in the unfortunate's stead.
  • I am completely biased when it comes to my old friend, Henry McMaster. He's smart and clever and believes in leading through strength. He'll make a great Lt. Gov.
  • As far as SC Agriculture Commissioner is concerned, Hugh Weathers has done a great job. My only connection with Mr. Weathers is the honesty of gas pumps which has increased tremendously during his tenure.
  • The most important to me, of all of these offices, is SC Superintendent of Education. Sadly, NONE of the candidates deserve our vote. They think they can fix the education machine. As I have shown several times, that is an impossibility. The system needs to be scrapped in favor of a better one, which I have also written about.
  • Vote "NO" on any "penny tax" that promises to fix roads. It won't, and we're taxed enough already.

So go vote, and God Bless. ps. We're 10 years old, today!



I know S.C. Democrats. I also know the ways Georgia and Tarheel Democrats behave. The Carolinacrats are inept and could not get a Democrat elected unless they had a district set aside for them. The Georgiacrats and the Tarheelcrats scare the hell out of me. This year, they will win in their states if the vote is close.. because they are already cheating in North Carolina and Atlanta.

My fear is that this will happen in every close race.

We have proof that people are NOT voting for Democrats, at least not in public. Their ONLY chance is to stuff ballot boxes, buy votes, and fix voting machines. It is my opinion that they are already doing it,and will do more on Nov 4th.

What to do? First, VOTE. Second, take a friend to the polls. Third, get involved in the vote COUNTING - get certified to be a poll-watcher with your local party. Fourth, if you hear someone lying about your candidate, stand up to them and ask for proof. Your vote and your participation will make a huge difference this election, Nov. 4th.



My heart breaks for the Carolina Gamecocks. Both sides played their hearts out, but USC defense was simply out-coached. My God, Dylan Thompson and the Gamecock offense answered all but one TD! But, Auburn just ran over the Gamecock defense.

Cocky was obviously as frustrated as much as I was. Yes, USC might have won if the officials had been sharper, but the 'Cocks also missed two major chances to score, and the coaching turned the young Gamecock defence into the evening's welcoming committee.

Now, I'm really worried about the Carolina-Clemson game. For the first time in many years, the Gamecocks are 4 & 4.

Oh well.. wait 'til next year.. (sigh).



Democrats are just plain cheating in Illinois. Many of their people are already in North Carolina. Just read the following story, here



Unlike the Kay Hagan bribing, race-baiting party in North Carolina, the Dems in Georgia are JUST cynical. The Democrat Senate race is a cynical lie, which claims that the venerable Sam Nunn's daughter is NOT a dedicated Progressive who wants to help Obama tell you how to take a leak, and everything else. Well, whether she wants to or not, she will HAVE TO, and if she wins, not only will she be licking the boots of Harry Reid, but Barack Obama's and Eric Holder's as well.

The national Democrat party is operating in the full cynical belief that ALL Georgians are stupid and don't need to be bought. But Ms Nunn will not only be licking the loyalist buddy capitalists' boots, but so will the State of Georgia. Because as this Senate goes, so goes its states.

While Perdue has already been assured of important committee seats if the Republicans win, Reid will most certainly NOT give her (Nunn) a meaningful role in the Senate. He has been caught intimating as much.

The current Senate is not the Senate of the honorable Sam Nunn - he and North Carolina's Sam Ervin were loyal acquaintances of my father, a good friend to Georgia and a true patriot. His daughter will not even have a chance to be a patriot, with Harry Reid as the head of the Senate.

You folks in Georgia, please don't fool yourself and support a fantasy. Trust me, if Sam Nunn were still in the Senate and I lived in Georgia, I might vote for him. But he's not. Please don't vote for Daddy's Democrat party - it doesn't exist. Not anymore.



How can you tell Kay Hagan is starting to slip in a meaningful way? It's not the perpetual lies, or crazy Econuts who want to kill N.C. jobs, or the latest 180° turnabout on stopping flights from Ebola-stricken countries. No, it's that the Democrat's "Cheat Brigade" is panicking.

What is the "Cheat Brigade?" It's the Democrat group that hands out the "walking around money" (read "bribes") to minority ministers so that they will preach in a Democrat's favor and maybe even share some of the ill-gotten gains with their congregation's voters. They're afraid they may not have enough money.

Voter bribery is a time honored custom in minority precincts in both Carolinas. I remember a campaign in which the Dem consultants were bragging on election night, that they had "bought the election for the price of a box of crispy chicken." That's a direct quote.

How do I know this? I've been there and seen that, myself. Let me assure you that it is happening in the Senate race for North Carolina. Kay Hagan, at this point, could not even come close to winning without buying the minority N.C. vote. And the money is FLOWING.

Will Hagan win? Maybe. If Republicans don't turn out as if this was the most important election in their lives, she will.

Voters should ask themselves - "do they really want another two years of Senate cover for the most destructive President in American history?"



The first 21 days is up and the R-naught infection ratio is occurring as predicted (It's 2). In 14 to 21 days more, we'll know just how viral this strain of Ebola is, and whether or not we'll need to adjust the R-naught ratio up or down.

And one more thing.. ANY virus can be atomized into an aerosol of varying sized angstroms (Å). The nose is a powerful atomizer, capable of creating aerosols as small as .5Å to 25µÅ. One Ebola RNA unit is approx. 200 nanometers or 2000Å - we're still talking eentsy weentsy, here, but plenty big enough to be sneezed from even the smallest of noses. So when someone from the Administration says, "Ebola isn't airborne," just remember that "airborne" is a very relative thing.



You know, some times, you can look at a picture and see something that shouldn't be there. It's called a trompe d'oeil, or "a trick of the eye." Look carefully at the picture below that one of the Mars mechanical explorers took. You can download the very large version by simply clicking on the pic.

Just click on the picture to download it. It's fairly big, though - just warning..

Is it just me, or is there a groundhog poking out of a hole, in the foreground of the Mars photograph? Here's a 400 pixel by 222 pixel blowup of the area. It's hard to tell. because of the pixelation (at a certain point, you stop seeing the picture and start seeing blurry color squares.) So I give you the same pic with a little visual aid.

Just right-click and save the picture to download it. .

Here's a closer, more pixelated picture . .

Why am I showing you this? Well one reason is because it's interesting. Another is that even Fox News is slow-walking the Ebola reports, while citizen journalists, mostly bloggers, are far out front - of course you have to know who's reliable. And Obama still refuses to stop the flights from known areas of contagion.

It's getting so bad that rumors of an Ebola patient in a Catawba Region hospital have started. But in South Carolina, nobody in power talks - a custom which goes back to Reconstruction. Frankly, it's the weekend, and there wouldn't be anybody to confirm or deny any rumor, anyway.

Me? I don't have any facts on it. The only fact I have is that there isn't one damn hospital in South Carolina that can handle a Level 4 infection. (Level 3, maybe.) In the past, they haven't even known when they were dispensing a staph infection. Level 4? That's like saying there are groundhogs on Mars.



Why don't we put just a mask and a gown on the clown who speaks for the Clown In Chief, and let him nurse one of the nurses who has Ebola. The American nurses who treated the Ebola patient only wore mask and gown, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) thought that was enough. So many answers at the Ebola Congressional hearing, today, made it obvious that the CDC is making up as they go along.

As I said much earlier, the argument against stopping flights from West Africa, and intensely scanning and ISOLATING suspect incoming flight passengers for 21 days is illogical. Just trying to stop Ebola in West Africa - which we should do, too - is like not stopping foreign spies at the border. That would be just plain stupid.

Also, it's two and a half weeks until the election, and like the troops of tourists who come out to look at the beautiful fall foliage, the Democrats have all gone before cameras and just plain lied. Republicans have never voted to reduce funding of the CDC - not even when it spent hundreds of millions on such meaningful health research as whether Chimpanzies are right or left-handed, funding a study to determine if community parks are healthy, and why lesbians tend to be fat.

Obama smooches a worshipper at another fundraiser. We don't have the picture of him kissing two Liberian Ebola nurses. There may not be one.. well.. not one that hasn't visited the photo shop.

One other thing - Obama claimed to have kissed one of the Liberian nurses in an Ebola clinic. Our sources say it was a staged with "cleaned-up" nurses, who were in scrubbed-down, half-biosuits. There's a rumor that the nurses weren't even nursing Ebola patients, but we have no way to determine if that is true or not. An open border is an invitation to infection. In any case, this Ebola crisis is looking more and more like a cheesy horror flick.


Just Saying:

It is my opinion that President Obama and his Administration have set the restraints on their response to ISIS, in order to blame Iraq and Turkey for Obama's foreign policy failure. It's kind of like what his administration is doing with the Ebola virus - blame the victims when things go wrong. I'll write more as the failures progress.



☑ Item #1. Since our beloved President has loudly protested that the 2014 elections are definitely about HIS policies, it seems only fair that those incumbent Democrats, who forced his horse guano down America's throat, should also be judged accordingly. While we're about it, those Democrats who, a year ago, were loudly praising Obama's crappy policies and are now running as anti-Obama "outsiders," should be equally judged.

☑ Item #2. Gwyneth Paltrow is a good actress. According to the French arts philosopher, Diderot, good actors must be good liars. Stanislavski, the Russian actor and acting teacher, would say that when the fading beauty gushes, two things are happening: 1. She is manufacturing emotion; and, 2. She is using a past experience or a past emotional fabrication to manufacture that emotion. All good directors and acting teachers know about this creation of the appearance of sincerity.

Gwyneth, OBAMA'S MY PAL, trow

☑ Item #3. Fully 60% of all new Obamacare participants will lose their policies. Just before the election.

☑ Item #4. Locally - Thomas Ravenel, after ever-increasing amounts of advertising in his bid to win votes for the Senate, has barely moved the popularity percentage needle. People still don't realize that his conviction for cocaine possession was a put-up.

☑ Item #5. Obama's Iraq battle plan is undeniably a tragic failure. Once again, an American President is screwing the Kurds. Is the reason there can be no boots on the ground, is that they're all stuck up our beloved President's butt?

☑ Item #6. Mexico is FUNDING legal help to illegal teenagers in the US.. some could be suspected gang members, but we can't find out because their identities are protected by our beloved President's "children's initiative."

☑ Item #7. The Russians have placed tactical nukes in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Is this the "latitude" our beloved President promised the Russians after he was re-elected?

☑ Item #8. Word is that the few supporters left of our beloved President are fervently hoping (they definitely are not praying) that his half-measures will keep virus infestation from engulfing America, at least, until after the election.

☑ Item #9. The Mexicans are still holding Sgt. Tahmooressi. What we ought to do is send in a Navy Seal team and get him. Once he's home, we can garnish our beloved President's paycheck for the expenses, while he apologizes to Mejico. In that way, at least, he can pretend he had a part in one good thing.

And that was just THIS week!



If I commented about everything that's happened this week, all I'd be saying is, "I told you so." That gets really tiresome after a while. From Panetta's tell-all book to the sketchy information about the Americans who may have had contact with ebola infectees to the fixed, WILDLY gyrating stock market on practically NO VOLUME to the mishandling of the protection of Kurds to the total misunderstanding of the differences among marriage, sodomy, and the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, we, here at SwampfoxNews have been pleading with our readers to realize what's going on, here in America and South Carolina, specifically.

Some have listened, others have ignored our pleadings and gotten lost in the weeds. OK, fine, that's what free will is all about, but we've been warned by the events which HAVE happened. What's happened? - a nurturing of chaos by this administration.

The dumbest of all the dumb things that this administration has done this week is their refusal to keep people from ebola-ridden countries from coming to this country, temporarily. Their reasoning is like that of a six year who tries to explain that his drawing his idea of art on the living room wall with permanent ink markers should be accepted as the art it was intended to be. So far, the worshipping media have been acting like the enabling wife of an alcoholic, hushing up the truth or interpreting the foul behavior away.

Folks, this one is simpler than simple: If people have even a possibility of having a contagious disease, and they have a right to come to America, for whatever reason, you quarantine them for as long as it takes to make sure they aren't contagious.

WHY is this so hard for the Obama administration to understand? Is it really even a matter of understanding? Many sane observers think this is pure politics, meant to keep people away from the polls. Our sources say that the Democrats have thought up some lie that will be released too late to be researched by everyday thoughtful people.

Could THIS be their "October Surprise?" There IS going to be one. The Democrats are truly desperate - look at the lies Sen. Kay Hagan is telling in North Carolina. (You wouldn't know that if you watched the reports of her debate on WIS and WYFF)

Do we REALLY need even one more year of confusion and lying by any Democrat?



With the Ebola virus sneaking into our country, the relative success of ISIS, Leon Panetta's revealing of the inability of Obama to lead, the new damning evidence against the IRS, the condemnation of the leadership culture of the Secret Service and the trying to blame Bush for the corruption of their leaders, (here you may take a breath) the increasing understanding that Eric Holder IS complicit in withholding or denying access to evidence involving Operation Fast & Furious, the series of lies surrounding Obamacare and Benghazi, the meddling by his wife in the diets of millions of American children, just to mention a few, (breathe) the President and his administration have become a well-deserved target of mistrust. The discernment of these facts is critical to the understanding of that distrust Americans have for the President.

Is it any wonder that when his administration's CDC and his spokespeople say, "Everything is all right," very few people believe them or him. Personally, I'm sincerely hoping they are correct. But if it turns out that they are lying, again, about ANY of this, we MUST impeach everyone who is lying and allowing lies to be told in behalf of the government. Everyone.

In 21 days, we will know whether they are right in their guesses or they are full of it.

21 DAYS.


Below these comments, is the original article, as written.

We now know more about the various hemorrhagic fevers. Most important is the fact that there are more than three of them. Each manifests in identical ways. Each CAN be fatal. Each of their survival rates are poor to bad.

I have downloaded two scholarly articles to help you understand the magnitude of this threatening set of diseases. You can find them here and here. Please read them carefully

When you read these two articles, several questions make themselves evident:

  • Why have we been told so little about, at least, the top four Ebola-like viruses? (ALL are "hemorrhagic viruses")
  • Could some of the people coming freely across our borders have one of the other slightly less-lethal viruses?
  • If so, are we testing for ALL of these possibilities? (We know, for instance, that Marburg does not always test positive with the Ebola test.)
  • Why are we not being told about the research being done which indicates a POSSIBLE mutation of Marburg which may be airborne?
  • Who is responsible for so many people of illegal status AND illness coming into our country?

And then, there's this..

One thing is sure - we will ALL know one way or the other in 21 days.


I'm not going to tell you I told you so.. although you know I could. And, I don't want to sound like Jude Law in the germ-disaster movie, Contagion, but the government is not telling us the whole truth about the Ebolas. Yes, Ebolas - plural.

  1. The first thing they're not telling us is that there are, possibly, three (3) types of Ebola. Maybe more.
  2. The second thing is that there may be, that's MAY BE, a 4 to 6 hour window in which the Ebola carrier IS infectious right before he exhibits any symptoms. To be fair, not all scientists agree, but this outbreak has everyone scratching their collective head.
  3. The third thing is that one of the Ebola virus types may be airborne - real scientists are working hard to find the answer to this.
  4. The fourth is that ALL viruses mutate. ALL. The answer we have today may not be the answer we need tomorrow.
  5. The fifth is that Ebola has the ability to combine with the Enterrovirus that's already here. Not that it WILL, but that it CAN.

Ebolas - plural.

What is so frustrating about all of these viruses we call Ebola is that we really only know very little about them, yet spokespeople for the government are making pronouncements that are far too confident - far too certain. In the national announcement, Dr. Tom Frieden of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) said, "The bottom line here is that I have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of Ebola so that it does not spread widely throughout this country..." And, "the Titanic can never sink," too.

Look, if this were anybody else's CDC but Obama's - a non-political CDC - I'd believe everything they said. But they are, and I don't.

It may be entirely possible that, in the end, it won't be as bad as it could be. That would be wonderful. But this whole scene reminds me of a bad science fiction thriller. A bad science fiction thriller with a sad, cheesy ending.



As I said, when we heard him say it, it doesn't matter whether Eric Holder or Mickey Mouse is the head of the Obama Justice Department; whoever it is is going to be just as dedicated to screwing with the Constitution as Holder was. Obama hates the Constitution unless it says exactly what HE wants it to. If it doesn't, he'll ignore it. If it does, he'll make a speech full of Bovine Sedimentary platitudes.

And every Democrat and Independent Senator will bow to the majesty of Harry Reid and protect the new corrupter at DOJ and his puppeteer POTUS. That is, unless America rejects these frauds on November 4th. Is it possible that we should all agree, just this once, to ignore the divisive tactics of the Democrats which are causing Republican supporters to divide their loyalties. In most instances, most negative things you're hearing were, at least, dug up by Democrats.

Eric Holder

Mickey Mouse

I promise you, if we don't vote Republicans for Statewide offices - Senators, Congress, Governors - we will not get another chance. Democrats are dedicated to its headlong dive into fascism. And finally communism. If the Democrats hold the Senate at any time, over the next ten years, free markets, small business, and capitalism that made us great is finished. The old Russian KGB knew. They knew that what the Democrats are doing right now is what the Soviets hoped would happen.

Democrats aren't evil, not in the Gothic sense, even with Eric Holder as an example. But, Democrats don't have to be evil, just obedient and shortsighted. And boy, are they both.



Something fascinating happened last week, something which almost nobody noticed. All but one of the TV and Radio weather prognosticators in our beloved state got it wrong for four consecutive days. Each day, they called for partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures (mid to upper 70's in Upstate to low 80's in the Lowcountry).

And what did we have? Cloudy - almost murky - and much cooler than predicted. Every day.

Of course you know why, but I just have to say it again. Most of our state weather people depend on something called the "GFS" long term forecast (up to 240 hours ahead.) The GFS is a computer program which is almost always wrong because it incorporates the paradigm of global warming. And while no paradigm works in any computer model ALL the time, the European, Japanese, and Chilean models are the most accurate, most of the time.

Weather and Climate forecasting is, indeed, an entertaining comedy, punctuated with seriousness and hubris as a substitution for scientific information.

It's also true that the variables that happen in nature are too diverse that to get an absolutely accurate forecast at ANY time. I always get a tickle from those silly forecasters who say at such-and-such a time, it will be X-degrees.. as if we can tell what the sun or winds or evaporation or any of the thousands of variables will do, EXACTLY. Not gonna happen.

Now, we love our local weather pezzonovantes. And we do trust them to do the best they can. It's only when we hear one or two of them declare that Manmade Global Warming is real, that we have to say something. So, please, you weather dudes and dudettes don't do that anymore. OK? (If you are John Cessarich, please ignore this editorial, as it does not apply to you.)



ZERO HEDGE: You sort of knew that the regulators were more or less controlled by the banks. Now you know.  The only reason you know is that one woman, Carmen Segarra, has been brave enough to fight the system.  She has paid a great price to inform us all of the obvious.  She has lost her job, undermined her career, and will no doubt also endure a lifetime of lawsuits and slander.

ZERO HEDGE: So what are you going to do about it?  At this moment the Fed is probably telling itself that, like the financial crisis, this, too, will blow over.  It shouldn't.




The long version is
here, at, thanks to Tyler Durden.

Market's fixed. You want to be a pawn?

The short version is this: The big guys need chumps to sell their horribly over-priced stocks to.



You may be asking yourself, "Why does Dick and other 'Conservatarians' think that 'No Boots On The Ground' is a bad idea?" Here's why:

Imagine you are a soldier. You have lots of time, money, and military material. You also have a wonderful set of holes in the ground, in which you can hide with impunity. Your enemy refuses to put troops into the fight and only bombs you. Every time he bombs, you hide. And, he doesn't really take the time or people to find out where you really are or how many of you there really are.

Even if he were able to take every single toy you have away from you, you are still there and control the people and the territory where you are. How does the sheriff arrest the bad guy if he can't put the cuffs on him? The answer is, HE DOESN'T.

Would that it were not illegal to slap the President in the face with a pig bladder! Barack Obama is no Sheriff Bart. He's not even Gov. William J. Lepetomane.

Sheriff Bart and The Gov.   The guy in the middle is Hedley Lamarr.. that's Hedley.   Clown administrations are really funny on the screen, but never in reality. (Which is another reason why theatre and film can never be real).

Granted, this is a simplification, but taken in the larger life, this is exactly the problem with this kind of war from the air. Unless Obama wants to nuke or gas everybody in the Middle East, a sole air war never, never works. In the movie Things to Come (1932), Wings Over the World didn't work until they sent in the troops.

Aha, then WE bomb and the troops in Syria - provided by Iran, by the way - go in! We use our determined enemy to win our war? How disastrous does this moronic idea get? It's already ridiculous. We're going to depend on Iran? IRAN?

But wait! There's more.. No country, in the history of the world, has ever shown friendship or even mercy in the face of the enemy's weakness, except these who have the gift of Free Will of the Christ of God as their ultimate source of authority. Not Germany, not France, certainly not Spain or Italy, but our United States of America a couple of Nordic States and the British Commonwealth. Why, in the name of the Almighty, do we expect anyone to copy us?

There is no mercy in Islam except the mercy of slavery or profit. Whatever peacefulness it ever exhibited in the past, it has none now. And no matter how much we wish that it WERE so, being nice to Muslim countries is a waste of time. The non-aggressive Muslim States are peopled by businessmen and want to grow rich from us. The aggressive Muslim States just want us dead. Both understand strength, only.

Of course we should never have left Iraq. Of course Bush was right (by that point). But do you think anyone in Syria or Iran or the whole of the Lavant gives a tinker's dam? The only question they are wont to ask is, should we kill them or trade with them? To them, everything else is irrelevant.

Is it any wonder that Americans are so furious with this clown administration?



Did you see Obama making his tiny speech on Thursday, dropping a firecracker? It was hardly a bomb. He said the U.S. that he will train the "Free Syrian" Militia. No boots on the ground, just strafing and bombing. No, he really did, once again telegraphing his plan of attack. He really should just shut up.

Yes, this Middle East mess is his fault. But the Democrats who put him there are at fault.. and they're afraid you remember.

This time, though, I'm not going to blame him. Instead, I'm going to blame the complete ignoramuses who call themselves "progressives" and "Liberals" who support this embarrassment. Dudes! Dudettes! Why do you insist on perpetuating a cliché? People already know that Democrats haven't known how to fight a war since 1965. The best you people can point to, since then, is hurling missiles into empty tents on sand dunes. Kosovo? There are still troops there. STILL! And trust me, it's not the Generals or the men.. it's the Presidents who made the mistakes.

Democrats, who used to be intellectual and noble and brave are now liars and thieves and cowards. Shame on you. SHAME. ON. YOU.


BTW, it's GYRO [YIH-roe], not EURO.. sandwich, that is. One is a Greek sandwich, the other is a dubious monetary unit. Somebody tell Arby's..



I'm going to write more about this, soon, but, for the record, I want to register my protest. What President Obama is creating by sending 3,000 American troops to West Africa is the possibility of 3,000 Ebola carriers. Armies kill people and break things. Armies do not play doctor or policemen to bad medical policy.

Health officials are not telling the whole story abut Ebola, its consequences and its abilities in spreading itself.

We have no idea what Ebola is actually capable of, especially, now that a form of it has become airborne, and current research cannot verify that after "healing," patients may still be carriers. And in any case, does ANYONE actually believe this President when he says ANYTHING?



As Obama sits at his desk as Lyndon Johnson did, picking bombing sites like a six year old with his toy plastic soldiers, his people went on television saying "Yes, it IS a war with ISIL (ISIS, IS), but it's not going to be like Iraq."

JFK tries to get LBJ's attention while Johnson is flipping off someone at the 1960 Democrat Convention.

One has to laugh to keep from crying. The war with ISIS will not be like Iraq? Really? You mean we win, and have a feckless president snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Or, we'll lose from the outset? Sweet Jesus! How worthless are these chickenfurters?!

I can't help thinking of the late South Carolina native, Bill Westmoreland, General of the Army, whom I got to know fairly well in the mid '80s. We often spoke abut the fighting in Vietnam, being hamstrung by two worthless Presidents, and then being blamed for the failures CAUSED by both socialists. Still, he almost won the Vietnam war, and might have, had it not been for the misguided foreign policy of Johnson and Nixon, and the monolithic fabrications of Dan Rather and his fellow travelers at ABC and NBC.



In a month and a half, you're going to have a choice: Sit on your butt, and let somebody else decide that you should continue suffering under the most destructive law since slavery, or vote for someone who will end Obamacare.

There is NO, repeat NO Democrat who will free us from this wickedness. Democrats think evil is good and that vice is versa. South Carolina Democrats still can't figure out why our citizens don't want to be socialists, much less fascists. Fortunately, for the Democrat Senate candidate, I don't even know its name. (I say, "its" because Democrats don't distinguish between genders.)

Think about it - The Obama administration allows "rescue" signs to be put up on our SOUTHERN border in English, Spanish, and CHINESE! Now, why would they do that?...... Whyever, indeed.

Now, Lindsey Graham has been in Congress, House and Senate, so long that he has peeved everyone in the state, at least once. But no-one - NO. ONE. - can say he does not have our military in mind and its importance to America's defense, and recent events have again proven that America's defense is the most important issue. Always.

Independent Thomas Ravenel was thrown to the dogs by Elite State Republicans and envious Democrats after he shared cocaine with his friends. They could not find anybody in the state to do their dirty work, but Obama's dirty workers were just giddy with the knowledge that they could hang one on a powerful Republican. So, fine, they chased a good man out of the State GOP. And T-Rav, as he is known by his younger supporters, IS a good man.

And that's the problem.

Were we in a pre-9/11 world, we could follow Thomas into isolation. As you all know, I wanted simply to carpet-bomb the Afghanistan mountains with Bunkerbusters and Daisycutters, and/or send in a Clancy-type Delta Group, kidnap and execute everybody involved. But we're not. We ARE where we are, and we can't trust our legacy of victory in the middle east to Democrats who are desperately trying to turn the Arabia and the Lavant into another Vietnam. With a Republican Congress, Obama's political cowardice can be counterbalanced by, at least, 80% .

If recent events have not convinced us, sheer logic should convince us that we cannot afford to be isolationists. If Ravenel says that he would support a strong military presence in the Middle East, he would have a better chance of winning, But he won't. He doesn't believe in it. And now that Graham has been effectively shriven from his amnesty position, a great many people who were uncomfortable with him, are now getting more comfortable.

Still, as long as we vote for either Thomas or Lindsey, a runoff would decide, and we would get a conservative, either way. But more importantly, we must vote.

Vote for your future, if you want to have one.



Do I really have to tell you what I think about the President's egg-sucking speech? OK, it was an egg-sucking speech. Looked great on TV, but on radio, its stupidity and shallowness shone forth.

But anyone who was not there just to get a thrill up his (or her) leg, got irrefutable evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is a bully.

I wrote, before, about how Obama was being perceived as a bully. Since then, I have been very careful to read and investigate both sides in order to see if the growing perception had any basis in truth. Wednesday night, we got the evidence that we were waiting for. Oh, not the phony almost-tear in the eye nor the fully Clintonian catch in the throat. No, as Yogi Berra might say, "He got caught with his argument's pants down."

By delivering a speech, Obama has definitively shown that he has only words with which to try to bully our enemies. If you've read any of the scientific articles on boy bullies and bullying, you know that deep, beneath the threatening faces and actions, lies the soul of a scared little boy who has been found out. Nobody, especially not our dedicated enemies believes that Obama will deliver on any of his threats. All real war authorities agree that you cannot win with just air power. Now, full battle tank battalions with infantry cleanup - THAT's another thing. Those and air power can win pretty much anything.

A true bully is like the R&B/R&R song - "Wooly-Bully" - all promise, the same beat with no change, and disappointing delivery.

We know the behaviors of a bully. Match them with those erratic foreign policy behaviors of Obama. There is no doubt that Obama is a bully. Now he is revealing himself as a coward: He threatens and lets other people do his fighting. What in God's name are we supposed to do when ISIS has had enough of our BS foreign policy? Hell, the President won't even call it a war!

When a bully is shown up, the coward in him runs away or betrays the people who have been fighting for him. The problem is that the world is no playground, and the playground bully cannot run away.

But what do you expect from a bully who has been exposed as a coward‽   Go into your closet, close the door, and reason with the Lord of all Creation to remove whatever barrier which keeps the faith-keepers ardent and faithful to the constitution.



Not much to say, except that I'd realy like to sue the President for wasting my time, this weekend and Wednesday night. However, I WOULD like to thank VP Biden for saying the funniest and truest thing I've heard him say for months.

As he was speaking to a crowd the other day, he said that he and the President would chase the terrorists to the Gates of Hell. I figured that would be fairly easy, seeing that those "Gates" are the back doors of the White House.

Thank you Joe!



Let's pretend that someone has followed every idea that we've talked about, when it comes to the economy, since 2004, when we first started this amazing experiment in "citizen journalism" (well, that's what some people call it.) And let's pretend that this same person has an amazing ability to stay focused, so that he avoids the distractions which every other American, including the so-called economic geniuses, have fallen err to.

Assuming that there WAS such a person, he could draw a straight line from the 2007 stupidity of Democrat Congress and Federal Reserve (the Fed), to the even more recent stupidity of the Administration's increase in economic follies.

† In the beginning: Democrats, who thought they were God, created the Federal reserve.
• The FED borrows money from American Citizens, without their permission.
• Americans must pay back the money through their taxes.
• Currently, Americans owe more than 17 Trillion dollars to even up the FED's books.
• The Fed gives this made-up money to THE BANKS who cover shorts THE BANKS created by making bad loans.
• The FED has not regulated THE BANKS to make sure they are making loans, since the beginning of the Obama administration
• THE BANKS, instead, buy stocks in the open market to make it seem as if the economy is roaring. They do this with the full knowledge of the Obama administration.
† Democrats, who thought they were economic geniuses, encouraged banks to take over 4 Trillion dollars in bad loans in 2007.
• Bush could not get the Democrat Congress to do an audit of the FED who was supplying the money.
• The banks failed in 2008.
• They're doing it again.
† The Obama Administration changes the "economic success ratio" of America from the Gross National Product to the Gross Domestic Product
• The stock market is a large part of the GDP and not such a large part of the GNP
• There are now 6 different levels of success ratios which creates great confusion.

Here's our old friend, Washington, going crazy over the economy. Again.

† The Obama Administration changes the reported employment figures
• This allows the Obama Administration to change the reporting the number of people actually working with the ratio of full-time workers.
• There are now 6 different levels of employment which creates great confusion.
• A cursory look makes the economy look better than it really is.
• This also hides the number of people on various welfare programs (non-Social Security, non-Medicare), which, of course, are paid for by the taxpayers.
† Increased Minimum Wage will increase all Union workers' pay, not just fast food workers.
• Takes money out of the economy by ending some jobs.
• Increases prices - more inflation pressure.
† The Obama Administration and a Democrat Congress pass the onerous, worthless, and unfortunately named Affordable Care Act - Obamacare.
• The average American now has to take money out of the economy to pay for ridiculously expensive health insurance.
† The Obama Administration cajoles the FED into the breathtaking procedure of Quantitative Easing - just printing valueless money with practically no interest.
• The price of Oil is completely linked to the price of Gasoline, both of which soar.
• Futures on most commodities increase 20% average per year for 5 years.
• Gold and silver surge 40% before banks are encouraged to sell their precious metals - the price sinks to artificially low levels by 2014.
† Requests to audit the FED are called "foolish."
† Requests to see the gold in Fort Knox is universally refused.
† Harry Reid refuses to pass any of 140 pieces of legislation passed by the House.
† The volume on the stock market dwindles to historically low ratios.
• All but a few stock purchases are by THE BANKS.
• Small investors continue to stay away as the markets fluctuate radically, driven by THE BANKS' computers.
† Business taxes remain the highest among 1st world countries

Increased taxes, the loss of jobs, people on fixed incomes becoming poorer, and unrecognized inflation, added to increased regulation from the EPA, onerously expensive health insurance, the increase of illegal aliens swelling the welfare rolls, the hostility of the Obama Administration to any truth which paints it in a bad light (which is a lot) have caused money to disappear from the American Economy in amounts not even equalled by the Great Depression and a country-wide feeling of mistrust and hopelessness.

These errors in judgment are not the fault of ANY Republican, and the economy is not going to hell, it IS in hell.



Merriam Webster defines a coward as " who shows disgraceful fear or timidity; someone who is too afraid to do what is right or expected — 'coward' adjective "

Is President Obama a coward? or does he just ACT like a coward? Considering the cutting results of his foreign policy, what difference does it really make?



I love a parade! Don't you? Apparently, so does almost every one running for a statewide public office. And the Annual Labor Day Parade in Chapin has been the place to be, if it's an election year. Try to guess why Graham and Haley didn't show up. My guess is that no incumbent likes to get booed.

Tom Ervin, Conservative Republican Independent candidate for Governor, whose popularity is growing, hit the streets with the help of students from Spring Hill High.

Here's a look, courtesy of The State Newspaper.



(August 31, 2014) When historians look back on the first part of the 21st Century, assuming that we make it that far without turning into a Dictatorship, they will be astounded that average Americans turned away from from expectations of entitlements to become responsible for themselves and their posterity. They will also be astounded that they were able to see through the absolute culpability of their trusted media to see them as the government propaganda machines they are, today.

There's a simple example. No, it's not the situation in Missouri, nor Thursday's Presidential freakout over the lack of foreign policy planning that was soft-pedaled, nor the complete obfuscation of the rigged economy which, frankly the MSM does't understand. No, it's the complete misjudgment of the climate and the misunderstanding of cyclical weather patterns.

Dr. Bastardi isn't just a weather savant, he takes no sides and just calls them as he sees them.

Did you know you can get the real skinny on climate and the weather at Well, you can. It's even free every Saturday, although you can stay much better informed for less than $20 a month. And if your business depends on good prognostication, you can even get a much better jump on your competition by getting their professional service. See the middle column toward the top.

Check out Joe Bastardi's Saturday Summary for this week. He's got the true lowdown on a much misunderstood phenomenon. Yes, in the larger scheme of things, it's just the truth about a small matter to us South Carolinians, but if nothing else, it will show you that there are people who are truthin' when others are leading you down the garden path.



(August 30, 2014) This economy that we now have is absolutely and completely Obama's fault.. The greatest lie that Democrats have persuaded the media to tell for them - a lie even bigger than the lie that they and the great American Liar told about keeping your doctor, in his vile and corrupt health care law, is that the economy, as we now have it, is George W. Bush's fault.

This is the kind of lazy thinking that got us where we are today, economically: our dollar has no value, our influence in the world is visibly shrinking every day, and our people have 40% less to spend than they did when the Democrats took over the House and Senate in 2007, while Bush was STILL President. The media will not tell you or remind you of the fact that it was Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Barney Frank and their murderously stupid bank bill that caused the great bank failure that EVERYBODY thinks was caused by Bush. Now, he could have vetoed it, but elite RINOs told him that would be baaaaad - so he didn't.

Sen. Dick Durbin & Rep. Barney Frank.. the real economy killers. Remember?

The only thing that Bush the Younger did which was wrong was believe in Keynesian economics. But by any standard, the bank bail-out was only one trillion dollars more. Obama has added many mulitples of that with his continuation of the valueless dollar fantasy, and an economic devaluation which supersedes every other stupid economic plan Democrats have tried.

If you know your modern history, you know these facts are true. America suffers, not because of W's inaction, but because of Obama and the Democrats' sinful waste of America's blood and treasure.



(August 28, 2014) The reason I haven't written anything this past week is because all I would write is one "I told you so" after another. .

  • Pro-Democrat spokespeople are out like girlscouts, selling their administration's lies like cookies, especially when it comes to Lois Lerner.
  • We STILL don't have the truth about Benghazi.
  • The Michael Brown case was taken over by the once noble, now poverty-pimps and race-baiters, and now, they have shown they ARE in it for the bucks. We STILL don't know what happened. Eric Holder has already made a racist comment about the shooting.

  • Hopeless. Changeless. Serial liar. Intellectual coward. Take your pick..

  • President Obama does not have a clue what to do about foreign rejection of the American Dollar.
  • The President also doesn't know what to do about ISIS (ISIL, IS, whatever)
  • The President doesn't know what to do about his pitiful and awful unaffordable healthcare law
  • The President sits by while Russia CONTINUES its stealth invasion of Ukraine.
  • The Marine continues to sit in a stinking Mexican jail
  • His plan to let in illegals has caused outbreaks of diseases which have not been reported by the network media.
  • Global Warming is bad science, so the President has decided to sneak American obedience to a bad treaty by calling it something else.

On EACH of these points, other commentators and I have been harping for years, and you would think SOMEBODY would notice, and be, at least, a little humble about these occurrences, of not feeling guilty about them. Au contraire, mon frère..

And that's all I've got to say, today, except that we are being screwed, and our representatives continue to be stymied by Harry Reid's Senate, while the super-righteous prigs from beyond the fringe (not TEA partiers) continue talking down strong conservatives and putting up joke candidates. We need to pack the congress - both houses - with people who are NOT Democrats, because, if they win the Senate, again, you can kiss your country goodbye.

An I DID tell you these things would happen - in some cases, years ago.



(August 22, 2014) Here is the list compiled and linked by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse by way of Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge (linked above):

1. In 2007, the average household in the top 5 percent had 16.5 times as much wealth as the average household overall.  But now the average household in the top 5 percent has 24 times as much wealth as the average household overall.

2. According to a study recently discussed in the New York Times, the "typical American household" is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

3. One out of every seven Americans rely on food banks at this point.

4. One out of every four military families needs help putting enough food on the table.

5. 79 percent of the people that use food banks purchase "inexpensive, unhealthy food just to have enough to feed their families".

6. One out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is "in collections".

7. Only 48 percent of all Americans can immediately come up with $400 in emergency cash without borrowing it or selling something.

8. The price of food continues to rise much faster than the paychecks of most middle class families.  For example, the average price of ground beef has just hit a brand new all-time record high of $3.884 a pound.

9. According to one recent study, 40 percent of all households in the United States are experiencing financial stress right now.

10. The overall homeownership rate has fallen to the lowest level since 1995.

11. The homeownership rate for Americans under the age of 35 is at an all-time low.

12. According to one recent survey, 52 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now.

13. The average age of vehicles on America’s roads has hit an all-time high of 11.4 years.

14. Last year, one out of every four auto loans in the United States was made to someone with subprime credit.

15. Amazingly, one out of every six men in their prime working years (25 to 54) do not have a job at this point.

16. One recent study found that 47 percent of unemployed Americans have “completely given up” looking for a job.

17. 36 percent of Americans do not have a single penny saved for retirement.

18. According to one survey, 76 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

19. More than half of all working Americans make less than $30,000 a year in wages.

20. Only four of the twenty fastest growing occupations in America require a Bachelor’s degree or better.

21.  In America today, one out of every ten jobs is filled by a temp agency.

22. Due to a lack of decent jobs, half of all college graduates are still relying on their parents financially when they are two years out of school.

23. Median household income in the United States is about 7 percent lower than it was in the year 2000 after adjusting for inflation.

24. Approximately one out of every four part-time workers in America is living below the poverty line.

25. It is hard to believe, but more than one out of every five children in the United States is living in poverty in 2014.

26. According to one study, there are 49 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity.

27. Ten years ago, the number of women in the U.S. that had jobs outnumbered the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps by more than a 2 to 1 margin.  But now the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps actually exceeds the number of women that have jobs.

28. If the middle class was actually thriving, we wouldn’t have more than a million public school children that are homeless.

29. If you can believe it, Americans received more than 2 trillion dollars in benefits from the federal government last year alone.

30. In terms of median wealth per adult, the United States is now in just 19th place in the world.

What is the most sad thing about all of this, is that these instances are only a part of the things which have been caused or ignored by what is becoming obviously an incompetent administration.


(August 21, 2014) All puppies and most cats - regardless of age - are liberals. They expect to be taken care of from cradle to grave.

What with Ferguson, MO, and all, we thought we'd offer view of the world from a Progressive point of view. Everybody's dependent on the government from basket to happy fields.

"We're not scary now, but wait until we're 18.. in dog years.."


WE OWE $89,500,000,000,000.00.
WE OWN $82,000,000,000,000.00.

(July 19, 2014) Please read this editorial by Chris Hamilton from   I cannot say it any better.



(August 18, 2014) Here's the deal: The longer the President refuses to perform his constitutional duty, the more illegal children are being funnelled into our state's schools. This is outright theft on the part of the Federal government.

Simply put, children, whose parents have either abandoned them to send them to America or abandoned them to steal into America and join them, are forcing an intolerable cost on the several states being infested by these law-breakers' progeny.

Regular Republicans are furious with their representatives whom the Democrats have been punking for some time, now, making them think they won't get legal Chicano and other Latino votes, if they don't DO SOMETHING. Even in the clear light of several polls which show that legal Latinos WANT the laws to be enforced.

The Church seems to be equally compliant in this fraud, quoting one commandment and ignoring another - They quote "Thou shalt not kill" (it's actually "do no murder," which nobody's doing, anyway, except the cartels) but completely forget "Thou shalt not steal," "Thou shalt not bear false witness," and most especially "Thou shalt not covet," which is what EVERY illegal does when they cross the border.

This is the perfect opportunity to make Democrats put up or shut up.

So, if the National Republicans don't have the cojones to cut off the administration's money until they do the right thing, the state legislators can. Here's how: increase the state income Tax ONLY on Democrats. Since State taxes CAN (and often are) used to discriminate between various groups, this should work. If the SCOTUS rules against it, they would also have to rule against a graduated income tax.

There will be a precious few Republicans who will suffer, too, but that might just be enough to force those lazy talkers into getting actively involved as doers, as they should have been, anyway..

Raise state income taxes on all tenure-track college professors, lawyers, presidents of multi-national corporations, union members, NAACP members, Episcopalians, Roman Catholic clergy, and all the parents of 99%'ers. DO IT, and don't look back. Make sure you tell these unfortunates that it's being done "for the children" - especially to pay for the increased public education costs to the state. If these jackwagons care so much for these junior miscreants, they can pay for their education, food, shelter, clothing, Obamaphones, Obamacars, and Obamacare.

One has to wonder how popular these children will be, when the real thieves have to pay for them, themselves.

Illegal immigration has a very dark side when it comes to the lack of support, both popular and financial. These important state tax changes would brighten things up, considerably. Of course, it's only a fantasy, because our President is a tyrant and our representatives are all politically afraid of their own shadows..

... and one more thing.. America is not even close to being as "rich" as most Democrats declare. We really DON'T have the income to support our current government, much less any new outlay of funds. Taxing Democrats is as fair as a President who isn't doing the job as described by the rules we call the Constitution.



(August 17, 2014) In Texas, a prosecutor (mind you) was caught flat-footed, falling down, slobbering drunk while driving. I even hate wasting the electricity to tell you her name, which she has sullied - Rosemary Lehmberg. She is beyond despicable, and frankly, your typical national Democrat. In Texas, a governor can suspend a prosecutor. Even so, this nauseating, slimy vermin, who could have easily killed someone when she was driving in her provocative, illegal, and immoral condition, refused to resign.

The governor of Texas tried to get her to resign by applying political pressure no more unethical than what Obama is doing with funding distribution coercion. She's a Democrat prosecutor. She has powerful Democrat friends. Democrats are losing power everywhere. She used a Democrat commission to command a grand jury. He's now been charged.

Why can't we prosecute President Obama, the most immoral of all the Democrats? He has done nothing but coerce people from rightful, ethical, and constitutional action. Good Lord! Do the Democrats know how to anything but coerce and threaten and steal and lie?

Democrat prosecutor Rosemary Lehmberg in Jail. She could have easily killed someone while driving in her provocative and immoral condition, yet refused to resign when designated to do so. Democrats above the law. She was a "corruption prosecutor" at the time.

In South Carolina, our governor can and does replace unethical people, sometimes with the help of our Supreme Court Chief - even those who are elected. Also, even though our prosecutors are elected, they can be suspended. Our judges are appointed by the legislature, which has always been preferable to the coercive judiciary pressures of election. The system is not perfect, but it works many more times than not.

Rick Perry is being punked, probably with the help of the Other Texas Republican power group, but I do not know this for a fact. On the other hand, how hard would it be to simply agree not to say anything to support Perry, or worse, damn him with faint praise? Now who could possibly benefit from this Democrat-instigated side-show? Who, indeed.

I wasn't going to support Perry, possibly in favor of the son of my friend. My opinion has made a right turn (if you're facing due south).



(August 16, 2014) In a commercial which hopes you will write your local politicians, asking them to defeat a recent challenge by satellite and cable providers to charge local TV stations to be carried on their services. Personally, I think it's suicide for local TV stations to gripe about the pittance they'd have to pay - they are about to become dinosaurs and go the way of AM radio, if they're not very careful.

But what is so depressing is a fact used in the spot. We checked and it's true. Sixty million Americans, give or take an inch, do not have access to cable. That means they get ALL of their news from either NBC, CBS, ABC or ETV. Do you see the call letters of ANY even-handed news service in that group? No, you don't. So the only conclusion one can come to is that 60M people have been getting Democrat propaganda since, at least, 1983, in the clothing of their nightly newscasts.

That's depressing.

60,000,000 Americans get their news from the mainstream TV networks, making their understanding of national and world events solely dependent on Democrat propaganda.

Also, it means that anyone with a differing view of current events is not being properly covered. Is it any wonder that so many Americans think our President is doing "the best he can"?

You can see exactly what a challenge getting a Conservatarian* philosophy out to those in cable/sat-deprived neighborhoods would be, let alone a purely Conservative, Libertarian, or even a Moderate political view. In the end, people without cable/sat are getting little more than propaganda in place of genuine news. We have discussed, previously, why Liberals and Progressives must lie in order to stay in power.

Now what, you may ask, about FOX network local stations? The answer is that there is a phenomenon among local FOX newsrooms which goes something like this: Most people think that FOX is run by a bunch of bigots, so we have to be extra liberal in our news delivery in order to be accepted. "And that, said John, is that."

Until everyone gets cable/sat access, or a network broadcasting miracle is wrought, there is a huge challenge ahead for any person to get the truth out. 60,000,000 Americans might as well be blind as well as deaf.

*a Conservatarian is a person holding libertarian beliefs with the exception of the need for enough governmental control necessary to maintain an invincible standing army and necessary infrastructure.



(August 14, 2014) I was so hoping that Our President had acknowledged the common sense of saving the Yazidis, even if he doesn't have any moral sense of its rightness. Sadly, I was again disappointed.

We're now hearing that there is "NO WAY" to save all the Yazidis, and probably not the Christians caught in the crossfire between the Kurds and ISIS (ISIL, IS - whatever). We hear this after everybody, including your truly, had warned that boots have to be on the ground, in order to protect those refugees. We're also hearing that the Kurds may NOT be getting the wherewithall needed to push ISIS back into Syria. People in DC are even talking about giving Shia fighters big weapons to even things out.


Many moons ago, I wrote an editorial, reminding people that Shia Islam is a ferocious and dangerous denomination of that religion. Not that Suni Islam can't be ferocious and dangerous, but Shia Islam contains the popular dogma that it's OK to lie to someone who is not a Shia Muslim. It's called "Taqiyya," and it puts all Shia fighters and supporters in a very unhealthy light. And Kerry and Obama are seriously considering giving these religious liars very big arms and munitions

But saying I told you so doesn't solve anything. We KNOW the current administration is completely FUBAR. What should be done, now, is for Obama to give that grin he does and say he has "evolved." He can say that he now understands the importance of having boots on the ground, and that we are now going to proceed to win Iraq back for the Iraqis and Kurds. And then, when we are where we were after the surge, leave 30-50,000 troops like Bush had planned.

When you wish upon a star, make sure it's a real star and not just a meteor getting ready to ruin your hopes.



(August 12, 2014) Mrs. Doubtfire, Adrian Cronauer, Mork, Dr. Sean Maguire, Popeye, Dr. Oliver Sacks, Parry, Patch Adams, Peter Pan, Armand, Jack, the brilliant actor and only improv performer as good and as funny as Jonathan Winters, and more.. all dead.

I never met Robin Williams, but I did understand him - the same way you know and understand anybody who is famous and strikes that certain chord in your soul. Emmys and Oscars knew him well, too. He could make dead men laugh.

The light is gone. Robin Williams is suddenly dead. That he did it to himself is irrelevant.

There is going to be a rush of people who are not only not famous, but incapable of understanding, who put it all down to drugs and alcohol, and maybe they're right. But what I'd want to do, instead of sharing his depression, which happens to ALL great comedians since Aristophanes, is share his genius.

If you want to put him down, resist the temptation. Instead, go on Amazon Prime, or one of the other streaming movie services, or dig out an old DVD, and watch one of his movies. And laugh. Laugh out loud. Laugh for the funny and the sadness of the day.

Robin Williams may have killed himself, but I'd like to think that his heart just gave out. It would be the ending I'd wish for him, since he gave so much to so many, like Shel Silverstein's Giving Tree.

Or maybe we can all remember that the funny light just got switched off - as simple as that - but it will be back. Just don't expect it to be any time soon.



(August 11, 2014) I'm sure, by now that you've seen the movie, V. If you haven't, it's about a guy who uses the 5th of November as a living metaphor and blows up stuff before and after he brings a futuristic English dictator to his knees. The idea being that the chaos he causes will create a just future for Jolly Olde. They show the well-acted movie frequently on the BBC, and did so last night.

I had a scary thought: the 5th of November is the day after this year's general election. And since everything in America is going backwards toward a mediaeval monarchy, wouldn't it be awful to find we have been tricked into voting to become serfs to Senatorial dukes who swore allegiance to the suzeraineté of HRM Barack I.

Was Guy Fawkes a terrorist or a libertarian? His methods were undeniably wrong and terroristic, but his principles were undeniably freedom and self-reliance - everything a fascist statist hates.

Up until these last few months with the complete screwup of the current administration, I would have dismissed this idea as completely crazy. Maybe it still is.. I really hope it is.. But government controls so much and the people in government have sold their souls to stay employed so much, that it's becoming truly hard to tell the servants of the people from those who want people to be servants.

Why else would a man pretend to care about the people one year out of six? Why else would anyone betray their ideals, even in the face of abject illogic. Do you realize that, on a statewide level, of all the people running for election, there are only two people you can trust, absolutely? Your Congressman and Tim Scott. Even Jim Clyburn can be trusted - trusted to rake off federal funds to redistribute to his constituents, but trusted nonetheless.

This may be a bit harsh, but if you can prove that the other statewide incumbents can be trusted, absolutely, I'll change my mind.

We're about to be punked. So, remember what might happen on the Fifth of November. Not what we will do to government, but what government might do to us.



(August 9, 2014) Can our President do ANYTHING right? His foreign policy of running away from the Middle East is being shown to be stupid this very hour. ISIS has captured the very Yazidis we were trying to rescue on that mountain in Iraq. Did he REALLY think the rebels would take him seriously when he said there would be 'NO boots on the ground'?

We dropped our bombs, and it may save a few Kurds for now, but by leaving precipitously so that he could look like a peacemaker at election time, Obama has shown just how important boots on the ground are, and why he should have left 30,000 troops there as Bush had planned it. Knocking out a couple of convoys does not a victory make.

This is what it looks like when a convoy is bombed. The picture was taken at a US military training exercise. Because there are no boots on the ground to mop up and gain intel in Iraq, this is a practice in futility. Hitler bombed London to bits and it had no effect, in the end.

Sen. Graham, on a Fox interview airing Sunday, is expected to repeat what he has already said; that we made a huge mistake by leaving, and that we need to get those boots back on the ground, at least to save the Kurds, whom GW Bush left hanging after Iraq War I.

We OWE the Kurds. We promised them that we would help and protect them. So far we have wronged them, and have been doing so for 25 years. Our Boys and Girls have DIED to make it so, and we have walked away each time. We are doing so now.

OK, sure, Obama hates the United States where Capitalism creates creativity and white people really had a lot to do with making it so, along with people of ALL colors and faiths. But what our President believes and what is true is a gulf so wide that angels weep at the gap.

Boots on the ground? We should never have been there. But since we did go there and our soldiers died for it, we should have never left. Obama's actions show only cowardice. There is no "nice" way to bludgeon one's way to victory.



(August 7, 2014) I'm a little unhappy with the " Crowd." I still haven't decided whether they THINK they're Libertarians, or I've misread what a Libertarian is. Maybe they're not Libertarian at all, rather, they're just intellectual cowards. Anyway, from the way they were making fun of the real concern over the possibility of the spread of Ebola in America, I've lost respect for the misnamed "Reason" Magazine, their website, and their butt-monkey, "The Independents" (a talk show on the Fox Business Channel.)

Ebola in America is a real possibility. A wide-open border is a real weakness to America's security. We have been receiving West African emigrants for some time - not in mass numbers but in tens and twelves. They are not being given comprehensive health exams. They and their companions are not being quarantined an adequate amount of time. My answer to this dumb Presidential policy is a list of three movies

Andromeda Strain



In each of the three movies, there is a driving theme of improbabilities that happen, nonetheless. In Andromeda Strain, a space defense program goes awry when the probe brings back an alien virus, which kills off most of an entire town. In Outbreak, a Military weaponized virus experiment in Africa goes awry, hops the Atlantic, and kills off half a town. In Contagion, a mutated virus strain goes awry and kills off half the world.

What each of these movies have in common, other than their excellent scientific dramaturgy, is what should be called "the Crichton factor," after futurist and chaos theory proponent, the late Michael Crichton, who wrote Andromeda Strain. (He's also the guy who gave a funny, famous speech at CalTec, "Aliens Cause Global Warming," making fun of the dreadful unscientific methods of so-called "climate scientists.")

Crichton's major thesis, even in his first book, The Great Train Robbery, warns that there is no such thing as certainty when it comes to actions which are caused by complex systems. Systems such as climate, weather, human behavior, ontology, and of course, viruses simply cannot be organized enough to guarantee certainty of outcome. Let me repeat. There can be NO certainty of outcome in systems with a large number of variables.

That includes not only viruses, but also their treatment and containment. The reason is that viruses mutate. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and USAMRIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases ) are wonders of medical research, and they work very hard to understand how infectious diseases operate and spread. But as wondrous as they are, they cannot know WHEN a virus mutates. They WILL catch up, but they must first KNOW about the mutation - that means people in the US infected, if it mutates, here.

So the next time some scientist or physician tells you that there is no chance of something going wrong, start counting, and remember those movies, hoping that the spokesdoctor is right.



(August 4, 2014) Our President has exposed us all to possible plague conditions. Of course, he did not do this on purpose, but he did it, and he, alone, is responsible for it, nonetheless.

It would be different, were this the first time something he has done has put Americans in jeopardy. But it isn't. Barack Obama has exposed Americans to the laziest and most destructive form of government, foreign policies, economics, health care, and execution of the law. And this latest is the last straw.

Is THIS the place where the plague starts? How can it not be?

Because the President has created this lawlessness along our southern border with no sign of any executive change, it is now probable, that, of the people pouring through our border, some will have Ebola - the disease which has no cure and spreads will-I, nil-I.

Unless he does his job and enforces the current laws, turning away the older teenagers and adults AT the border, and has the children isolated and examined before admission, it is not just a matter of if. Barack Obama's immigration plan is inefficient and feckless. Were he not President, it would not be seriously considered. But, he is, and he's being given a pass by his party, and ultimately the cowards in the Media, because, frankly, they don't understand that he is a failure at his job.

That's not to say that he has not had political victories, but political victories cannot cure Ebola when an American is dying because of his bad border policies.

Those who do understand should be very, very angry with this confused and pitiable man who holds the highest position on Earth, or at the very least, be very afraid for our country.



(August 3, 2014) To the tune of "I'm Just a Bill," from Schoolhouse Rock, the ABC Network Saturday Morning inserts from the 70's.

I'm just a bill
Yes, I'm only a bill
And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill
Well, it's a long, long journey
From the House to the Prez
But the Senate went home
Without voting, they sez
That they don't know if I'll even get a mil
But today I am still just a bill,
Sitting here on Capitol Hill.

I'm just a bill
Yes, I'm only a bill,
And I got as far as Capitol Hill
Well, now I'm stuck outside the Senate
Which is ruled by the Dems.
While the Leader, Harry Reid
Won't even bother to condemn
And the President says it's me he wants to kill
So, today I am still just a bill,
Sitting here on Capitol Hill.

I'm just a bill
Yes, I'm only a bill
But even if they vote for me on Capitol Hill
Well, then I'm off to the White House
Where I'll wait in a line
Cause the Prez thinks he's king
And he just ain't gonna sign
And if he signs me, then he loses
All his peeps on the Hill.
So, today I am still just a bill,
Sitting here on Capitol Hill.



(August 2, 2014) All puppies and most cats - regardless of age - are liberals. They expect to be taken care of from cradle to grave.

It often seems as if Liberals have fallen asleep. The Democrat Senate went home before they received legislation from the House.. Republicans wanted to stay, but.. you know Harry.. it's his nap time.. for a whole month.

"mmfm.. mmmmmmmmmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. hhhmmmmmmmmm.."



(August 1, 2014) A little after five pm Thursday afternoon, a caller to the Bobby Mac Electric Radio Program (WORD radio) made an astonishing claim.

The caller, who has been on before with true information, was in possession of a list which he said came from a long-time family friend - a Border Agent - who cannot retire and come home, because he has to be tested for four more weeks to see if he has caught any egregious diseases. The list contained cities in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina which will be receiving illegal aliens, rather than them being returned to their countries of legal residence.

Here is the purported, incomplete list of South Carolina cities:

  • West Union 150
  • Greenville 200
  • Woodruff 150
  • Easley 100
  • Cayce 200
  • Lyman 100
  • North Myrtle Beach 250

Now, we have had rumors that some of the illegals were being housed at Fort Jackson, but that was denied at the highest levels. I'm still skeptical.

Kids on a train - you might be seeing some of these same faces in your own town.. especially if a leaked list is real.

We were told by Governor Haley that she was told, flat out, by the Administration that NO children would be coming to South Carolina. If this list is real, and right now, it has more credibility than any statement by the President, then this is an act of Federal provocation that has not been seen since 1843.

If true, the President has insulted Gov. Haley and with her, the entire state of South Carolina. But even worse, he is playing politics with the lives of teenagers and children - the exact same thing he accused the Republicans of doing.

Saul Alinsky's ugly influence is seen again in vicious and disgusting Presidential behaviors, even if the list is a complete fabrication.


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